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  • Miracle is a condensing unit manufacturer for more than 20 years.
  • Miracle can provide you a one-stop solution for your project includes condensing units, evaporator units, an air-cooled condenser. 
  • Miracle has a professional R&D, production, and sales team to provide you the design, production, test, shipment, installation service, our aim is to make your business simple.
  • Miracle has many types of condensing units to meet your needs, and you can choose the brands of the compressors, filter drier, oil separator, liquid receiver, accumulator, valves, and controllers, etc, we customized for you.
  • Miracle has a standard condensing unit for wholesalers, you can buy the parts and install them very easily.
Outdoor Condensing Unit

Copeland scroll compressor condensing unit is designed for small-sized cold rooms that widely used in restaurants, markets, etc where cold storage is needed. This box type condensing units use Copeland hermetic compressor and install air-cooled condenser, pressure vessels, valves, controllers in the box, which is with a compact structure and really good looking.

This series condensing unit uses a 3 series Copeland compressor, include ZB, ZSI, and ZFI series, and applies to temperature -10~-15℃,-5~-30℃,o~-40℃. And we all know that Copeland compressor is with high reliability, low noise, and high efficiency. You can choose R22 or R404 refrigerant for your project. Normally for the power under 6HP, we use a side blowing type box. For power over the 7HP condensing unit, we use a top blowing type box.

For the appearance, we also have a standard type and a new type, you can choose what you like.

You can also choose the diagnostic protection, or sound reduced parts to make your condensing units more valuable.

We’ll show you the parameters in detail on the next page if you want to change any parts, or even the compressor, please contact us for a solution.

Danfoss Condensing Unit

Danfoss type condensing unit is a box-type condensing unit with Danfoss scroll compressor, MLM, and MLZ series, apply to Medium temperature and Low temperature required by the cold storage room.

We all know that the good performance of the Danfoss compressor can provide high reliability for food and goods safety. The horsepower is from 3HP to 15HP, we have side blowing and top blowing two types, just like Copeland condensing unit. You can also choose R22 or R404 refrigerant, different voltage and frequency for your system, just tell us your needs, we deal with the next and provide you a satisfied condensing unit.

The main parts for the Danfoss type condensing unit are the Danfoss compressor, air-cooled condenser, evaporator, and other refrigeration spare parts, which form a perfect system that is with compact structure and light, quite easy for transportation and installation.

Except for the similar box type condensing unit, we have a new type of box condensing unit, we call it an integrated modular condensing unit, which is with higher performance and a more beautiful appearance.

Secop Refrigeration Unit

Secop compressor refrigeration unit is an open type air-cooled refrigeration unit with a Secop brand compressor, power from 1/5HP to 5/8HP. It applies to small-sized commercial refrigerator kitchen refrigerator, ice machine, showcase, and small chillers.

Secop refrigeration unit uses a Danfoss compressor, high efficient air-cooled condenser, shaded pole fans of axial fans, liquid receiver, filter drier, roto lock valve, quite simple parts, but achieve a very good performance.

The Secop refrigeration units suitable for R22,R134a,R404a,R507c refrigerant. The evaporating temperature from -40℃ to 10℃ according to M/HBP or LBP, Ambient temperature is not over than 43℃.

If you want to see the specific parameters, contact us.

Embraco Refrigeration Unit

Embraco compressor refrigeration unit is an open type air-cooled refrigeration unit, has a similar application with a Secop refrigeration unit for small-sized commercial refrigerator, showcase, etc, but power range from 1/6HP to 2HP.

It is suitable for R22, R134a, R404a refrigerant for M/HBP, LBP application. And also you can choose the brands of the spare parts and voltage, frequency, or just contact us with your specific requests, we will provide you a suitable solution.

Maneurop Condensing Unit

Maneurop compressor condensing unit is an open type condensing unit with Maneurop MTZ series compressor from 1.5HP to 4.7HP. It applies to high temperature from 15℃ to 25℃ and medium temperature from -30℃ to 10℃ for fresh-keeping and cold storage.

Maneurop condensing unit is an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution. It has high reliability, high performance for food storage, and customer satisfaction. Normally we equip with well-known brand components, like Danfoss pressure vessels, controllers, valves, and Miracle brand air-cooled condenser, evaporator.

If you have other special requests, please feel free to contact us.

Copeland Condensing Unit

Copeland compressor commercial condensing unit is the open type condensing unit because it uses a Copeland scroll compressor, that’s how we call it Copeland condensing unit, which has high reliability, low noise, and high efficiency.

There are 3 types compressor, ZB, ZSI, ZFI here we use. It’s widely used for a cold room for high, medium, and low-temperature applications for refrigerating and freezing with different products.

You can choose the well-known brands for all the parts used for Copeland open type condensing unit. Normally customers will choose Chinese brand Evaporator and condenser, as we all know Chinese brand evaporator and the condenser is not only save cost, but also match the spare parts perfectly because we handle every part, the design, and production.

For the parts like filter drier, oil separator, expansion valve, controllers, you can choose Chinese brands, also you can choose famous brands, such as Danfoss, Emerson, etc. For wide applications, we offer additional components to meet your requirements. If you don’t know the difference and how to choose it, just contact us and tell us your project and business, we will give you the best choice.

Bitzer Condensing Unit

MUB Series Bitzer compressor commercial condensing unit is an open type condensing unit with Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor, which offers the extended application range, high cooling capacity, and minimum energy-consuming.

The power is from 2HP to 50HP, use for fresh keeping, cold storage, ice making, and cold water, etc. It applies for Medium temperature -5℃ to -20℃, low temperature -20℃ to -40℃ with R22 or R404 refrigerant. We equip the copper tube, aluminum fin air-cooled condenser, or if you like, we can also provide high efficient shell-tube water-cooled condenser.

The evaporator and condenser, spare parts all with powder-coated casing to improve the corrosion resistance and durability.

The refrigeration system uses a water-proof cable connection box for protecting the good function of the condensing unit. Same with the above condensing units, you can choose the brands for all the refrigeration spare parts, like Danfoss, Emerson, etc.

For any further request, just contact us to talk.

Rotary Condensing Unit

Rotary compressor refrigeration condensing unit is the condensing unit with different brands Rotary compressors, include Panasonic, Gree, Hitachi, Sanyo, Highly, etc.

It widely uses for Medium and low temperatures for the freezer, small cold storage, kitchen freezer, supermarket cabinets, display showcase, low-temperature experimental equipment, other special low-temperature equipment, and some refrigerated trucks with mobile refrigerated equipment. We have Horizontal type and Vertical type Rotary condensing unit for your reference.

Horizontal type from 1HP to 3HP. Vertical type from 1HP to 3.5HP. For this type, we only provide R404 refrigerant. Miracle Rotary condensing unit’s voltage operation is from 187V to 240 V which is a very wide voltage operation, with high efficiency and high reliability, no noise and vibration, provides the customer a very comfortable experience.

Horizontal condensing unit height is lower, around 240-275mm, it can save some volume of the showcase, and can save 20%-35% cost than normal scroll and piston compressor condensing unit. It also has a great advantage: the rotary condensing unit can be installed inside of the equipment, not only save space but also save the cost for installation.

For the main parts air-cooled condenser, you can choose an inner grooved copper tube to improve the heat exchange rate and choose the famous brand spare parts, like fan motor, controllers, etc.

If you want to know more, you are always welcome to contact us.

Parallel Refrigeration Unit

Miracle produces the above types of air-cooled condensing unit, also produce a water-cooled condensing unit, if you need, just contact us.

Miracle also produces various rack units with different brands of compressors, like Bitzer, Danfoss, Copeland, Hanbell, Invotech, etc. Considering the Rack unit related to many parts, and there are many options for you, I make a simple explanation to show you how to make your choice :

Choose the compressor type according to the application,semi-hermetic, screw compressor, choose the compressor brand you like, or follow our suggestion.

Choose an air-cooled rack unit or water-cooled rack unit according to the resource situation of your country.

Tell us your project information, then we can calculate how many pcs compressors you will need, or you can show us your solution, and let’s confirm them together.

Choose the brands of the spare parts, for example, air-cooled condenser, water-cooled condenser, evaporator unit, filter drier, filter drier shell, liquid receiver, oil separator, accumulator, ball valve, check valve, solenoid valve, expansion valve, sight glass, controllers, etc. Or just let us provide the best-matched rack unit for you.

If you want your project and business simple, just contact us, we have a professional team to service you.

Application of Refrigeration Parts in the Condensing Unit

Refrigeration fittings have different applications in different systems. In the refrigeration system, they can be divided into three major categories according to their use. They are commercial air conditioning systems, food cold chain systems, and home air conditioning systems. Household air conditioners have the fewest parts in the refrigeration system and the most economical refrigeration system.

Commercial air-conditioning system accessories mainly include oil separators, reversing valves, refrigeration check valves, electronic expansion valves, accumulators, filter driers, ball valves, solenoid valves, refrigerant gas, etc. Commercial air-conditioning is mainly used in places where centralized temperature adjustment is required. For example, large supermarkets, office buildings, hospitals, etc.

The main parts of the food cold chain refrigeration system are the vibration absorber, refrigeration check valve, discharge muffler, oil separator, liquid reservoir, ball valve, filter drier, sight glass, expansion valve, suction accumulator, air-cooled condensing unit, etc. The food cold chain includes cold storage, transportation refrigeration, and a freezer. Cold storage includes fruit and vegetable cold storage, flower cold storage, medicine cold storage, mini cold storage, etc. refrigerators include fresh-keeping refrigerators and freezer refrigerators.

The main parts of air conditioning systems include discharge muffler, reversing valve, copper Y joint, solderless copper fittings, insulated copper pipe, brass fittings, pipe press tool, HVAC tools, electronic expansion valve, filter drier, etc. Because of the small refrigerating space of household air conditioners, the compressor horsepower is generally small, which can be satisfied by using outdoor condensing units.

The following figure uses the food cold chain system as an example to introduce the application of various refrigeration accessories in the refrigeration system. At the same time, it also shows the working principle of refrigeration accessories in the refrigeration system, you can click the relevant link to view.

Application of Refrigeration Parts in the Condensing Unit
Application of Refrigeration Parts in the Condensing Unit

Miracle is strictly in every procedure to ensure a good quality condensing unit for you. Miracle is your best condensing unit manufacturer.

From the raw material supplier selection, inspection, use high-quality production equipment, with reasonable design, and necessary inspection for ready goods, we make sure every condensing unit will achieve the high cooling performance with energy-saving.

Miracle supplies various types of refrigeration parts and HVAC parts to meet your demands, such as refrigeration manifold gauge, manifold gauge set, air conditioner parts supplier, central air conditioner parts, refrigerant check valve, refrigeration expansion valve, refrigeration solenoid valve, refrigerant shut off valve, reversing valve, suction accumulator, etc.

  • Miracle provides the customized design condensing unit according to your project for free
  • Miracle provides drawings to guide your installation and use
  • Miracle has a strong ability for shipment, fast delivery, and the lowest rate at any port
  • Door to door service is available
  • Miracle has a product quality warranty for after-sales service

Condensing Unit Service

Your quality requirements are our work standards! We understand your needs very well.

Of course, Miracle offers you more types of condensing units, including air-cooled condensing units, water-cooled condensing units, commercial refrigeration units, freezer condensing units.

So Contact Miracle Now!

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What Is A Condensing Unit Or An AC Condenser?

What Is A Condensing Unit Or An AC Condenser

A condensing unit or AC condenser is the outdoor part of an AC that controls the temperature in a refrigerator, air-conditioner, heat pumps, and chillers.

So it works as a temperature or heat exchanger.

There is a compressor inside of it which discharges the energy in a heated way and pumps it by the system of coils and uses it to make the place cool or heat.

A condensing unit is the outer part of the Air-conditioner, which uses the condenser coil and compressor to make the space cooler.

Does Condensing Unit Use In HVAC?

Condensing unit is used in the HVAC system.

It is an essential part of the air conditioning system and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment to make the environment cooler or change the temperature.

How Many Types Of Condensing Units Are There?

How Many Types Of Condensing Units Are There

Condensing Units eject the heat and convert the refrigerant vapor gas into liquid by cooling it.

There are three main types of condensing units. They are

  • Air-cooled condensing unit
  • Water-cooled condensing unit
  • Evaporative Condensing Unit or Combined air and the water-cooled condensing unit.

These three types of condensing units are significant, but there are three other common types of water-cooler condensing units. That is:

  • Double pipe water-cooled condensing unit,
  • Shell and tube water-cooled condensing unit,
  • Shell and coil water-cooled condensing unit.

What Is An Air-Cooler Condensing Unit?  Where to Use It?

What Is An Air-Cooler Condensing Unit

An air-cooler condensing unit is used for any small capacity refrigerator condensing unit such as residential or small office air-conditioners.

It has a plentiful coil area with an attached fan that blows air.

The pipe, ware, or plate are adjusted with the refrigerant’s pipe, so that’s why the air-cooler condensing unit can work with a larger surface area.

It provides a more efficient cooling service.

To achieve the best and efficient service from an air-cooled condensing unit, you should keep the distance of the condensing unit from dust, dirt, lint, and others.

It’s essential; otherwise, the tubes or fan can’t work uninterruptedly.

Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd has a wide range of condensing unit types.

See our miracle air-cooler condensing unit’s page to learn more about its types and application.

What Is A Water-Cooled Condensing Unit?

What Is A Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

A water-cooled condenser uses a heat exchanger to expel the heat from the hot vaporized refrigerant and transfer the counter flow of cool water into an inner tube.

This cooling process by using water is also an efficient way of condensing units.

The overall system of a water-cooled condensing unit is a little bit complicated than an air-cooled condensing unit, but it’s more effective.

In a water-cooled condensing unit, water flow regulation is needed, and it also has to be corrosion resistant.

So that it can fight against corrosion and rust.

A water-cooled condensing unit has more facilities because of its larger exchange coefficient.

It makes a water-cooled condensing unit more efficient and improves heat transferability.

Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd has some significant innovations in the water-cooled condensing units.

You can learn more about all different types of cooled condensing units.

To increase your cooling effect on the refrigerator and maximize the heat transfer, you need to make sure they use it in a clean space that is also dirt and dust-free.

What Is An Evaporative Condensing Unit?

An evaporative condensing unit is also called combined air-and water-cooled condensers.

You already understand that these types of condensing units use both air and water-cooled system from the name.

In the Evaporative condensing unit, a water spray from the upper side makes the coil cool.

From the bottom side, cold air enters and blows into the coils.

As water converts the liquid into vapor from the coil, the cooling effect takes place.

So the water is sprayed, and then blowing air changes the hot refrigerant gas into a liquid.

Like air-cooled condensing unit and water-cooled condensing unit evaporative condensing unit or air-water, combined condensers are also required to clean and ensure its clean water and system work efficiency.

Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd provides various Evaporator Units to match your condensing unit.

Click on this page to visit the Evaporator Unit page and learn more about our best evaporative condensing unit product.

What Is The Necessity Of A Condensing Unit In Air Condition?

If you want to figure out how a condensing unit works, you need to know the working process of air conditioning.

There are two coils connected inside the air conditioner, and they flow the refrigerant fluid inside them.

This cycle is always going on as a continuous process.

The coil located inside the room is called the evaporator.

The coil located outside of the room is called a condensing unit.

So when you need to make your room temperature cool, the logic works here, making the evaporator colder than before, making the condensing unit hotter than before.

Now to make the evaporator cold, the fluid, flowing non-stop, starts absorbing the heat from the room.

On the other hand, the condensing unit ejects this heat outside of the room.

To explain, this is the way a condensing unit works with Air conditions to change the temperature and make it cooler or hotter.

If you have a question in your mind that how much heat can an evaporator absorb from your room?

The answer is, it depends on the heat removal capability, which is the job of condensing unit.

So a high-duty qualified condensing unit is mandatory for a better experience.

Check our condensing unit features to find the best condensing unit for you.

How Does A Condensing Unit Work?

How Does A Condensing Unit Work

The responsibility of a condensing unit is to release the heat outside of the room that was absorbed by the evaporator from inside of a room.

So condensing unit located in outside of the room.

It works as a heat exchanger. It is because there is a cycle inside of refrigeration.

The low-temperature heat has been transferred into a high-temperature heat by the heat pump.

So condensing unit contains an axial fan inside of it.

This axial fan has an electric drive motor that exchanges the gaseous refrigerant from evaporation to a liquid state.

So the heat exchanger coil inside of condensing unit forces the vapor to change the pressure.

After changing the pressure, it becomes liquid and condensing unit ejects this heat and again flows it into the coil to continue the cycle.

What Are Some Signs Of A Bad AC Condensing Unit? Are All Condensing From Miracle Free From It?

What Are Some Signs Of A Bad AC Condensing Unit

There is some issue with condensing that happens if you don’t choose the suitable condensing unit for your air conditioner.

These three signs can work as a warning for you to learn and not do the same mistake again, first of all, loud and abnormal noises.

If your compressor or condensing unit makes noises so loudly, it’s time to think about replacing or repairing it.

The second one is reducing the cooling capability.

If your evaporator’s heat-absorbing capability is decreasing day by day with a significant amount, it will lose cooling power.

The third is massive fluid leaking. Suppose you notice your condensing unit emits the fluid, and it’s going to increase.

In that case, it’s a bad sign enough that indicates you do not own a good quality air condition and the condensing unit.

The excellent news is miracle condensing unit comes with solving all of these problems.

There is no possibility of fluid leaking, reducing cooling capability, and making noise. Our condensing unit is always beyond this problem and provides you with an excellent air conditioning experience.

Is There Any Problem If I Spray Water On My Condensing Unit?

Is There Any Problem If I Spray Water On My Condensing Unit

There is nothing wrong if you spray water on your condensing unit to clean it.

It can make your condensing unit more efficient to run.

It is a good practice if you spray with water to your condensing unit periodically to maintain a good performance.

But there is some unit that can be rinsed directly with water and some others unit that need to be removed for cleaning.

You can let us know your requirement to get your desired one.

Please contact us directly for a more accurate cleaning method for your condensing unit.

How Far Should The Condensing Unit Be Placed?

It is best to place your condensing unit 3 to 4 feet far from your house or shop.

The space is significant for condensing units that ensures it can breathe freely.

It would be best if you placed it in an open place where air can circulate it.

Please make sure there are no walls, fences, or shrubs near the condensing unit, and it’s not blocked by somethings others.

It’s the same for multiple condenser units; keep some distance between two condensing units.

It is a factor to increase the performance of your air conditioner. If there is no obstacle around the condensing unit, it can work more efficiently.

How Can I Ensure The Protection And Safety Of My Outside Ac Condensing Unit?

How Can I Ensure The Protection And Safety Of My Outside Ac Condensing Unit

Considering the air condition outdoor condensing unit safety, you can think about objective damage or theft protection.

You can cover your condensing unit in winter.

However, you may not need to cover it if you don’t feel it can be damaged by moisture, water, winter weather conditions, and others.

You also can house the condensing unit in a cage or set a fence around it to ensure any natural debris can’t make any harm to it.

For theft security, you can set a security camera around it, including lighting.

There is some advanced way to secure this type of asset such as attaching a GPS tracking device, setting an alarm, or buying a guard dog.

Can I Place A Condensing Unit In A Short Enclosed Space?

If space has enough ventilation space, you can install the condensing unit on it.

However, you shouldn’t install the condensing unit in a tight space if there is not enough space for ventilation.

It may cause short cycling results because it releases pressurized heat. So the performance can be affected.

What Are The Common Components Of Commercial Air Conditioning Or HVAC System?

There are many parts of a commercial AC or HVAC system, and each part is combined with the other in a cycle.

To ensure the best and most efficient performance for your commercial air conditioning system, you should focus on each part as standard and quality. They are

The evaporator coil, compressor, condenser coil, and expansion valve are the central parts.

You may know the heart of the HVAC is the compressor, so it is essential to make sure the compressor has no problem.

We ensure the safest and most reliable compressor with a high-efficiency condensing unit to keep the heart of your HVAC effectively productive.

As well as compressor and condensing unit, we manufacture other quality parts.

Each of them is proven in their duty to make a significant and permanent HVAC system.

You can easily browse these products by clicking on them.

What Is A Reliable Commercial Air Condition Manufacturing Company?

What Is A Reliable Commercial Air Condition Manufacturing Company

As one of the top leading manufacturing companies for air conditioning and heating, miracle refrigeration equipment company ltd provides all commercial HVAC products and services, Air conditioning manufacturers, installation, and repair.

We have a good market reputation for air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance.

As the most reputable air conditioner units and central air conditioning experts, we can ensure the working efficiency of your HVAC.

We work in an organized way to give you the best experience in buying condensing units or other HVAC parts for your commercial air conditioning system.

We ensure the quality and safety, check the matching ability with your project, and the productivity to satisfy you.

Both of our pre-sale service and after-sale service, we choose the best one, prepare it in packaging and deliver it to you within a short time, and guide you to have an efficient installation and maintenance after you receive it.

Can Your Company Assist Me For A Food Cold Chain Systems?

I Am Looking For A Food Cold Chain Systems HVAC Solution. Can Your Company Assist Me

Sure, that’s why we are here.

Miracle Group can provide you with the best quality products for all refrigeration components for a food cold chain system.

It will provide you with an easy and most valuable operating system for food cold storage, meat cold storage, walk-in cooler, mini cold storage, and freezer.

We have some specialized condensing units for your freezing, refrigeration, and preservation operation.

So it can be the best condensing unit for your specific use than any other product in the market.

We proclaim ourselves the best company for condensing units because of our categorized and customized condensing units for each specific operation.

Such as a condensing unit for cold food storage, cold seafood storage, condensing unit for flowers cold storage, medicine cold room, or a cold meat room.

There is also the typical type of condensing unit for Air condition along with others.

What Are The Main Components Of A Food Cold Chain Refrigeration System?

What other refrigeration and condensing unit part does miracle manufacturer?

Miracle also manufacturer all the parts of HVAC for food cold chain refrigeration.

It includes the air-cooled condensing unit, vibration absorber, refrigeration check valve, oil separator, liquid reservoir, expansion valve.

We work to provide you with a complete HVAC solution and offer all used equipment.

Where Can I Use The Condensing Unit That Miracle Provides?

You can use our condensing unit in your air conditioning, industrial chemical processes like a distillation system.

It is useable in your steam power plants or other heat-exchange systems.

According to your specific application and operation, we divided it into three different groups to install and use our condensing unit.

They are commercial air conditioning systems, food cold chain systems, and home air conditioning systems.

You have a wide range of work applications to use our condensing unit. Here are some of them.

Fruit Preservation Fish refrigeration Meat Refrigeration Any big or small supermarket Food processing Edible fungus Washing machine Milk processing Chemical industry Logistics cold chain system Beer equipment

There are others hundreds of applications and places where our condensing unit can be used for maximum productivity.

What Range And Brand Of Condensing Unit Does Miracle Provide?

The Miracle refrigeration equipment co. Ltd. is a complete solution for any type and brand of condensing unit.

So you will find all condensing units here as well as a condensing unit with your custom requirements.

We provide you Secop condensing unit, an Embrace condensing unit, and a small compressor condensing unit for your showcase required condensing unit.

You can filter with compressor types such as scroll compressor, rotary compressor.

Another brand of rotor compressors such as the Bitzer piston compressor or Copeland piston compressor is also available to you.

You also can access our box type and open type condensing unit. For example, there are Danfoss condensing units as box-type condensing units.

You can also check our Maneurop condensing unit, Copeland condensing unit, bitzer condensing unit, and rotary condensing unit to match your requirements.

You can click on each name and check their temperature level, voltage, and other specification.

What Are the Features And Benefit Of the Miracle Condensing Unit?

What Are the Features And Benefit Of Miracle Condensing Unit

Miracle refrigeration equipment co. Ltd. can ensure you the best quality of a condensing unit.

We provide a warranty for your condensing unit and other core components such as compressor, evaporator, refrigeration compressor oil, and others.

You can order with your customized requirements.

Our research and development engineer will work on it to make it more suitable for your project.

All of the condensing units you order will be new.

We will provide you with technical video support if you can’t install it according to your guide manual.

So don’t need to worry about after-sales support.

Whether you need a condensing unit for a manufacturing plant, food, and beverage factory, retail, food preservation shop, printing shop, construction work, or an energy and mining industry.

You can select any condensing that will be perfect for you.

There will be the test report of the condensing unit and certification.

Other condensing units specializing in commercial and industrial refrigeration are also available.

Our condensing units have a solid and high duty compressor with low noise and small in size.

It has maximum heating performance and excellent stability.

As a highly efficient and energy-saving condensing unit, you can entirely rely on it.

The wide selection of our products allows you to choose it according to its air or water-cooled condensing unit type and other compressor HP filtering ways.

Why Our Condensing Unit Is Worth To Be The Best Of Others?

Why Our Condensing Unit Is Worth To Be The Best Of Others

We provide an original bitzer semi-hermetic compressor and other brands and compressor types with long life to use and good quality.

Our condensing unit can ensure higher heat exchange efficiency from others because of its blue hydrophilic aluminum fin.

The inside fan of condensing unit has a significant volume of flow.

The compressor, oil heating, vibration eliminator, oil separator, condenser, liquid receiver, and all other parts are well equipped and waterproofed. As a result, it’s is easier for users to wire.

All of the items are welded, painted, and strictly tested before delivery. So you can rely on it without thinking it twice.

There will also be an English operation and installation manual for your better access to installation support.

Comparing the above factors, price, productivity, and work efficiency, our all condensing unit can proclaim to be the best condensing unit in the market.

Why You Choose Miracle For Your Best Condensing Unit?

Why You Choose Miracle For Your Best Condensing Unit And Others Refrigeration Equipment

Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd. is one of China’s most prominent and top leading refrigeration equipment manufacturing companies.

We have our laboratory to research, design, and develop the product for your better refrigeration.

We have more than 20 patents on refrigeration and central air conditioning products.

All our products are ISO and other international inspection authority verified.

In addition, Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd has a pretty strong capability to design and manufactures any custom specified condensing unit for your projects.

We have an excellent network worldwide, such as Europe, America Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

We have a large satisfied customer who has been benefited by our excellent product and highly reliable service.

We have experience of more than 18 years in continuous development on condensing units, heat exchangers, refrigeration equipment, and others.

Miracle offers you a minimum lead time to deliver the goods to your hand.

A more straightforward payment method and good packaging will make your trading experience more quick and straightforward for our flexible work policy. Send you an inquiry now.

Refrigeration Condensing Units

Miracle produces many types of refrigeration units, box type, open type, Copeland, Bitzer brands condensing unit, small refrigeration unit, etc.

If there is no suitable refrigeration unit or HVAC parts you are looking for, contact us to customize it for you.

What Does the Condensing Unit Do?

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, people’s demand for refrigeration is also increasing.

The fresh milk we drink in the morning, the vegetables we eat, and cold drinks are all related to refrigeration, and preservation is closely related to our lives.

In exploring ways to preserve fresh food, humans have thought of almost all the methods they can think of, such as pickling, drying, etc.

But there is only one purpose, and that is to eat fresh food. Yes, refrigeration improves our quality of life and reduces food waste.

I am very happy that Miracle can become a member of the refrigeration industry and actively provide solutions for the food safety of millions of households.

Miracle will continue to contribute wisdom and strength to the development of the refrigeration industry together with people of all ethnic groups all over the world.

Miracle Refrigeration operates food cold storage, meat cold storage, medicine cold storage, walk-in cold rooms, mini cold storage, freezer, and other products used for freezing and refrigeration and preservation, and has organized the relevant plans as follows, you can check according to the relevant links. Of course, you can also contact us directly.

Miracle also provides the most important parts for cold storage, it is the condensing unit, to make your business simple.

We supply condensing unit for food cold storage, condensing unit for seafood cold storage, condensing unit for flowers cold storage, condensing unit for medicine cold room, condensing unit for meat cold room, condensing unit for AC, etc.

Miracle Condensing Unit Service

Miracle Condensing Unit Service

After checking all of our condensing units above, if you are interested in any type of condensing unit or want to buy some, you must pay more attention to our service.

How do we serve you to choose a suitable condensing unit?

How do we prepare for the condensing unit?

How is the package of the condensing unit?

Can we arrange the delivery well and make sure you get the condensing unit smoothly?

All of this will be included in our service.

The service will be divided into 2 parts, Pre-sale service, and after-sale service.

Pre-sale is solving the problem of how we serve you to choose a suitable condensing unit. After-sales is taking care of all the things after you place the order, production, package, delivery, and quality guarantee.

Pre-sale: When you send inquiries, our sales manager will contact you for knowing everything about your projects and requirements in a highly efficient way, the instant talking APP, like Wechat, Whatsapp will be popular.

And there will be clear and detailed notes when the communication finishes.

Then Miracle will arrange for the professional engineer to calculate and design the condensing unit for you or provide the whole solution if you want. Then check and modify with you by many times talking, until all are settled and the order confirmed.

After-sale: The sales manager will keep you informed of the production status with photos or videos, make sure you can check them any time you want, and ensure the promised delivery time.

We will contact you for a booking container and arrange a vessel or plane at least one week before the condensing unit is ready.

When the condensing units are ready, the sales manager will show you all the photos or videos for the complete condensing unit, package, even how we load the container.

Then we take care of the clearance on our side and send them out smoothly with the experienced forwarder’s help.

If you are not professional about this, we can take care of clearance on your side also.

When you get the goods, we will also guide your installation and will be here to support any problem you met until the condensing unit is running well.

The sales will be always there for providing your service.

What Type Condensing Unit Do You Need

On this condensing unit page, you will see many types of condensing units we manufacture in the following, and the features for each type of condensing unit.

But two many condensing units may confuse you when you want to order for your own project or your customer’s project, what type of condensing unit do you need?

Which type is better for you? How can you do the selection? A suitable condensing unit will be very high efficiency, energy-saving, stable, and safe.

On this point, it will be cost-effective and fulfill your profit at the most. Let’s point out the main factors that you need to consider for choosing a suitable condensing unit.

Space for Putting the Condensing Unit

Space is a very important thing when designing the condensing unit. As you know, the condensing unit will be installed on a plate or a box

so we need to measure the sizes for the condensing unit, to see whether our standard material is good for you, which will be saving the cost and provide you with a fast delivery time.

At the same time, the size is very important to decide what type of compressor we can use, and what type of condenser we should design.

The Cooling Capacity You Need for the Condensing Unit

If we say cooling capacity is the most important factor for choosing the condensing unit, that is acceptable.

Miracle has some standard condensing units for specific cooling capacity, all the parts for the condensing unit are fixed.

But we need to consider the ambient temperature and storage temperature to calculate the cooling capacity and according to the compressor’s ability to design the condenser and evaporator for your specific project.

In addition, the type of refrigerant needs to be considered, because different refrigerants are used in units with different cooling capacities.

For example, r22 refrigerant, r134a refrigerant, r32 refrigerant, r290 refrigerant, r404a refrigerant, r407c refrigerant, r410a refrigerant, etc. You can click on the related links to view the performance of different refrigerants.

With the increasing development of society, refrigeration equipment has higher and higher requirements for refrigerants.

This involves a problem, that is, how to replace new refrigerants when old refrigerants are eliminated.

Please refer to the articles on the R22 condensing unit, R410a condensing unit, R404a condensing unit for new refrigerant replacement considerations for refrigeration units

Application for the Condensing Unit

The application will decide the range for the condensing unit you can choose.

For example, if you want a condensing unit for a showcase or refrigerator, then you gonna need a Secop condensing unit or Embraco condensing unit, or other small compressor condensing unit because of the strict size and cooling capacity the showcase required.

Of course, when you need the condensing unit for a cold room, there are box type and open type condensing units you can choose from, monoblock is also available.

The different compressors you can choose, scroll compressors for Danfoss or Copeland brand or others,semi-hermetic for Bitzer or Frascold or others, screw compressors with many brands, etc.

For central air condensing, there is also a corresponding condensing unit you can choose. Contact us for a detailed and professional explanation.

Resources Your Place Can Provide for the Condensing Unit

The resource should be considered for the source of heat exchange, someplace has the advantage for air, someplace has abundant water resources.

You can choose an air-cooled condensing unit and a water-cooled condensing unit to better use your place resources and save energy for your project.

Analysis of Compressor Energy Saving Technology of Condensing Unit​

Classification of Refrigeration Compressors:

1. Fully enclosed refrigeration compressor refrigeration capacity is less than 60KW.

Advantages of a scroll compressor:

The scroll compressor has low noise, small size, high heating performance, good stability, and high safety. It is suitable for variable speed movement and frequency conversion technology. Miracle provides Copeland scroll condensing unit and a Danfoss scroll condensing unit. a scroll compressor is mostly used in air conditioners and small cold storage refrigeration equipment.

For detailed parameters, you can click the link to view. Or contact us directly.

2. The cooling capacity of the semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor can reach 60~600KW.

Advantages of a piston compressor:

Piston compressors can adapt to a wide range of pressures and can reach the required pressure regardless of the flow rate.

The piston compressor has high thermal efficiency, strong adaptability, wide exhaust range, and is not affected by the pressure level, and can adapt to a wider pressure range and cooling capacity requirements.

At the same time, the maintainability of the piston compressor is strong, and the technology is more mature.

It can be used in various commercial units, medium, and low-temperature cold storage refrigeration units. Miracle offers Bitzer air-cooled condensing units and bitzer water-cooled condensing units to choose from.

3. The cooling capacity of the screw refrigeration compressor is 100~1200KW.

Advantages of screws compressor:

The screws compressor is a simple structure, has few wearing parts, has low exhaust temperature, and can work under a large pressure difference or pressure ratio.

It is not sensitive to a large amount of lubricating oil contained in the refrigerant and has good airflow regulation characteristics.

It can be used in large and medium-sized air conditioners and cold storage refrigeration equipment.

Analysis on Energy Saving Technology of Refrigeration Compressor

Analysis on Energy Saving Technology of Refrigeration Compressor

In recent years, in addition to the continuous improvement of its own performance, the compressor, as the core component of the refrigeration system, has been researched and developed around the two major themes of environmental protection and energy-saving, mainly including the following technical developments.

1. Application of frequency conversion technology and digital scroll technology

The compressor stepless continuously adjusts the capacity, which can better match the load changes of the refrigeration unit, and effectively improve the operating efficiency and adaptability of the unit under all working conditions.

Variable-frequency rolling piston compressors and scroll compressors have been widely used in various air-conditioning units.

At present, variable-frequency technology is expanding its application to the piston, screw, and even centrifugal compressors.

At the same time, the proportion of digital scroll compressors with stepless continuous variable capacity in multi-unit air conditioning units is also increasing year by year.

2. The compressor adapts to a wider range of refrigerants CFCs and HCFCs refrigerants, which have a destructive effect on the ozone layer, are phase-out substances stipulated by the Montreal Protocol.

They have been gradually replaced by HFCs and natural refrigerants in the late 1980s.

In order to adapt to alternative refrigerants, the compressor has been greatly improved in technology, and HFCs refrigerant compressors such as R134a, R404A, R407C, and R410A, and HCs refrigerant compressors such as R600a and R290 have been developed.

Compressors for CO2 transcritical cycles have been successfully used in automobile air conditioners and heat pump water heaters, ordinary CO2 compressors, and NH3 cascade systems are being used in commercial refrigeration, and closed NH3 compressors are being used in air conditioners and refrigerators.

3. Economizer air supplement and single multi-stage compression Economizers are often used in secondary air screw compressor refrigeration systems.

Under working conditions with relatively low evaporation temperatures (below -25°C), the efficiency of ordinary single-stage screw compressors decreases, the cooling capacity decreases and the exhaust temperature is higher.

Use the economizer to do the air supply cycle, which can improve the efficiency of the single-stage screw compression refrigeration cycle, increase the refrigeration capacity, and reduce the compressor discharge temperature.

The use of an economizer can make the application range of single-stage screw compressors wider and more economical.

The temperature difference between condensation and evaporating temperature of the single-stage compression refrigeration system is 40-60℃ in normal operation, and the temperature difference can reach 75℃ in deep cold and low-temperature air source heat pumps.

In order to enable a single compressor to produce a larger temperature difference, economizer air supplement (EVI) screw compressors and scroll compressors have emerged, and air supplement piston compressors and rolling piston compressors have also been made new research breakthroughs.

Multi-cylinder piston compressors with single-unit two-stage compression are more and more common in refrigeration equipment.

Two-cylinder rolling piston compressors with single-unit two-stage compression have been successfully developed and applied.

The centrifugal compressor with single three-stage compression is already a symbol of high energy efficiency.

4. Expand capacity range and application areas

The longest and most adaptable reciprocating piston compressor is a general-purpose model with a wide range of capacities.

It continues to dominate in the refrigerator and commercial refrigeration fields but is challenged by a rolling piston, scroll, and screw compressors in the air conditioning field.

The compact centrifugal compressor with magnetic suspension bearing is a highly mechatronic product. It has been applied to chillers, and the capacity of screw compressors has begun to overlap.

Large-scale scroll compressors and hermetic screw compressors have been mass-produced, and the two have been connected incapacity.

The output of scroll compressors for refrigeration has continued to increase, and three-screw compressors have also begun to be put on the market.

The capacity range of the rolling piston compressor has been expanded up to 14hp and down to 1/8hp.

In order to solve the problems of leakage and wear after using the R410A refrigerant, the research on the deformation structure of the rolling piston compressor opens a new direction.

Analysis of Common Failures of Refrigeration Units

The refrigeration condensing unit is widely used in the installation and production of cold storage and the construction of seafood pools.

During the use process, the condensing unit will inevitably have some failures. The following is an analysis of eight common failure phenomena of the condensing unit.

The Reason Why the Condensing Unit Does Not Start

The Reason Why the Condensing Unit Does Not Start

Mostly the compressor does not start, the motor and electrical control should be checked. When overhauling, it is necessary to check all kinds of electrical control components, as well as power supply and connection lines.

1. Power line fault analysis: the condensing unit does not start, generally check the power line first, such as the power fuse is blown or the wiring is loose, the disconnection causes a phase loss, or the power supply voltage is too low.

Solution: When the power supply lacks phase, the motor emits a “humming” hum and does not start.

If the time is longer, the thermal relay will act and the contact will open. The AC voltage block of a multimeter can be used to check whether the fuse is blown or measure the voltage of the electrical. If the fuse is blown, replace the fuse with an appropriate capacity.

2. Fault analysis of motor burnt out or inter-turn short circuit

When the motor winding is burnt out or short-circuited, the fuse often blows repeatedly, especially when the knife switch is pushed on.

For the open condensing unit, the motor can be smelled of burnt enameled wire from inside at this time.

Solution: Use a multimeter to check whether the motor terminal and the shell are short-circuited, and measure the resistance of each phase.

If it is short-circuited or a phase resistance is small, it means that the winding is short-circuited. Replace the motor.

3. Failure analysis of temperature controller

The leakage of refrigerant in the temperature sensor bulb of the thermostat or malfunction of the thermostat causes the contact to be normally open.

Solution: Turn the thermostat knob to see if it can start the compressor at a certain temperature.

If it can’t start, check if there is any leakage of the refrigerant in the temperature sensing bulb, whether the contact action fails, etc., a minor problem can be repaired, the serious problem should be replaced with a new thermostat of the same model and specification.

4. Failure analysis of pressure controller:

When the pressure value of the pressure controller is improperly adjusted or the spring and other components in the pressure controller fail, the normally closed contact will be disconnected within the normal pressure range, and the compressor will not start.

Solution: The cover of the box can be disassembled to see whether the contacts can be closed, or a multimeter can be used to test whether it is connected.

If the compressor still cannot start after a manual reset, check whether the pressure of the system is too high or too low.

If the pressure is normal and the pressure controller trips, readjust the high and low-pressure control range of the pressure controller or replace the pressure control device.

5. Failure analysis of AC contactor or intermediate relay:

Generally, the contacts are prone to overheating, burning, abrasion, etc., causing poor contact.

Solution: Remove, repair, or replace the contactor.

6. Fault analysis of thermal relay

The contact of the thermal relay trips or the heating resistance wire is blown.

Solution: When the thermal relay contact trips, first check whether the setting current is appropriate, and press the manual reset button.

If the compressor does not trip after starting the compressor, you should find out the cause of the overcurrent, and then press the reset button again after repairing. When the heating resistance wire is broken, the thermal relay should be replaced.

The Reason Why the Condensing Unit is not Level

The condensing unit not level will lead to poor oil return of the compressor of the unit, which will increase the risk of dry friction of the compressor, aggravate the wear of the compressor, and increase the energy consumption of the refrigeration system.

The installation of the condensing unit should be carried out under the guidance of professionals. , When the condensing unit is installed, a level meter should be used to detect the level of the unit.

Solution: Miracle leveling pad can be used, by adjusting the height of the leveling pad to make the unit in a horizontal position.

The Condensing Unit Trips When Starting

Check whether the air switch is faulty; Check whether the input voltage is too low; Check whether the compressor intake valve is faulty; Whether the compressor wiring is loose.

Is the Discharge Pressure of the Condensing Unit Too High?

Check whether the intake valve, hydraulic cylinder, load solenoid valve, pressure sensor, pressure gauge, pressure switch are faulty and whether the pressure setting is reasonable.

Is the Discharge Temperature of the Condensing Unit High?

The high exhaust temperature of the refrigeration compressor unit is mainly analyzed from the following aspects:

1. The coolant level of the condensing unit is too low.

2. The oil cooler is dirty and the oil filter core is blocked.

3. The temperature control valve is faulty.

4. The oil cut-off solenoid valve is not energized or the coil is damaged, and the oil cut-off solenoid valve diaphragm is broken or aging.

5. The fan motor is faulty and the cooling fan is damaged.

6. The exhaust duct is not unblocked or the exhaust resistance is large.

7. The ambient temperature exceeds the specified range.

8. Whether the temperature sensor is faulty, whether the pressure gauge is faulty.

Is the Condensing Unit Pressure Low?

The low pressure of the condensing unit is mainly analyzed from the following aspects:

1. The actual air consumption is greater than the output air volume of the condensing unit.

2. Check whether the exhaust valve, intake valve, hydraulic cylinder, and load solenoid valve are malfunctioning.

3. Check whether the minimum pressure valve is stuck and whether there is leakage in your pipe network.

4. The pressure setting should not be too low. At the same time, check whether the pressure sensor, pressure gauge, pressure switch, pressure sensor are malfunctioning and whether the pressure gauge input hose is leaking.

What Kind of Condensing Unit Do You Have?

Miracle manufacturer air-cooled condensing unit, water-cooled condensing unit, box type condensing unit with top blowing or side blowing, open type condensing unit with different brands semi-hermetic compressors, scroll compressor, screw compressor, rotary compressor, etc.

We mainly service the condensing unit for commercial refrigeration, for cold room, for air conditioning, for refrigerator, for the freezer, etc.

So if you have requests for big or small projects, talk to us first, we provide the solution for you.

How Can I Get a Suitable Condensing Unit for My Project?

If you have a project, provide us with your room size, the temperature you need to achieve, the ambient temperature of your place, what kind of products you will storage, compressor brand, voltage ad frequency, etc. Contact us with your project detail and your requirements, we will design the best condensing unit for you.

Can You Customize the Condensing Unit for Us?

Yes, we have a professional R&D team to design and customized for you. And we have experienced production managers and workers to produce satisfying condensing units for you.

Can You Provide the Installation Service?

Normally we will provide the instructions to show you how to install the condensing unit, if you do need a technical worker to guide you at the side, talk with us in advance.

Can You Provide a Water-cooled Condensing Unit?

Yes, air-cooled condensing units and water-cooled condensing units are available for us, just tell us your requirements.

Can I Have the Main Parts List When I Require a Quotation?

Of course, we will provide the parts list when we send the quotation for condensing units, that’s our basic service, you have the right to know what you will get.

What is Your Package for the Condensing Unit?

We have different types of packages for different markets, normally the carton box will be widely used. All the package we provided is good for customs clearance, if you have special demand, just let us know.

How Long Time I Can Get the Unit After I Place The Order?

For a standard condensing unit with the same voltage and frequency as us, we have stock for the parts, it will need 15-20 days for delivery. If there are special requirements.

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