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Refrigerant is present in every piece of refrigeration equipment. The role of the refrigerant is to enable the refrigeration device to have a safe, reliable, and good economic operation performed within the specified refrigeration temperature range, and it will not cause environmental pollution.

Globally, the use of refrigerants is very large, and the widespread use inevitably brings pollution, so the environmental performance of refrigerants gas puts forward higher and higher requirements. Miracle can supply you with new environmentally friendly refrigerants. Contact us now!

R32 Refrigerant Gas

The molecular formula of R32 refrigerant gas is CH2F2. When it comes to R32 refrigerant gas, you have to review the application history of air-conditioning refrigerants and some commonly used refrigerants. R22 refrigerant gas is widely used in the appliance industry. The ozone layer is more harmful. The time frame for withdrawing R22 refrigerant gas is getting closer according to the World Refrigerant Organization’s agreement.

Compared with R410A refrigerant gas, the energy efficiency ratio of R32 refrigerant gas is 6% higher, and the heating performance is about 3% higher. Therefore, the overall cooling and heating feature of R32 refrigerant gas is better than that of R410A refrigerant gas. The filling factor of R32 refrigerant gas is not more than 0.75KG/L. Send your order now!

R134A Refrigerant Gas

Miracle R134a refrigerant gas is a substitute for existing refrigerants. R134A refrigeration gas’s molecular formula is C2H2F4, so it is sometimes written as HFC-134a. R134a refrigerant gas has all the physical and chemical characteristics of refrigerants and meets environmental protection requirements. R134A refrigerant gas does not pose a hazardous impact on the environment.

The molecular diameter of R134a refrigerant gas is smaller than that of R12, and the unit refrigeration capacity of R134a refrigerant gas is higher than that of R12 refrigerant gas. At present, R134a refrigerant gas has been widely used in most countries in the world and has become the first choice for fluorine-free alternatives.

The research and development of new binary mixed refrigerants and ternary mixed refrigerants will gradually replace R12 refrigerant gas refrigerants, and R134a refrigerant gas will become a transitional product.

The filling factor of R134a refrigerant gas is not higher than 1.1KG/L. Now send your inquiry!

R404A Refrigerant Gas

Miracle R404A refrigerant gas is a mixture of 44% R125, 52% R134a, and 4% R143a. R404A refrigerant gas can be used as a replacement for R22 and R502 refrigerant gas. The molecular formula of R404A refrigerant gas is CHF2CF3/CF3CH2F/CH3CF3. The boiling temperature of R404A refrigerant gas at standard pressure is -46.1°C and the molecular weight is 97.6.

As a widely used medium and low-temperature refrigerant today, R404A refrigerant gas is often used in cold storage, food freezing equipment, marine refrigeration equipment, industrial low-temperature refrigeration, commercial low-temperature refrigeration, transportation refrigeration equipment (refrigerated trucks, etc.), refrigeration condensing units, supermarket display cabinets Wait for refrigeration equipment.

The filling factor of R404A refrigerant gas is not higher than 0.8KG/L. Contact us now!

R406A Refrigerant Gas

Miracle R406A refrigerant gas is a refrigerant blend. It is composed of 55% HCFC-22, 41% HCFC-142b and 4% R-600a. Miracle R406A refrigerant is a colorless, clear, odorless liquid.

R406A refrigerant gas is the best solution to replace R500 and R12. It is better than R12 refrigerant gas. R406A refrigerant gas can directly replace R12 refrigerant gas, but However, the running cost of the refrigeration equipment will rise.

The boiling point temperature of R406A refrigerant gas at standard pressure is -32.7°C.

Miracle refrigerant gas must be stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated place, avoid sun and rain. For more details, please contact us now!

R407C Refrigerant Gas

Miracle R407C refrigerant gas is a mixture of three working fluids of R32, R125, and R134a at 23%, 25%, and 52% mass fractions. The bubble point temperature at a standard pressure of R407C refrigerant gas is -43.8°C. The ODP of R407C refrigerant gas is 0, and the GWP is 1980.

The thermal properties of R407C refrigerant gas are most similar to those of R22 refrigerant, and the operating pressure and cooling performance of the two are very similar. However, there is one point to note. After the original R22 refrigerant gas equipment is replaced with R407C refrigerant gas, it is necessary to replace the lubricating oil, adjust the refrigerant charge and throttle components.

The disadvantage of R407C is that the temperature slip is relatively large. In the case of leakage, part of the indoor unit does not work in multiple systems, and with the use of a flooded evaporator, the mixture ratio may change and the expected effect may not be achieved. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. The R407C refrigerant gas should be treated objectively and used reasonably. Send your next project order now!

R410A Refrigerant Gas

Finding suitable alternative refrigerants has been an important task for the air-conditioning industry in recent years. It is under this background that two refrigerants, R410A refrigerant gas, and R290 refrigerant gas, appear in our lives. R410A refrigerant gas is non-flammable.

R410A refrigerant gas is a refrigerant of HFCs. It is composed of 50% R32 and 50% R125. R290 refrigerant gas is a hydrocarbon with unstable performance. Although R410A is not harmful to the ozone layer, it will exacerbate global warming. In short, neither R410A refrigerant gas nor R290 refrigerant gas has sufficient conditions to become the mainstream refrigerant in the market.

The standard pressure of R410A refrigerant gas has a boiling point temperature of -51.6°C and an ODP of 0. It is a near-azeotropic mixture, and the thermodynamic properties of  R410A refrigerant gas are very close to a single working fluid. Compared with R22 refrigerant gas, the condensation pressure of R410 refrigerant gas is increased by about 50%. It is a high-pressure refrigerant and needs to improve the pressure strength of the system. Contact us to get the quote for R410A refrigeration gas now!

R417A Refrigerant Gas

The chemical composition of R417A refrigerant gas is R125/R134A/R600, and the molecular formula is CHF2CF3/CH2FCF3/C4H10. R417A refrigerant gas is mixed with existing refrigerating oil, which is suitable for a typical R22 refrigerant gas direct expansion (DX) system. R417A refrigerant gas can replace R22 refrigerant gas for a long time without changing the refrigeration equipment and system. It is suitable for all kinds of R22 air-conditioning and refrigeration devices.

Compared with R410A refrigerant gas, R417A refrigerant gas has lower pressure and is more adaptable to refrigeration equipment, so it is the first choice by major air-conditioning manufacturers. Recently, the market share of R417A refrigerant gas has increased significantly. Contact us to get the high-quality R471 refrigerant gas now!

R507 Refrigerant Gas

Miracle R507 refrigerant gas is a long-term alternative to R-502refrigerant gas. R507 refrigerant gas belongs to the HFC category, with an ODP value of zero, and does not contain any ozone-depleting substances. The chemical composition of 507 refrigerant gas is R125/R143, the molecular formula is CHF2CF3/CH3CF3, and the boiling point under standard atmospheric pressure is -46.75°C.

Since the cooling capacity and efficiency of R507 refrigerant gas is very close to R502 refrigerant gas, and it has excellent heat transfer performance and low toxicity, R507 refrigerant gas is more suitable for medium and low-temperature freezing field application than any other known alternatives to R-502.

R507 refrigerant gas is suitable for new commercial refrigeration equipment (supermarket refrigerating cabinets, cold storage, display cabinets, transportation), ice-making equipment, transportation refrigeration equipment, marine refrigeration equipment, etc. Send your inquiry now!

Car Refrigerant Gas

Miracle car refrigerant gas is R134a refrigerant gas. R134a refrigerant gas has become the most environmentally friendly alternative to R12 refrigerant gas due to its excellent physical and chemical characteristics.

R134a refrigerant gas is a colorless liquefied gas, which is widely used in car AC, refrigerators, central air conditioners, and other environments. The molecular formula of Miracle car refrigerant gas is CH2FCF3, and its boiling point is -26.1℃ under standard atmospheric pressure.

Miracle car refrigerant gas has three packaging specifications, 200g/250g/300g, and it is filled with gas cans. For more details, please contact us now!

R125 Refrigerant Gas

Miracle R125 refrigerant gas is an environmentally friendly refrigerant with a safety level of A1 and has the advantages of being non-toxic and non-flammable. R125 refrigerant gas is an important part of the mixed working fluid, which is used to replace R502 refrigerant gas and R22 refrigerant gas.

The chemical composition of R125 refrigerant gas is CHF2CF3, and its purity can reach ≥99.8%. The boiling point of R125 refrigerant gas is -48.5℃ under standard atmospheric pressure.

The other parameters of R125 refrigerant gas are as follows, ODP is 0, the molecular formula is CHF2CF3, the molecular weight is 120.02, and the critical temperature is 66.05°C. For more parameters, please contact us now!

R152A Refrigerant Gas

R152a refrigerant gas generally forms a mixed refrigerant with other refrigerants and is widely used in refrigeration systems. After R152a refrigerant gas is mixed with other refrigerants, it can replace R12 refrigerant gas. The original R12 refrigeration system can be easily replaced without major changes.

The composition of the azeotropic refrigerants of R152a refrigerant gas and R22 refrigerant gas has little influence, At a mass fraction of 50/50, Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) is O. 05, Global Warming Potentia1(GWP)=105, all within the acceptable range.

R152a refrigerant gas has the advantages of better thermal performance, fast cooling speed, and reduced power consumption of refrigeration equipment after selecting the appropriate ratio. Contact us now!

R290 Refrigerant Gas

Miracle R290 refrigerant gas is a new type of refrigerant. R290 refrigerant gas has the following characteristics: R290 refrigerant gas has a small charge, and the consumption of R290 refrigerant gas is only 40% to 55% of R22 and R410a, Available for large scale use.

R290 refrigerant gas has a low freezing point and greater latent heat of evaporation, high cooling efficiency; R290 refrigerant gas has a small molecular weight, good fluidity. All in all, R290 refrigerant gas is a cost-effective solution.

However, R290 refrigerant gas also has the disadvantage of being flammable and explosive, so there are certain requirements for the transportation and storage of R290 refrigerant gas. For more details, please contact us now!

R508B Refrigerant Gas

R508 B refrigerant gas, as a widely used low-temperature refrigerant, is widely used in environmental test chambers/equipment (cold and heat shock tester), freeze dryers, freeze dryers, low-temperature refrigeration or freezing, blood refrigerators, biochemical test chambers, etc.

Because R508 B refrigerant gas has good overall performance, R508 B refrigerant gas is a very effective and safe refrigeration medium. R508 B refrigerant gas is the best solution to replace R13, R23, and R503. Contact us with your refrigerant gas right now!

R600a Refrigerant Gas

The molecular formula of R600a refrigerant gas is (CH3)2CHCH3, the molecular weight is 58.12, the boiling point is -11.7°C, and the critical temperature is 134.71°C. R600a refrigerant gas is widely used. When used as a refrigerant gas, it can replace R12 refrigerant gas. When using R12 refrigeration equipment, it is necessary to replace capillary tubes, filters, lubricating oil and pay attention to flow regulation.

In addition, R600a refrigerant gas can also be used as an aerosol propellant in pesticides, cleaning agents, acrylic paints, etc. R600a refrigerant gas is heavier than air and can easily accumulate. Therefore, the storage room vent should be located close to the ground. For more details, please contact us now!

Miracle has been in the refrigerant gas field for 8+ years, we cooperated with refrigerant gas factories very close. We know how to supply the refrigerant gas for you in the most economic way and the safety method. We can guarantee the purity of the refrigerant gas and deliver them to you smoothly.

Below is Miracle refrigeration’s spirit:

corporate vision

Create a century-old enterprise, make refrigeration safer and simpler

Enterprise spirit

Passion, Responsibility, Innovation, Dedication

Service philosophy

Do your best to make the customer’s business easier

Employee behavior concept

Be grateful for kind thoughts, work happily, be sincere and frugal, and strive for excellence.

Business philosophy

Take technology as the core, market-oriented, and quality as the foundation.

Refrigeration Gas Manufacturer

Miracle refrigerant gas has the ability to enter all the markets, includes European and American markets. You can purchase the refrigerant gas without worry from Miracle refrigeration. The miracle is your trusted partner as a reliable refrigeration supplier.

Because of the particularity of refrigerant gas, it requires more requirements than conventional products during transportation.

Miracle has export qualifications and can assist you in importing refrigerant gas.

We have full of experience for completely solve your refrigerant gas import problem. Contact us now!

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