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Copeland Compressor Supplier

Your Superior Copeland Compressor Supplier In China!

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Your Premier Copeland Compressor Supplier

We are a leading authorized Copeland compressor supplier of the Emerson brand in China. Miracle supplies you with all Copeland compressors, including Copeland Hermetic compressor, Semi-hermetic compressor, Copeland scroll compressor, Copeland screw compressor, etc.

We offer you a complete selection of all series, models, types, and comprehensive and detailed specifications that can meet your demand. Such as ZB, ZF, ZP, ZR, ZSI, ZW, VR series.

So you can purchase this Copeland compressor from us to use in a wide range of high, medium, and low-temperature applications. The Miracle is your reliable and trusted Copeland Compressor supplier in China. We can deliver your genuine Copeland compressor anywhere in the world. Contact us now.

Copeland Scroll Compressor ZB Series

Miracle supply Copeland ZB series scroll compressor, which is especially for your high and medium temperature applications. We have various models of the ZB series Copeland compressor to meet your full requirements. This Copeland scroll compressor can go with a plenty number of refrigerant models. Such as R-134a, R-22, R-404A, R-407F, R-448A, R-513A and more. Order your Copeland ac compressor now.

Copeland Scroll Compressor ZF Series

This Copeland ZF series semi-hermetic scroll compressor is for your low-temperature applications. In this series, we offer many types of compressor models with different capacities. It is suitable for many refrigerants and has 2 horsepower to 17 horsepower capacity to match your application.  We can meet any particular demand for this Copeland refrigeration compressor. For various temperature applications, refrigerant, modulation, frequency, we can supply any Copeland scroll refrigeration compressor for both air-cooled or water-cooled units. Order today.

Copeland Scroll Compressor ZP Series

To support your any HVAC units need, Miracle supply this Copeland scroll compressor ZP series, including other series. It’s features and configurational capacity can fit with your all commercial applications. It’s evaporating temperature is about +5 °C and generally used in high-temperature applications. As it’s one of the most demanding Copeland scroll ac compressors in the market, Miracle supplies various models with different hertz and voltage values. Contact us to order now.

Copeland Scroll Compressor ZR Series

Copeland ZR Series Scroll Compressor is a compressor for central water chillers and other HVAC systems with modern brazed fittings connections. This scroll compressor is for R407C & R134a has the most extensive range for many applications. It has 5°C evaporating temperatures and 50°C Condensing temperature with a shallow sound and vibration level. Order your Copeland compressor now.

Copeland Scroll Compressor ZSI Series

This ZSI type Copeland HVAC compressor has 380-420V-3Ph and 220-240V-1Ph input motor voltage range. It has -30°C to 0°C evaporating temperature and can use with any low or medium-temperature cold rooms and chiller applications. This Copeland scroll semi-hermetic compressor for HVAC has different model variations according to its compressor motor, motor voltage, oil type, capacity, etc. Please send us your order today.

Copeland Scroll Compressor ZW Series

Miracle also supplies this Copeland ZW series scroll compressor which is generally for your heat pump water heating applications. It is applicable for R22, R407C/R134a, R410A, refrigerant, and 1 or 3 phase motor types. It has 25 °C to 65 °C condensing temperature and -30°C to 15°C evaporating temperature for its different models. With several refrigerant types, this ZW series Copeland compressor has many Hz and voltages. Contact us today.

Copeland Scroll Compressor VR Series

Get the VR series Copeland air conditioning scroll compressor with an extensive range of the model. This series has 9 horsepower and about 26400 cooling capacity. It has a wide choice of input power, voltage, and frequency levels to fit your use in any application. Miracle supplies this super reliable and highly efficient VR series Copeland scroll compressor with significant low noise operation. Please send us your order today.

Copeland Scroll Compressor QF Series

QF series compressors are equipped with Copeland’s flexible scroll technology. Compared to reciprocating compressors, the QF Series compressors have approximately 70% fewer moving parts, resulting in lower noise and less vibration. It is also available with R22 and R404A environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Copeland Compressor Oil

As Miracle is an authorized Emerson Wholesaler in China, We supply all compressor, compressor parts, Compressor Oil, ice bear lubricants, sun lubricants, CPI lubricants, and fluids to provide you full one-stop support. We offer original high-quality and premium Copeland compressor oil such as Mobil Arctic EAL22CC, Emkarate RL22, EMKarate 32CF, and many more types. Miracle supplies the complete alternatives and extra oil to guarantee you a reliable and high efficient cooling operation. Contact us today.

With one moving scroll and one fixed scroll, a Copeland scroll compressor has a very efficient working operation. The moving scroll rotates and becomes smaller and compresses the gas inside it to change its pressure.

Then discharge the gas after this straightforward internal compression process.

Having fewer moving parts is one of the best advantages of the Copeland HVAC compressor.

It has a small size, super smooth, and quiet operation with maximum efficiency to use in your residential and household air conditioning system, condensing unit, outdoor condensing unit, refrigeration condensing unit, and heat pumps.

The scroll compressor is always better than all other single alternatives in the market because of its high durability, energy saving. It has less possibility of failure because of fewer accessories and is less prone. Order now.

Copeland Compressor Scroll Technology

Miracle has a fully dedicated professional customer support team to provide technical support to our customers.

We have before sales support, including planning, product selection for any application, consultation, information and knowledge support, custom Copeland compressor design, and others.

And our after-sales technical support includes the condensing units installation, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, and others. Our expert support team is waiting to give you a fast response anytime.

So let’s ask any questions around you about the Copeland compressors unit, central air conditioner parts, outdoor AC units, and refrigeration units without any hesitation.

Get connected in our social media and get updated with all our news. Please send us your question now.

Copeland Compressor Supplier Technical Support

Miracle assures you of the quality and performance of each Copeland compressor and other air conditioners tools, HVAC tools, air conditioner parts, and HVAC parts.

We guarantee you a durable, long-lasting lifetime and test every aspect before the product leaves our factory. So it’s 100% safe, secure, and risk-free. All Copeland compressor that miracle supply is ISO:9001-2015 quality certified.

If you need other standards, we can supply that. Our oversees customer trust on us for last 20 years as we are very strict on ensuring quality.

As we are an authorized supplier and distributor of Emerson Copeland compressor in China, you can completely trust us. Contact Miracle now!

Copeland Compressor Authenticity Guarantee

What else is the perfect combination more than that when there is a world’s renowned Compressor brand’s product and our first-class service?

As an authorized wholesale Copeland compressor Supplier of Emerson brand in China, Miracle has a vast product inventory. It takes our large bulk quantity fast delivery capacity to a new height.

We can support you by sending your high-class Copeland compressor by air or sea transport at an ideal time faster than other suppliers.

That’s possible because our location is near an international port and we have long-term cooperation with the leading freight forwarder in China.

So we can ensure fast, secure delivery with a cost-effective freight rate. We monitor until you receive your valuable Copeland Compressor in your hand. Order now.

Copeland Compressor Fast Shiping

Miracle supply all Copeland compressor to match with your every application and field of use. This Emerson Copeland scroll compressor can be used for all residential, industrial, and commercial applications for low, medium, and high temperatures.

Some of them are refrigeration units, freezer condensing units, small refrigeration units, and refrigeration condensing units such as Copeland condensing units.

It can go with your all refrigeration, HVAC system, air conditioning, heat pumps, central water chillers, and heat pump water heating applications, etc.

This Copeland ac compressor is flexible for many refrigerants and has a great diversity on other specifications of each refrigerant. Send your next project order now.

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Copeland Scroll Compressor Working Principle

A scroll compressor, also known as a scroll pump, is a formation of the shell with an end, an outlet, and a motor. The below part shell contains the lubricant which lubricates the plain bearing.

It has an inlet, discharge port, and fixed scroll, which is attached to a base plate. The forming chambers absorbed the gas and transported it into the center of the scroll set.

The rotation process compresses the gas when it’s become much smaller in the internal compression process. The discharge port is located in the middle of the scroll housing and expels the compressed gas.

This scroll compressor has a better seal, higher efficiency, and a high level of operational reliability. It is very trendy because of its noise emission and quiet operation features. Contact us to learn more.

Copeland Semi Hermetic Compressor

Copeland Semi Hermetic Compressor

Miracle supplies a full selection of Copeland semi-hermetic compressors to meet your demands.

We offer you an extensive application temperature range of Copeland reciprocating compressor including -40˚F evaporating temperature.

We can supply you with this compressor with 1/4 horsepower to 15 horsepower.

Also, a large selection of refrigerant models makes this compressor adaptable for your different uses. Please send us your question now.

Copeland Refrigeration Compressors

What are the Advantages of Copeland Scroll Compressors

Are you looking for a Copeland Refrigeration Compressor that is long-lasting, quiet, and reliable?

Look no further than Miracle Copeland Refrigeration Compressor.

Why? Because We are a China-based HVAC&R compressor supplier, providing both Copeland scroll compressors and semi-hermetic compressors with a genuine guarantee.

More specifically, you can get any specification or model of Copeland refrigeration compressor, for example, the Copeland 5-ton R22 scroll compressor.

As you know, the Copeland refrigeration compressor market size was 27.5 billion USD in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4% from 2021 to 2025.

So if your decision is smart to buy a Copeland scroll compressor or semi-hermetic, we highly recommend you buy from our China factory.

Because of our verified authority and large expertise level, we ensure all spare parts, Copeland compressor oil, and the compressor with a long warranty. Contact us now.

Copeland Compressor Models

What Types of Copeland Compressor Unit Miracle Can Provide

Our specialty is you can enjoy a wide range of Copeland compressor model numbers here.

You can choose your desired temperatures and humidity levels for your residential and commercial markets.

Whether you need different models of Copeland refrigeration scroll compressors for the low-temperature freezer or semi-hermetic Copeland scroll compressors, you have full access to select them.

For example, we have many models with different voltages, nominal horsepower, refrigerant types, weight, and types.

Copeland reciprocating compressor model number and other compressor specifications on this page.

Copeland Compressor Nomenclature

Copeland Compressor Nomenclature

Whenever you come across this Copeland compressor model number, you may wonder, what does this series name ZP, ZR, and ZSI really mean?

The Copeland Scroll refrigeration compressor is designed with Z as the first model letter, which means it’s the Scroll family compressor, and the second letter had a different meaning.

For example, B stands for high or medium temperature, S stands for only medium temperature, and F is used only for low temperature.

ZR series or ZP series represent refrigerants of Copeland scroll compressor (R = R407, R134a, R22) (P = R410A). ”

The Copeland scroll compressor application range is W” after Z or ZW series nomenclature.

For example, Heat Pumps, water heating, etc.

ZSI Series nomenclature stands for S wide range application and integrated injection technology.

Let’s figure out Copeland compressor ZR72KCETFD522 serial number nomenclature.

It is a Copeland Scroll compressor that can go with R407C, R134A, or R22 refrigerant.

72 represents the Nominal capacity ( Btu/hr) or cooling capacity under ARI condition @60Hz. C is the model variation, and E is the oil type which can be E = POE oil/Polyolester oil or Blank which means mineral oil.

T, F, and P gradually mean Motor type, which can be 1 or 3 phases, motor protection which can be internal or external, and typical electrical code.

Here TFD means 3 phases, internal inherent protection, D = 380-420 V 3 ph 50 Hz + 460 V 3 ph 60 Hz.

Finally, the number 522 means the bill of materials.

Copeland Compressor Parts And Accessories

Copeland Compressor Parts And Accessories

No matter if you are using Copeland hermetic compressor, Semi-hermetic compressor, or Copeland Scroll compressor, you need spare parts and accessories while it’s randomly used.

But would you like to buy your Copeland refrigeration compressor from someone who doesn’t provide uninterrupted spare accessories after sales support? We do.

These accessories include a wide range, for example, Copeland compressor service valve, complete connecting rods, and pistons, gasket set, Copeland compressor capacitor, etc. Contact us now.

Copeland Condensing Unit

Copeland Condensing Unit

We let you dive into our broadest selection of Copeland water-cooled condensing units, Copeland scroll ac units, and Copeland scroll outdoor condensing units with refrigeration compressors.

Our Copeland condensing unit has a long-lasting warranty and full after-sales support with spare parts.

This condensing unit is the latest in the market and is cost-effective to match your budget. Contact us right now to find the best match for your project.

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