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Your Top Cold Room Compressor Supplier

Miracle is your expert supplier of cold storage and cold room solution, including cold room compressors with comprehensive technology.

We supply the most dependable ac unit for cold food storage, walk-in cold rooms, and mini cold storage.

We supply all popular award-winning and certified technology compressor types for cold storage such as screw compressor, reciprocating and scroll types.

A massive selection of cold room compressor units with long-range cooling capacity is available in our stock to deliver to your location at a cost-effective price. Order Today.

Cold Room Scroll Compressor

Miracle supplies an inclusive variety of compressors worldwide with the highest capacity variety. It can be 1 to 40 Horsepower with many series and engineered to your specifications. This scroll compressor can increase the overall efficiency of up to 15% of your cold room application. Shop Today.

Copeland Cold Room Compressor

Miracle supply a high efficient Copeland condensing unit with a scroll-type compressor for the cold room to ensure the best performance. Many Copeland compressors have a higher cooling capacity and temperature range for your low and medium-temperature fruit cold room, meat cold storage, and others. Shop Today.

Danfoss Cold Room Compressor

We have many series of Danfoss compressors available for cold room application. It has many capacity ranges for voltages and frequencies, refrigerant gas types, motor horsepower, evaporator temperature, and condensing temperature. Such voltage and frequencies as 110V 50Hz, 115V 60Hz, 127V 60 Hz, 220V 60Hz, 240V 50Hz, and many more. Shop Now.

Maneurop Cold Room Compressor

Explore our extensive range of Maneurop reciprocating cold room compressors by all models such as MT, MTZ, etc. It has motor voltage from 208V to 500V and many refrigerant types. It also has 1 to 4 cylinders and other full specifications to efficiently use in your cold storage and room. Buy Now.

Carlyle Semi Hermetic Compressor

We get our Carrier compressors from the right sources, so we are guaranteed 100% genuine. You can get efficient communication, optimal service, and more technical support from us, not just sales, we care about your feeling more than you can imagine, and would like to build life-long cooperation with you.  You can get more details on our Carrier compressor page.

Cold Room Semi Hermetic Compressor

The semi-hermetic compressor type is among the outstanding compressors to use in many applications. The quality of this semi-hermetic compressor condensing unit is superior because of its efficient production line capacity. It has state-of-the-art compressing technology with a higher technical specification variation to ensure a safe operation. Contact us now.

Bitzer Cold Room Compressor

We supply this Bitzer cold room compressor with an ideal technical data specification to meet your unique demand. There are a massive refrigeration capacity and excellent power consumption with a +15ºC to -20ºC evaporating temperature. This is an optimal solution for your many cold room application. Order today.

Frascold Cold Room Compressor

This Frascold semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor is the most reliable cold room compressor globally well known. Miracle supply many series of this compressor such as MT, LT, and HT with an extensive evaporating temperature range from -35ºC to 50ºC. Also, a different model and refrigerant gas option with the best efficient structure can be your finest option. View now.

Cold Room Screw Compressor

Miracle guarantees you to supply a purity standards screw compressor with massive models and series from different world’s top brands. We provide the most reliable, environment-friendly, and energy-efficient screw compressor with a quiet compressing system. Explore more screw compressors for your cold room application.

Cold Room Compressor Oil

Miracle is a supply hub for all refrigerant oil, lubricants, and functional fluid. As an original refrigeration oil supplier, Miracle provides all different mineral and synthetic types of refrigerant oil for your cold room applications. Get your premium, high-quality refrigeration oil at a very reasonable price. Contact us now.

We are an original cold room compressor supplier in China providing all authentic and certified products which are more reliable. All of our cold room compressors and others refrigeration tools are ISO certified.

They are also approved by European Directive – CE, Underwriters Laboratories – UL, CCC, and CAC. We give an extended warranty over other companies for all cold room compressor units, including Danfoss cold room compressors, Freezer cold room compressors, Bitzer cold room compressors, Walk-in cold room compressors other cold room components. Contact our team now.

Cold Room Compressor Authenticity Guarantee

Miracle understands the actual cost of a cold room compressor unit. So we supply you the authentic cold room compressor from the original equipment manufacturer, and we can provide it at a very reasonable price as an authorized distributor.

So we can supply any wholesale ac unit, wholesale HVAC unit, wholesale refrigeration unit, including wholesale cold room compressor to meet your demand.

Miracle also provides all spare parts facilities at an affordable price for our customers and all refrigeration tools, air conditioner parts, and HVAC tools for cost-saving repair and maintenance.

The best advantage of this tremendous cold room compressor that we supply is its energy consumption efficiency. So as well as saving your electricity cost, this is an absolute cost-effective solution for your cold room applications. Contact us now to get your instant access to our extensive collection.

Cold Room Compressor Cost-effective

Miracle supplies all well-known brand’s compressors of many types.

Whether you need a reciprocating compressor, screw compressor, or scroll compressor for your cooling room, Miracle supply a full model and a series of them, including a single-phase cold room compressor.

When your existing compressor supplier cannot meet your needs, and you are thinking about replacing it or want to find a new cold room compressor unit, Miracle is the best alternative for you.

Because we never compromise with quality and supply the refrigeration compressor oil, refrigeration oil separator, and overall refrigeration solution. Contact us now.

As Miracle provides comprehensive support to all our premium customers, we manufacture and supply all axial fans, refrigeration parts, cold room parts, and tools.

This includes cast iron valve, evaporator unit, air curtain, vibration eliminator, shut off valves, HVAC valves, expansion valve, ball valve, rotalock valve, refrigerant sight glass, cold room door parts, cooling room panel, cooling room door, cooling room ventilation, lokring tool, propress fittings, etc.

We ensure durable and highly efficient spare parts for the successful repair and maintenance of your cold room compressor and cold room condensing unit. Get an instant quote now.

Cold Room Compressor Parts

To deliver your best cold room compressor to your destination with a quick and safe transportation service, Miracle has business cooperation with top freight forwarder companies in China.

So we can ensure risk-free, fast shipping for any bulk amount of wholesale cold room compressor.

To get a reasonable shipping rate for your large amount of products, Miracle Group is devoted to delivering the best value to you. Contact us now.

Cold Room Compressor Transportation

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