Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor
Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor

Your Best Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor Supplier In China!

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Your Top Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor Supplier

Miracle refrigeration has a full set of German and Italian reciprocating hermetic compressor manufacturing equipment, refrigeration compressor manufacturing technology, and testing equipment, specializing in the manufacture of 2HP-7HP (18000BTU-60000BTU) reciprocating hermetic compressors, air conditioning compressors, and fully enclosed refrigeration outdoor units.

Miracle reciprocating hermetic compressors can be widely used in residential air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, and freezing equipment, our compressor performance indicators are in accordance with the international standard of reciprocating compressors. Contact us now!

QL Series Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor

The QL series reciprocating hermetic compressor is a low-temperature series reciprocating hermetic compressor with a threaded connection and a high-quality rotary locking valve for easy connection. The QL series reciprocating hermetic compressor is protected by a built-in protector and safeguard valve with a smart compact and reliable operation. Contact us now!

QLA Series Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor

The QLA series reciprocating hermetic compressor is also a low-temperature series compressor with copper tube connections at both the inlet and discharge ports. The QLA series reciprocating hermetic compressors differ from the QL series compressors, only in the way that the inlet and discharge ports are connected. For more information, please contact us today!

QR Series Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor

Miracle QR series reciprocating hermetic HVAC&R compressors employed in the medium and high-temperature range and used for a threaded nut connection. QR series reciprocating hermetic HVAC&R compressors are applied to a broad range of condensing temperature range of ≤ 65°C. The standard condensing temperature is 45°C. View more now!

QRA Series Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor

The QRA series reciprocating hermetic compressor use the copper connector, Miracle QRA series product can enable to medium temperature, high-temperature working requirements. Like the QR, the QRA series reciprocating hermetic compressor can be fitted with electronic starter box. The QRA series reciprocating hermetic HVAC&R compressors can meet the cooling volume 2HP-7HP. Send your inquiry today!

QRP Series Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor

The QRP series reciprocating hermetic HVAC&R compressor can be applied for a high return pressure parallel compressor. Parallel reciprocating hermetic compressors are more common in commercial applications and the QRP series compressors can easily solve the cooling requirements of small to medium-sized refrigeration plants. The Miracle reciprocating hermetic compressor has won the hearts and minds of many customers thanks to its excellent performance. Contact us now!

Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor With Electronic Box

The Electronic box is an optional accessory, so you can purchase the reciprocating hermetic compressor individually or as a kit. This allows us to offer more flexible solutions when dealing with different markets. Contact us now!

Miracle reciprocating hermetic compressor supplier adheres to the concept of energy-saving, environmental protection, innovation, struggle, determined to create customer satisfaction reciprocating hermetic compressor, to create the world’s trusted brand as its own responsibility.

Through years of efforts, the reciprocating hermetic compressor was praised by overseas and local consumers.

Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor Manufacturer

Miracle reciprocating hermetic compressors have passed RoHS, CCC, TUV, CE certified, and many more. So we can assure you that our reciprocating hermetic HVAC&R compressors can better cover your interests.

Not only those, but Miracle Group can also offer you a long warranty to make your purchase of our reciprocating hermetic compressor even more secure. Contact us now!

Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor Long Warranty

Miracle Group has a huge amount of shipments of refrigeration products to send every year and therefore has long and stable relationships with many quality forwarding companies.

They can provide a better service, guarantee stable sailing schedules, timely deliveries and guarantee the wholesale prices to support our reciprocating hermetic compressor business. Send your inquiry today!

Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor Fast Shiping

Miracle reciprocating hermetic compressors applied to residential air conditioning, commercial cooler, supermarket refrigerators, kitchen refrigeration, and other small to medium-sized refrigeration applications. For more information, contact us now!

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