Monoblock Refrigeration Unit
Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

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Miracle monoblock refrigeration unit is a solution for small refrigeration units by designing the evaporator and condenser, compressor, and electronic control into an integral compact structure, reducing the installation space.

Miracle team insists on market orientation, quality for survival, and innovation for development. We can provide you with a monoblock refrigeration unit, monoblock fridge unit, monoblock AC unit, monoblock cold room, and other refrigeration products to meet your one-stop purchasing needs.

Wall-mounted Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

The Miracle wall-mounted monoblock refrigeration unit features a highly efficient heat exchanger with aluminum fins in internally threaded copper tubes, resulting in a higher heat transfer efficiency. The greatest advantage of the monoblock refrigeration unit is that it is extremely easy to install. All that is required for installation is to cut a hole in the cold storage panel, insert the wall-mounted monoblock refrigeration unit and connect it to the power supply. At the same time, it is very easy to automate and control. Contact us to get more details of the Monoblock refrigeration unit now!

Overhead Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

The Miracle overhead monoblock refrigeration unit has fully automatic intelligent electronic controls for greater ease of use. overhead monoblock refrigeration units use hot gas defrost, which further reduces energy consumption and contributes to carbon neutrality. In addition, the Miracle overhead monoblock refrigeration unit uses R404a refrigerant, which is non-polluting and protects the atmosphere. Miracle overhead monoblock refrigeration units can be used in micro and small cold rooms from -5 to 5°C and -15 to -20°C. Can be used for the preservation of goods and low-temperature refrigeration needs. Message us to choose the most suitable monoblock refrigeration unit for yourself now!

Monoblock Fridge Refrigeration Unit

Miracle fridge monoblock refrigeration units are available in top-mounted and wall-mounted types. The monoblock refrigeration unit has been specially designed for use in supermarket refrigeration, commercial refrigerators, kitchen freezers, etc. The Miracle fridge monoblock refrigeration unit uses low back pressure technology and is available in two types of defrosting: hot gas defrost and electrically heated defrost. In addition to this, the unit can reach a minimum temperature of -23°C. This is a truly high-performance unit. This is a truly high-performance monoblock refrigeration unit, contact us to get a fast quote on the monoblock refrigeration unit now!

Condenser and evaporator forms are very versatile and often need to be adapted to different usage scenarios.

If you have additional requirements for condenser and evaporator customization, we can also help you with this. And of course, condenser coil and evaporator oil are all available. Send your inquiry with the details requests right now!

Monoblock refrigeration units are closely related to the use of cold rooms. We can also provide you with high-quality monoblock refrigeration unit accessories and cold storage accessories.

Such as refrigeration ball valves, sight glasses, refrigeration compressors, HVAC tools for the monoblock refrigeration unit, and cold storage accessories, includes cold room doors, cold storage panels, air curtains, and more. Send your requirements and check our list for a monoblock refrigeration unit now!

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