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Refrigeration Screw Compressor Manufacturer

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Your Premier Refrigeration Screw Compressor Manufacturer

Miracle refrigeration screw compressor manufacturer has more than thirty years of accumulation in manufacturing refrigeration screw compressors and has set up a technical team consisting of international and domestic refrigeration elites with a strong technical force.

Not only that, but Miracle refrigeration screw compressor manufacturers also hired professional management consulting institutions, targeted to establish a modern and efficient management model to enhance the management level of the enterprise.

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SLD Refrigeration Screw Compressor

SLD refrigeration screw compressor is made of high-quality iron and can apply to R22, R404A, R134A, R507A, and other refrigeration gases. The SLD series refrigeration screw compressor is available in 15 models, with a maximum horsepower of 190Hp, and can meet the cooling requirements of 640m³. In terms of voltage, the SLD refrigeration screw compressor still performs well, and can meet the needs of 380V-420V/50HZ, 440V-480V/60HZ, contact us now!

SLG Refrigeration Screw Compressor

The SLG series refrigeration screw compressor has excellent refrigeration capacity and is our own original brand refrigeration screw compressor. The SLG series refrigeration screw compressor has the same refrigerant and voltage range as the SLD series refrigeration screw compressor. But in terms of refrigeration capacity, the SLD series refrigeration screw compressor has a maximum horsepower of 210 Hp, which is not easy to achieve. This shows the strength of being a refrigeration screw compressor manufacturer. Contact us now!

SLDS Refrigeration Screw Compressor

SLDS series refrigeration screw compressors are applicable in three kinds of evaporation temperatures from -60°C to -30°C. The SLDS series refrigeration screw compressor is made of cast iron that has stronger resistance to pressure. Also, as your best refrigeration screw compressor manufacturer, we can provide you with customized service. For more parameters, please contact us now!

Bitzer Refrigeration Screw Compressor

While we offer you the original refrigeration screw compressors, we can also provide you with screw compressors from internationally renowned brands such as Bitzer, Frascold, etc. For more details, you can click on the link to see more styles of Bitzer refrigeration screw compressors, or contact us directly for a quicker response!

Frascold Refrigeration Screw Compressor

We are capable of supplying genuine and guaranteed Frascold refrigeration compressors, including Frascold refrigeration screw compressors and Frascold semi-hermetic compressors. Please contact us to get more details or get the quote in a fast way!

Refrigeration Screw Compressor Oil

Refrigeration screw compressor oil is specially designed for refrigeration screw compressors, as a reliable refrigeration screw compressor manufacturer, we are more than qualified to provide you with high-quality compressor oil. We can provide compressor oil brands such as Emkarate, Carrier, Hanbell, FuSheng, Castrol, Bitzer, etc. Contact us now!

The smart factory is mainly reflected in intelligent production equipment, a good innovation environment, a flexible management system, etc.

As the top refrigeration screw compressor manufacturer in China, we have a strong production capacity and innovation ability and can develop screw compressors with you. Send you an inquiry today to get more customized content!

Refrigeration Screw Compressor Smart Factory

Miracle refrigeration screw compressor manufacturer guarantees the productivity and innovation of its compressors through a series of measures.

The main measures include the following:

  • Talent echelon building
  • R&D investment
  • Advanced R&D equipment
  • Perfect R&D mechanism
  • Harmonious R&D environment

Contact us now to learn more about the refrigeration screw compressor R&D systems!

Refrigeration Screw Compressor Manufacturer Technology Research Strength

With their high reliability and long life, refrigeration screw compressors have emerged as the first choice for large refrigeration plants.

Miracle as a professional refrigeration screw compressor manufacturer, we have passed a series of certifications such as CE, CCC, ISO900, which further guarantee the reliability of Miracle refrigeration screw compressor.

Not only that, in order to better protect your interests and develop the market, we also set up a long warranty service, please contact Miracle team today!

Refrigeration Screw Compressor Long Warranty

Good cooperation starts with good service. We value our service to our global compressor customers, including after-sales support, extra-long warranty support, technical support, drawing support, promotion support, marketing support, sample support, etc. Contact Miracle immediately!

Refrigeration Screw Compressor Service

The most popular applications of our refrigeration screw compressor are as follows:

  • Air Conditioner
  • Cold Room
  • Electronics Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Industry Cold Water
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

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  • Refrigeration Screw Compressor Filter Drier

    Accumulator, Oil separator, filter drier, liquid receiver, those pressure vessels are essential parts of every refrigeration screw compressor unit. As a professional refrigeration screw compressor manufacturer, we know which pressure vessel is the best and the most cost-effective. Therefore, you can trust us with complete confidence. Send your demand immediately!

  • Refrigeration Screw Compressor Oil Separator

    Refrigeration screw compressors oil separator is particularly important because of the oil return function. In a refrigeration unit, the refrigeration screw compressor oil separator can be matched to your screw compressor unit to produce the best performance. Contact us now!

  • Refrigeration Screw Compressor Unit

    The refrigeration screw compressor is mainly used for screw units, as refrigeration screw compressor manufacturers we are capable of producing screw compressor condensing units. Of course, not only screw units but also air-cooled units, water-cooled units, and other refrigeration units can be produced for you. Contact us now!

How Does a Refrigeration Screw Compressor Differ from Those That Use Pistons?

The Difference from The Type:

Refrigeration screw compressor and piston refrigeration compressors belong to positive displacement compressors.

Whereas a screw refrigeration compressor is a new high-speed refrigeration compressor with a self-lubricated transmission.

The Difference from The Principle:

The things that differ between the refrigeration screw compressor and piston compressor are their different operating mechanisms.

Specifically the difference in volume and compressed gas.

The difference is because both screw and piston compressors obtained operating volume is not the same.

Piston compressors are use piston that moves up and down, and the air is compressed.

It uses the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism and releases compressed air while the piston moves down by performing this principle repeatedly.

The working volume of the cylinder changes.

Screw compressors use a rotating helix which moves air in the chamber.

This movement is by centrifugal force when the air moves from the outside to the inside of the chamber.

These rotational cycles change the operating volume of a cylinder.

Differentiation from The Overall Structure:

A refrigeration screw compressor uses a rotating shaft attached to the pump, which forces air out of the pump and into the area.

It doesn’t have a piston, piston ring-like piston refrigeration.

But still screws types refrigeration compressor is compact structure, small size, lightweight, normal temperature, low cost, and good starting advantages.

There are other advantages for refrigeration screw compressor: save 10% to 100% power, with its a live valve.

As a refrigeration screw compressor manufacturer, Miracle also ensures high-quality spare parts that have a longer life without repair or maintenance.

Miracle also provides Copeland screw compressor, Bitzer screw compressor, semi-hermetic screw compressor, ammonia screw compressor, and Frascold screw compressor, which are very reliable and can go with your wide range of applications.

Miracle also supplies the lubricating oil for the refrigeration screw compressor, which increases its sealing and cooling performance.

You can even use the single stages for your many users because of its low evaporating temperature and high compression chance.

There is nothing significant to mention about this refrigeration screw compressor except its high noise for some disadvantages.

In general, the need to install muffling and sound insulation equipment, in the refrigeration compression, the need to spray add lubricating oil, thus requiring oil pumps, oil coolers, and oil recyclers, and other more auxiliary equipment.

In recent years, the development of the content of the volume ratio adjustable screw compressor, adjustable range of 2.6 ~ 5.

So that the performance of the screw compressor has been further improved.

Recently, the domestic development of a new semi-hermetic screw machine, the use of 5:6 asymmetric new tooth shape, so that the volume efficiency is greatly improved.

The new screw refrigeration compressor operating economy, reliability, and service life have exceeded the piston refrigeration compressor.

Therefore, the design and selection of refrigeration devices should be given full attention

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