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Cold Room

What is a cold room? How to choose the most suitable cold room for your project? Let Miracle tell you!​

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Miracle Cold Room Advantages

Miracle is the cold room solution provider in China, we can design and provide all the parts for the cold room;

Miracle can supply different specifications of PIR, PUR Polyurethane Sandwich Panel with good insulation function with an economic cost;

Miracle technical team can customize all sizes of cold rooms according to your request on the basis of your site situation.

Cold Room for Fruit

Are you in the business of fruit, no matter what you plant or sell? You may need a very good cold room for fruit to keep its freshness for a long time to fulfill its most business value. But how to choose the suitable cold room for fruit, that’s our profession, contact us now to design your cold room for apple.

Cold Room for Fish

Are you from a coastal country and doing the business for seafood, especially for kinds of fishes? That is the fate for us to meet. Miracle cam design all types and sizes cold room for fish that runs well in many countries, we can supply a suitable cold room for fish type and the perfect temperature that it needs.

Cold Room for Meat

Are you dealing with providing kinds of meat for people’s daily life? Or you just provide the renting business for people who need cold room for meat, Miracle has the ability to design and manufacturer the cold room for meat according to your project demand, and the cold room for meat will be the complete one, everything we can control.

Cold Room for Flowers

If you want to do the business for flowers and bring people happiness, you will need a cold room for flowers that can prolong the life of flowers and make sure your customers from a far distance can see the most beautiful flowers. How to build a perfect cold room for flowers, let Miracle help you.

Cold Room for Medicine

If you are a pharmaceutical factory, a pharmacy, a hospital, or some research lab for medicine, a good cold room for medicine storage is very important. Suitable temperature and the environment will make medicine save people’s life.

Are You Considering Build a Cold Room?

Now Is The Time!

No matter you want to build the cold room for yourself or you are doing the cold room business that provides the cold room for your customers, such as food retailers, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets, and other places that need cold storage or freezing for their goods. If you just plan to step into the cold room business and want to know more about what is the cold room, please click to see our introduction in detail.

Cold Room Supplier In China

Miracle devoted itself to providing the complete solution for a cold room for 20 years. As the cold room supplier, we can supply small cold storage(<500m³), medium cold room(500~1000m³), and big cold room(>1000m³) for high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature, and ultra-low temperature for different applications. So you find Miracle, you find everything professional for cold room business.

Copeland Outdoor condensing unit is widely used for small cold rooms, this is an air-cooled box type condensing unit with Emerson Copeland compressor from 2HP to 15HP(R22 and R404a are all available).

Danfoss Condensing unit is a box-type condensing unit with a Danfoss compressor from 2HP to 15HP, it is suitable for R22 and R404a refrigerant, widely used for a small cold room.

Monoblock Refrigeration Unit is putting the evaporator together with the condensing unit to make it a complete unit, no need to install them separately, just put a hole on the body of the cold room and install it easily. It is widely used for small cold rooms, such as a walk-in cold room.

Copeland condensing unit is an open-type air-cooled condensing unit. It uses Copeland scroll compressor ZB, ZSI, ZFI series for R22, and R404 refrigerants, commonly used for a small cold room.

Miracle air-cooled condensing unit is an open-type condensing unit with a semi-hermetic compressor. It is widely used for small and medium cold rooms from 2HP to 50HP. R22 and R404refrigerants are all available.

Bitzer water-cooled condensing unit is a water-cooled type condensing unit with a Bitzer semi-hermetic or original screw compressor. It is commonly used for medium and big-size cold rooms with big power, the cold room condensing unit can be customized for your cold room project.


Except for the main parts for the condensing unit of the cold room, there are also many other parts to form the complete cold room. In this part, we show you the other parts we can supply for a cold room solution.

For condensing unit parts, except the compressor, evaporator, and condenser, there are many parts needed, for example, expansion valve, solenoid valve, and other refrigeration valves, pressure controllers, oil gauges, sight glass, pressure vessel products, copper pipe, etc. Also, there are many refrigeration tools needed during installation and maintenance.

For cold room parts, you gonna need a cold room panel, cold room door, cold room curtain, cold room air curtain, cold room hinge, balance window, LED light, etc. For details, click to check.

The cold room evaporator unit is the blower that needs to install inside of the cold room to match the condensing unit and achieve a good cooling function for the cold room. There are many types for different applications, check them in detail below:

Ceiling Type Evaporator Unit

The food cold room evaporator is the standard ceiling type evaporator, it has DD, DL, DJ series for different temperatures with fin space 4.5mm,6mm, and 9mm. The heat popular exchange area is around 2m²~300m², a bigger area is also available, all can be customized according to your project.

Small Evaporator Unit

A small cold room evaporator unit is a ceiling-type air cooler, which will be used for small cold rooms, but it will be more popular for showcase and freezers.

Industrial Cold Rooms Evaporator Unit

Industrial cold rooms evaporator unit is also called blast freezer, which is a floor stand type blower, it is widely used for a quick-freezer cold room. The exchange area is also big than the standard evaporator unit normally starting from 200m² to 400m².

Dual Discharge Evaporator Unit

The dual discharge evaporator unit is a ceiling type of blower, but with two side blowing functions, which is more popular for the cold room with long and narrow space. The heat exchange area can be customized.

A small cold room condenser is the standard type and popular type condenser for an open type condensing unit. According to the condenser shape, we call it L type condenser, it has a condensing area from 2m² to 200m², the size and the fan motor used all can be customized.

Food cold room condenser is the V type condenser that is widely used for box type condensing units. The heat exchange area is from 72m² to 480m², which is more suitable for a bigger size cold room than L type condenser.

Food cold room condenser is the U type condenser that is widely used for box types condensing units, such as Copeland and Danfoss condensing units. Its heat exchange area is 20m² to 150m².

Meat cold room condenser is the V-type condenser that is widely used for a medium and big cold rooms. The heat exchange area is from 72m² to 480m², an even bigger area. We also have the V-type condenser without a box for your reference.

An industrial cold room condenser is a flat type condenser that is easy for moving. It can be customized for one fan motor, two fan motors, and even more, the size and parts all can be customized according to your requirements.

Related Products

  • Cold Room Water Cooled Condensing Unit

    The cold room water-cooled condensing unit is the other type of unit compared with the air-cooled unit, it composed of the water condenser, compressor, and other necessary refrigeration parts. The water-cooled condensing unit has a higher energy efficiency ratio than an air-cooled unit.

  • Cold Room Parallel Refrigeration Unit

    A cold room parallel refrigeration unit is composed of two or more compressors in parallel sharing a refrigeration circuit. The same unit can be composed of compressors of the same model or type, or of different models or types. Let Miracle customized your parallel refrigeration unit of the cold room.

  • Cold Room Panels

    Cold room panels are made of polyurethane foamed in the middle and the color steel or stainless steel on both side,which can Prevent the temperature spread of the cold storage panels between the inside and the outside, thereby making the cold storage more energy-saving and high efficient.

  • Cold Room Door

    The cold room door is made of PU or PIR panels and steel or SUS of the covers with different thickness and sizes, along with cold room panels to provide the reliable and stable insulation function, make sure the best cooling function inside of the cold room.

What is a Cold Room Used for?

The cold room is becoming more and more important for our daily life, for fulfilling people’s demand for fresh food.

Correspondingly, the cold room business has also grown rapidly these years, no matter for building cold rooms or cold room rent business.

What is a cold room used for?

High-temperature cold room(Around 5°C): suitable for the preservation of fruit and vegetables.

Medium-temperature cold room(-10°C~-5°C): suitable for cold storage the frozen food.

Low-temperature cold room(-20°C~-10°C): suitable for freezing aquatic products and poultry food.

Ultra-low temperature(Below -23°C): suitable for quick freezing products.

The cold room is widely used for cold storage of food, such as cold room for fruits and vegetables(cold room for potato, cold room for tomato, cold room for onion, etc), cold room for seafood and meat.

The cold room is also widely used for improving the level of our life, such as a cold room for medicine, a cold room for flowers, and mini cold storage, etc.

Analysis of the Commercial Value of Seven Types of Cold Room

With the development of the world economy, people’s requirements for fresh food and comfortable life are getting higher and higher.

The types of cold rooms are also changing during the development process.

Different types of storage cold rooms, market cold rooms, etc. are blooming everywhere, for all humans.

After more than 20 years of hard work, Miracle has also served dozens of countries and hundreds of different types of cold room projects, all of which have gained a good reputation.

We firmly believe that with the continuous efforts of our Miracle people, we will contribute our wisdom and strength to the development of the world’s cold room and preservation business.

Storage Cold Room

Storage Cold Room

The storage-type cold room is the most constructed cold room in the 1980s and 1990s.

At present, it is the largest type of cold room on the market, mainly used for the storage of frozen products such as aquatic products and meat.

This type of cold room is based on commodity storage functions, with fewer commodity categories, with a storage period of as little as six months and as long as one year.

Therefore, the design of the temperature zone is relatively simple.

The frozen products are mainly stored in piles, and there are certain requirements for the storage capacity.

The requirements for the area and temperature of the shipping area are relatively low. Some cold rooms do not even have a temperature.

Market-based Cold Room

Market-based Cold Room

The so-called market-type cold storage is mainly based on the cold storage built in the agricultural wholesale market.

In addition to a certain amount of storage space, this type of cold storage must also be rented out to merchants in the market.

Therefore, more consideration is given to the design of cold storage. Market-type cold storage is currently dominated by multi-story buildings or small-scale cold storage.

The height of each floor of multi-story buildings is about 5 meters, and most of the goods are stored in the form of stacking.

Central and Regional Distribution Cold Room

Central and Regional Distribution Cold Room

The cold room of the CDC, RDC and other distribution centers have a large service radius.

When planning the cold room type, the storage function is considered more important than the distribution function.

Due to the distribution function, this type of cold room has certain requirements on the area and temperature of the receiving and shipping areas.

Merchandise storage is mostly in the form of shelves.

The height of the cold room is generally determined by the height of the shelf.

Currently, the height of the shelf is mainly above 4 floors, and some cold room uses the height of 8 floors. In recent years, an automated three-dimensional cold room has been increasingly used in the regional distribution cold room.

City Distribution Cold Room

City Distribution Cold Room

Priority is given to the location of an urban distribution-type cold room that is closest to the city center or customers and the most convenient location.

Urban distribution-type cold room considers more distribution functions than warehousing functions in the planning of the warehouse area.

The operation process pays more attention to the time and efficiency of commodity circulation, so there are high requirements for channels, storage locations, and purchase and delivery locations.

The urban distribution cold room has certain sorting and tallying functions. The platform area in the warehouse cold room is usually called the tally area here.

The tally area is the most profitable area among all the functional areas of the urban distribution cold room.

The distribution-type cold room has a certain area and temperature requirements for the tally area in the planning, which is one of the important reasons why it is difficult to change the storage-type cold room into an urban distribution business.

Multi-temperature layer layout is the main trend of urban distribution type cold room, and even dry storage areas should be considered.

Central Kitchen Type Cold Room

Central Kitchen Type Cold Room

The large central kitchen operates internally, not only with cold chains but also with hot chains.

Usually integrated design for processing, production, and distribution, with more complex functional partitions.

At present, most central kitchens in the world are self-built and self-operated public central kitchens such as chain supermarkets and airline catering.

The central kitchen has strict requirements for hygiene and has different design conditions for floors, walls, panels, etc.

Some areas, such as clean vegetable processing rooms, have air cleanliness regulations, so different air filtration devices need to be considered in the design to meet the purification requirements.

In addition, since most floors need to be cleaned regularly, the insulation board and floor treatment should not only be sealed but also water-retaining and easy to clean.

Fire protection requirements are also an important part of the design of a central kitchen, such as the setting of fire compartments, passages, and the selection of fire-resistant panels must be considered.

Since the large-scale central kitchen has very scattered functional cold rooms, many temperature zones, and large spans, the refrigeration system should be reasonably distributed and designed. Currently, distributed system designs are often used.

Fruit and Vegetable Production Area Cold Room

Fruit and Vegetable Production Area Cold Room

The production area cold room is mostly a storage-type cold room.

With the development and application of fresh agricultural products preservation technology, especially vegetables, and fruit agricultural products, more and more attention has been paid to the preservation of freshness after picking.

Therefore, the pre-cooling treatment of vegetables and fruit products after picking is a very important link.

More and more cold rooms built-in production areas in the year are equipped with pre-cooling rooms or pre-cooling equipment.

It provides a more powerful guarantee for the preservation of vegetables and fruits.

The controlled atmosphere cold room in the storage cold room is the most effective way to extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables, but the high construction cost hinders the development of this type of cold room.

With the standardization of the circulation of agricultural products and the extension to the origin, the origin-type cold room has gradually increased the functions of sorting, preliminary processing, packaging, etc.,

With the nature of the transaction market, the smooth tube refrigeration system, fan coil refrigeration system, and mechanical adjustment composite cold storage that matches the integration of electrical control came into being.

This also provides a better solution to the cold chain problem of agricultural products.

E-commerce Distribution Cold Room

E-commerce Distribution Cold Room

Here we refer to the cold room for B2C business as the e-commerce distribution cold room.

This type of cold room is a form of urban distribution cold storage but has its own characteristics in functional planning.

E-commerce home-equipped cold room needs to handle more SKUs(Stock Keeping Unit) and require a large number of cross-docking operations.

In the planning of the storage area, not only need to consider the receiving and shipping area and the tally area, but also the setting of zero-removing, simple processing, and packaging areas.

Due to a large number of partitions, internal trends need to be reasonably arranged.

There are corresponding sanitary requirements for processing and packaging areas in the home-equipped cold room, and clean sheets should be used when choosing insulation materials for a cold room.

In some areas where the flow of fresh agricultural products is low in standardization, automated operations cannot be achieved in the warehouse area, and a large number of manual operations are required, it is also necessary to consider the provision of ventilation devices in crowded areas.

Since most of the cold room of e-commerce home-equipped cold room is operated by cross-docking, the cold room used for storage has a small volume, and the area occupied by personnel is large.

The temperature is controlled between 8-18℃. Miracle water-cooled condensing units can be used in the cooling method.

The unit can save costs and reduce the amount of refrigerant injected, which is more environmentally friendly.

Fan Evaporator in Cold Room VS Aluminum Row Evaporator in Cold Room

Fan Evaporator VS Aluminum Row Evaporator

The Feature of Evaporator with Fan Motor

1. The structure is compact, and occupy the small space of the cold room, the cold storage space is less affected;

2. High heat exchange efficiency, using fewer materials to reduce costs;

3. The air is forced to circulate by a fan, and the cold room cools faster;

4. Defrosting is convenient and easy to control, can realize automatic control, easy to operate, and easy to manage;

5. Copper tubes with aluminum fins are generally available on the market, withstand higher pressure, have strong corrosion resistance, and are not easy to leak;

6. Due to the forced circulation of the fan, the airflow in the cold room is faster, and unpackaged food is easy to dry;

7. The fan itself consumes power;

8. Universal for high and low-temperature cold room, condensation or frost will not affect the use;

9. Mainly rely on convection heat exchange;

Features of Aluminum Row Evaporator

1. It occupies a large space, which will affect the use area under certain circumstances;

2. Mainly rely on radiation heat exchange, no fan is needed;

3. Cooling is slower than the fan evaporator;

4. The defrost cycle is longer after frosting, generally twice a year;

5. Defrosting can be sweep defrost, electro-defrosted, and hot fluorinated frost, but it cannot be automatically controlled.

The hot fluorinated frost technology is actually used in flooded evaporators (the investment is relatively large, and it cannot be automatically controlled).

Relatively direct expansion is not suitable, and the defrosting water is not easy to handle;

6. Aluminum pipes are generally not seamless pipes. Due to the microscopic thermal expansion and contraction, it is easy to leak after a long time;

7. Its own heat exchange efficiency is low, so the initial investment is relatively large;

8. The cold storage capacity is more advantageous than the fan;

9. It is suitable for sub-zero temperature, otherwise there will be condensation water, which will affect the working environment;

10. No need for fans, energy saving.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Air-cooled/Tube-cooled Cold Room

Air cooling: good cooling effect, fast speed, clean and non-humid storage. once the power is cut off, the cold room’s temperature is easy to lose.

Power consumption, low cost, easy to retrofit, but easy to make the product lose moisture and become dry, which makes the product lose weight and looks not gorgeous.

It is suitable for storing packaged vegetables, fruits, dried goods, storage of medicines, used in restaurants, hotels, etc.

Pipe cold: slow cooling effect, more water in the warehouse, more ice, inconvenient installation, slightly higher cost, power saving.

Once the power is cut off, the temperature can last for some time and protect the products inside of the cold room. It is suitable for storing vegetables and fruits, ice cream cold drinks, fresh meat, etc.

Miracle Cold Room Design Process

After checking what is the cold room and what kind of cold room we have, you must want to ask: how can I get a cold room from Miracle?

Follow me to check the following process and to see how we customized the cold room according to your actual situation and demands:

Send cold room inquiry to Miracle

Miracle to get to know everything about your project and demands

Miracle provides a professional cold room solution

Communicate, modify and sign the contract of cold room order

Production and delivery of cold room

Installation guide for cold room

After-sales service.

Let me explain it in detail in the following, or you can contact us directly to get your cold room now.

Miracle Professional Docking

Miracle Cold Room Professional Docking

When we receive your inquiry and there will be professional salespeople to contact you for knowing everything about your cold room project.

To better provide a good design for a cold room, you need to provide us with the following information:

The First Step of Cold Room design: selection and preparation of cold room location.

Provide as much info as possible to us and let us know the situation of the place for building the cold room if it is the big cold room you gonna build. For a small cold room, it will have less affection.

The second step of cold room design: determination of cold room warehouse capacity.

Cold room size is an important factor that needs to confirm, but how to calculate the size?

You need to consider the max amount of products that you should store in the cold room throughout the year.

The cold room capacity will be calculated according to the storage products, plus the aisles between rows, the space between the stacks, the space between the ceilings, and the packaging, then decide the cold room’s length and height.

Besides that, you also need to consider the related facilities, for example, the workshops, sorting room, packing room, tool room, and loading docks if you need them when designing the cold room.

The third step of cold room design: Selection of the cold room insulation materials.

When you choose the insulation material for the cold room, you must consider the site conditions, make sure the material has a very good thermal insulation performance and is cost-effective.

Cold room has several types of heat insulation materials to choose from.

One type is that we manufacturer it for fixed length and width, which are widely used by customers.

You can choose the cold room panel according to the specification of the cold room you need.

Generally, a 10cm thickness cold room panel is used for high and medium-temperature cold rooms, low-temperature cold rooms mainly choose a 12cm thickness cold room panel, ultra-low temperature cold rooms need to use a 15cm thickness cold room.

Another type of cold room heat insulation material should be used on concrete buildings or brick buildings, you can spray and foam it on the building with polyurethane, and this material is moisture-proof and heat-insulated after being shaped.

Polyurethane and polyphenylene are the most popular type for this kind of heat insulation material.

Let me introduce the advantage and disadvantages of the two kinds of heat insulation material.

Polyurethane’s cost is a little higher, but it does have better insulation because of not absorbing the water;

Polyphenylene’s cost is lower, but heat insulation is not that good.

Now more and more customers have demands that require the cold room can be installed very fast and convenient, so we normally try to finish the work in the factory,

Such as producing the cold room moisture barrier and heat insulation in advance, then it will save work and time for you.

The fourth step of cold room design: The selection of a cold room cooling system.

When you choose the cold room cooling system, the main parts are the cold room compressor and cold room evaporator.

Normally, small cold rooms will use hermetic compressors.

Because hermetic compressors’ power is not big, and the price is economic, good for the customer to accept, such as Highly compressor, Maneurop compressor, scroll compressor, reciprocating compressor, rotary compressor;

Medium cold rooms and Large cold rooms generally use semi-hermetic compressors, such as Frascold semi-hermetic compressor, Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor, Copeland semi-hermetic compressor;

Of course, you have another choice to use ammonia refrigeration compressors, because the power of ammonia refrigeration compressors is large, and one compressor can be used for multiple purposes.

But the cold room installation and management are more cumbersome for the ammonia compressor units.

When you choose the evaporator, you should know that the air cooler with fan motor blowing will have a fast cooling speed, it is widely used in a high-temperature cold room.

But the disadvantages are easy to make the stored products lose moisture and become too dry.

The medium and low-temperature cold room uses a seamless steel tube evaporator, in which the constant temperature effect is good, and can store the cold in time.

Other factors you need to know for designing the cold room.

If the project is relatively large and you think it’s necessary to let our engineer check the site to design the cold room.

The engineer will go to your proposed cold room construction site to conduct on-site surveys and conduct a comprehensive inspection.

All of this work make sure that the cold room program design can be carried out more scientifically and reasonably.

The measurement content includes:

A. Measure the specific length, width, and height of the foundation (the height is determined according to your requirements), then the engineer will calculate the specific area for each cold room for a different purpose;

B. Meteorological observation, indoor humidity in summer, indoor humidity in winter, average relative temperature of the hottest month and the coldest month, outdoor wind speed in summer, average outdoor wind speed in winter, the annual average temperature at the project site, etc.

Miracle Provide Cold Room Solution, Communicate and Confirm the Order

Miracle Provide Cold Room Solution, Communicate and Confirm the Order

Further confirming that the use scenarios of the cold room include cold room location, cold room capacity, cold room insulation materials, cold room cooling system, and the number of times of entry and exit per day, and everything we got for your project situation to provide the cold room design.

After you get it, we can talk, modify, and determine the final design.

Of course, we provide the drawings and related budgets at the same time, then sign a cold room contract, after you pay the deposit, we start to produce the cold room.

Package and Shipment

Cold Room Package and Shipment

During the production and delivery period, we will always keep you informed, then you can make a good plan for the whole cold room project. We will also handle the clearance and make sure you get the cold room quickly and easily.

Cold Room Installation and Guidance

Cold Room Installation and Guidance

The construction process of the cold room project includes: construction site cleaning-site marking-refrigeration equipment installation-pipeline air tightness test-electrical system connection-refrigeration unit operation-system debugging

1. Cleaning up the construction site of the cold room.

Clean up debris to ensure that the construction site is clean enough;

2. Cold room on-site marking.

Make accurate and clear signs according to the construction drawings; install the support beams, etc., and the welds shall be treated with moisture and corrosion resistance.

3. Installation of refrigeration equipment in the cold room.

A.Before installation of the refrigeration unit, make sure you level the condensing unit base.

B. Evaporator installation

Check the model, specification, and quantity of the evaporator.

The fan has a uniform surface color, complete structure, no scratches or corrosion, and the copper pipe inlet&outlet should be tightly sealed, and make sure to put the pressure in the refrigeration system of the evaporator.

C. Refrigeration pipeline installation

All pipelines are made of high-quality copper pipes, and Miracle fire-free connection technology is recommended to use for the installation to improve the working efficiency and stability.

Plastic sleeves must be installed and sealed when the pipelines pass through the cold room board. An oil trap must be set at the outlet of the evaporator to facilitate oil return.

4. Cold room pipeline airtightness test.

In the 24h pressure reduction test, the system must be filled with anhydrous nitrogen to maintain pressure, and the compressor itself must not be used for pressure.

5. The refrigeration system blows pollution, evacuates, and refrigerant charge

Blowing: Every copper pipe should be blown before connecting.

Vacuuming: Make sure all the nitrogen has been vent, then use a vacuum pump to vacuum the system. It is strictly forbidden to use the compressor to vacuum.

Refrigerant charging: After the system is vacuumed, the liquid refrigerant should be filled from the receiver to saturation, and then the liquid refrigerant should be charged from the suction port.

It is strictly forbidden to refill liquid refrigerant from the suction port during the working process of the unit.

The filling volume of the refrigerant must follow the amount of instruction that the equipment indicates.

After-sales service

After all the installation is finished and the cold room runs normally, Miracle service team is still there in case you have any needs for cold room operation.

If there is any problem with any parts of the cold room, we are responsible for it within the guarantee period.


Are you the manufacturer of cold rooms?

Yes, Miracle has done the cold room project for 20 years, the most important condensing unit is our own manufacturer products, so we can control the cooling function very well.

What types of cold rooms can you provide?

As you can see in the above description, as the cold room supplier in China, Miracle provides different sizes of cold room for different applications with different temperatures, small cold room for under 500㎡medium cold room for 500-1000㎡, big size for over than 1000㎡.

The temperature can differ from +10℃ to -30℃, some even lower than -40℃.

We can customize the cold room according to your application, no matter you need the cold room for food, for medicine, for flowers, or for renting business, etc, just contact us with your requirements, we will design a suitable cold room for you.

Can you customize the cold room according to my requirements?

Yes, no problem. You can check the details in the “Miracle cold room design process” part above to check all the main information you should provide, then we can design the cold room to meet your demands.

Can you just supply the condensing unit or other refrigeration parts for my cold room project?

Yes, we can. As the one-stop supplier for cold rooms, we supply the complete cold room solution, and we also provide all the necessary parts for the cold room you need, in case there are some parts that should be changed after a long time of use.

Actually, we have a specific sale idea for you if you are the wholesaler for cold room parts, just contact us for details.

It depends on your cold room order. Normally we will finish the cold room order within 30 days, but the delivery time should be changed according to the specific order, in case there are some special parts needed.

We will give the delivery time once you confirm the cold room order.

How long time I can get the cold room after placing the order?

It depends on your cold room order. Normally we will finish the cold room order within 30 days, but the delivery time should be changed according to the specific order, in case there are some special parts needed. We will give the delivery time once you confirm the cold room order.

Can you arrange the container for my cold room?

Yes, absolutely. We have a good relationship with many forwarder companies, and we know the advantage and disadvantages of each of them, so we can make sure to provide you with the best shipping cost with the best service according to your market and shipping line.

Can you guide us for the cold room installation?

Yes, that’s what we do to make your business simple. We have drawings, some even have videos to guide you step by step. At the same time, the service team with salespeople and engineers will support you during your installation process.

Can I be your distributor of the cold room in our market?

Yes, we are looking for distributors for cold rooms and other refrigeration parts all over the world, so if you are interested in this, contact us to talk.

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