Miracle Ring VRV VRF Air Conditioner Application
VRV/VRF Air Conditioner System

Where Use Miracle Air Conditioner Ring?

VRV/VRF air conditioner copper Y joint.

Central air conditioning outdoor unit inlet and exhaust pipe.

Air conditioning indoor unit braze-free connection.

  • 30W Manual Propress Tool
  • 30w Lokring tool
  • Electrical Propress Tool

Braze-free Tool

The Miracle Braze-free tool is designed for VRV and VRF systems. It is available as a hand tool or an electric tool.

It is designed to be very flexible, allowing you to adapt the jaws to your project in order to crimp the Miracle ring.

The Miracle braze-free tool has a crimp range of hand tools (≤ 1 1/8″), and an electric tool (1/4-1 1/8″).

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Miracle Ring

We can offer you rings in brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and more.

Miracle ring sizes range from 6.35(1/4″)-44.5(1 3/4″).

In addition, we can also realize the connection of copper and aluminum pipes for VRV and VRF systems.

So we can perfectly match your project needs.

  • Equal Diameter Brass Ring
  • Reducing Diameter Brass Ring
  • Reducing Diameter Aluminum Ring
  • Equal Diameter Aluminum Ring
  • Copper Y Joint
  • Insulated Copper Pipe and Y Joint
  • Copper Y Joint

Braze-free Copper Y Joint

The solder-free copper Y joint is used in conjunction with the Miracle ring.

It has the advantage of being ready to use without cutting during construction.

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