Miracle Lokring Sealing liquid

All metal piping is subject to minor scratches during processing or transportation.

These scratches are unavoidable.

When connecting metal piping using the fireless connection technique, you need to fill the minor scratches on the surface of the metal piping.

Therefore, you need to use Miracle lokring sealing liquid.

Miracle lokring sealing liquid is non-toxic, non-polluting, and will not corrode metal piping of any material.

It can even come into direct contact with skin.

Miracle lokring sealing liquid is available in a wide temperature range of -50°C to +150°C.

All joints using Miracle rings require the use of sealing liquid.

This is due to the inaccuracy of the copper tubes supplied by global copper tube manufacturers.

And the wall thickness of the metal piping is not uniform.

If you use metal pipes with high precision and roundness in accordance with international standards.

Then it is possible to connect Miracle ring without using sealing liquid.

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Lokring Sealing liquid Application

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