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  • Cold Room Door CQC Certification
    CQC Certification
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    ISO9001 Certification
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    ISO14001 Certification
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    OHSAS18001 Certification

Miracle Cold Room Door

Hinged Cold Room Door
Miracle hinged cold room door panel is directly made of polyurethane foam molding, which has good thermal insulation performance. There is no cold bridge between the cold storage and the cold room door, so the cold loss is small, and the service life is longer. Contact us to know more about the cold room doors right now!
Fully Buried Hinged Cold Room Doors
Miracle hinged cold room door is divided into the full-buried door and the half-buried door. The advantage of a full-buried door is obvious, that is, the overall appearance of the cold room is better and it saves more space. Send your inquiry of the fully buried hinged cold room door now!
New Hinged Cold Room Doors
The new hinged cold room door adopts a new type of door lock and a more durable hinge. The steel plate material and color of the new hinged cold room door can be selected according to needs. Message us with your needs immediately!
Double Open Hinged Cold Room Doors
A double open hinged cold room door is used for a medium-sized cold room. The thickness, width, and accessories of the cold room door can be adjusted according to your cold room project. Miracle cold storage door design team can meet all your requirements, just contact us to design your cold room doors at any time!
Sliding Cold Room Door
Sliding hinged cold room doors are available in manual opening and automatic opening twp types. The mature production process of Miracle cold room manufacturer guarantees the stability of the quality of sliding hinged cold room doors, contact us now to get the quote for sliding cold room doors!
The fully automatic high-speed cold room door can sense the approach of people or vehicles in advance and can be opened or closed quickly, greatly improving your productivity and meeting the needs of high-efficiency industrial production, contact us to get your design of high-speed cold room door now!

Miracle Cold Room Door to Help Your Business

Advanced production equipment, mature production processes, and reliable polyurethane foam technology guarantee the high quality of Miracle cold room doors.

Miracle refrigeration has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying cold room doors worldwide, giving Miracle cold room doors an even stronger competitive edge. Contact us to send your bulk order of cold room doors now!

Miracle cold room doors are available in a wide range of colors to fully meet your sourcing needs and enhance the competitiveness of your business.

Except for the popular white color, we can also supply the blue, green, red color, etc, Just send us your inquiry with full specifications now!

As a reliable cold room door manufacturer in China, we can also provide you with complete cold room door solutions, including cold room door and other cold room door accessories, for example, cold room door hinge, cold room door handles, cold room plastic door strips, cold room door gasket, cold room door air curtain and so on. Send us your inquiry about cold room accessories now!

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    What Our Clients Say About Cold Room Door

    Peter Jong: Miracle cold room door is well worth choosing, various type to choose, and the quality is very trusted, no mention their price are cost-effective, especially for bulk orders.

    Anthony: I have to say, Miracle team is really great. They consider everything in detail and arrange them very well, even remind me more that I can’t notice. I feel work becomes easier and safer after working with them. Plus, their cold room door quality is good enough.

    Cold Room Door Cold Bridge Breaking Technology
    Cold Bridge Breaking Technology
    Miracle factory upholds the ingenious design concept, sophisticated production technology, and mature technologies.
    Cold Room Door Design
    Anti-pinch Design
    Humanized design can minimize the accident rate.
    Cold Room Door Escape Function
    Escape Function
    Miracle cold room door adheres to the human-oriented design concept. Our cold room door has multiple escape functions, which is safe and reliable.
    Cold Room Door Safety and Environmental Protection
    Safety and Environmental Protection
    Miracle cold room door manufacturer uses food-grade environmentally friendly materials, no pollution to the environment, you can rest assured that it is used in the food industry.

    Cold Room Door Specification And Features

    Types of Cold Room Door

    There are many styles of cold room doors involved in the manufacturing process because the material currently selected is mainly polyurethane heat insulation board.

    This kind of polyurethane heat insulation board not only has good strength but also has excellent overall heat insulation performance.

    There are many kinds of cold room doors in the market at present, and the selection needs to be considered according to the comprehensive situation.

    At present, our more common types of cold room doors are: fully buried cold room doors, semi-buried cold room doors, manual sliding cold room doors, electric sliding cold room doors, anti-collision cold room doors, etc.

    This rich variety of cold storage doors can be widely used in food coolers, walk-in cold rooms, mini coolers, etc.

    When choosing a cold room door, in addition to understanding its thermal insulation properties, you also need to understand the functions of the cold room during use.

    After all, there are many types of cold room doors involved, some of which need to be customized, and some It is a standard product, as long as it meets your own needs, you can choose to use it normally.

    Half-buried Cold Room Door

    Half-buried Cold Room Door

    For your and your customers with insufficient space in the cold storage, the space occupied by the cold room door can be saved by the half-buried cold room door;

    It is suitable for small and medium-low temperature storage, medium and high-temperature storage.

    The semi-buried cold room door can be made of single or double opening type.

    The door lock is directly connected with the inner and outer handles, which reduces the failure rate, and the safe escape function of the inner push handle is easy to operate.

    Compared with normal use, no other actions are required, and the safety is higher.

    The semi-buried cold room door is a common type of small cold storage.

    You can choose the type with or without frame according to the actual installation position of the cold storage.

    This type of cold room door is not only economical and affordable but also easy to install.

    The temperature range of half-buried cold room doors: -45℃ to +50℃, widely used in food, industry, supermarket, storage, pharmaceutical, and other fields.

    Sliding Cold Room Door

    Miracle Sliding Cold Room Door

    There are two types of sliding cold room doors: electric cold room doors and manual cold room doors, and these two types are divided into single-opening and double-opening types.

    The sliding cold room door is mainly equipped with the aluminum door frame, aluminum alloy slide, stainless steel cold room door handle, stainless steel cold room door lock ring, aluminum alloy U-shaped slide.

    And the installation of a cold room door is simple, the door opening and closing are light and dexterous, and very cost-effective.

    Manual sliding cold room doors have a wide range of applications.

    They are generally used in civil cold storage and combined cold storage where the temperature of the cold storage warehouse is not less than minus 40 degrees.

    It is generally used in small cold rooms such as ordinary cold storage rooms and freezers.

    The manual sliding cold room door can play good heat insulation and sealing effect for the cold storage where the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cold storage is greater than 50 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is greater than 80%.

    The electric sliding cold room door is also a kind of sliding door.

    It can recognize the movement of people approaching the door (or some kind of entry authorization) as the control unit of the door opening signal, open the door through the drive system, and then automatically close the door after leaving, through the opening and closing process to realize the control system of the cold room door.

    Anti-collision Cold Room Door

    Anti-collision Cold Room Door

    Anti-collision cold room doors, also known as steel-free cold room doors, are widely used in food, automobiles, chemicals, electronics, storage, textiles, printing and dyeing, pharmaceuticals, cold storage, logistics, medicine, supermarkets, and other production and business places.

    The anti-collision-free cold room door is made of special steel hinges, two-way horizontal push, the door panel can be added with a transparent window, and has the function of two-way free passage.

    The door panel door edge material is made of high-quality stainless steel material, which is processed by folding at different angles, making it stronger and more durable.

    The anti-collision-free cold room door is suitable for workshop door openings with many trolleys, so as not to push it open by hand every time when you enter and exit.

    An anti-collision board is used under the cold room door, and the door can be knocked open directly with a push-pull cart in the hand, and the door freely bounces back to its original shape when a person leaves.

    The cold room door is light and easy to open, and the operation is stable.

    Polycarbonate panel windows, high-density insulation, and sound insulation materials are filled in the middle of the door panels.

    Atmosphere Control Cold Room Door

    Atmosphere Control Cold Room Door

    The air-conditioning cold room door is insulated with existing hard polyurethane, outsourcing stainless steel plate/plastic coated color steel plate/galvanized plate, etc.

    The inner side of the door leaf is equipped with a special high-quality inflatable sealing rubber strip.

    The cold room door track adopts a straight-going form. When the door is closed and put into use, the mechanical coupling parts are operated to fasten the door frame, and then the air is inflated into the sealing strip between the door leaf and the cold room door frame.

    When the airtight pressure is met, the air is stopped.

    When the cold room door leaf is opened, the air should be vented first.

    When the door leaf and the door frame have no pressure, operate the mechanical coupling to separate from the door frame, and move the door leaf to open the door.

    Air-tightness is one of the most important characteristics that distinguish air-conditioned cold rooms from general cold storage rooms, and general cold room doors cannot meet the air-tightness requirements.

    In the airtightness test of the air-conditioning warehouse, it was found that the air-conditioning cold room door was the weak point of the whole warehouse.

    The air-conditioning cold storage door and the storage body should be sealed tightly.

    The general methods are: install rubber gaskets around the cold room door and the cold room door frame and some can use inflatable gaskets; after closing the cold room door, use mud or tape around the door frame; seal the lower part of the door frame with water, etc.

    Minimize the gas exchange inside and outside the warehouse as much as possible.

    Only in this way the gas composition in the cold room can be artificially adjusted to reduce or avoid the interference of external air on the gas composition in the cold storage room.

    Tips for Cold Room Doors

    Tips for Cold Room Doors

    Precautions for Cold Room Doors Selection

    As one of the cold storage equipment, the cold room door only accounts for less than 10% of the total system cost.

    After the entire system is put into use, it has almost become the “front” of the entire system. Every day in and out of the system needs to go through the opening, closing, and locking of this cold room door, and the frequency can even reach 1000 times per day.

    If there is a problem with the cold room door during this period, small ones will cause running cold dripping, which will affect the production schedule, and large ones will affect the corporate image and even cause safety accidents.

    Therefore, it is necessary for us to pay enough attention to cold room doors.

    When we select and design the cold room door, firstly, according to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the warehouse, the cold room door with a thickness of 120~150mm is generally selected when the temperature exceeds -60℃.

    If the thickness exceeds this thickness, there is no practical significance because.

    The conduction and heat dissipation of the sealing strip is the main factor of the cooling loss.

    Miracle recommends adding a second sealing strip, which can seal the cold storage well and reduce the cooling loss.

    The material of the cold room door panel mainly includes sprayed color steel plate, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ABS, PE, aluminum plate, etc.

    The choice of cold room panel material is mainly based on the environment in which it is used.

    Ordinary environment spraying color steel plate (the quality of color steel plate must pass the customs) can meet most of the application requirements.

    Stainless steel and other materials are mainly used in food factories, seafood, or other corrosive environments.

    Such as ABS, PE, FRP are emerging in recent years, which have the advantages of corrosion resistance, anti-collision, and lightweight.

    The cold room door frame is a key factor in the insulation of the cold storage door, and its quality directly affects the insulation effect of the cold room door.

    Miracle’s standard method is the all-inclusive method of PVC profiles (other materials can be outsourced), which enhances the heat preservation on the one hand, and also strengthens the load-bearing capacity of the cold room door frame and guide rail on the other hand.

    In a low-temperature environment, the thickness of the side cold room door frame insulation should exceed 100mm.

    The door frame should be made of poor thermal conductivity conductors, such as PVC, FRP, and other materials.

    When selecting and designing the cold room door, we should consider the opening direction of the cold room door, the size of the net door opening, the style of the threshold, etc.

    And leave enough insulation thickness according to the net door opening size, so as to further calculate the reserved door opening of the civil cold storage, and prepare the embedded cold room door parts according to certain dimensions.

    The best way is to let Miracle participate in the design of the cold room door, which can avoid many cross-cutting problems and hidden dangers in the later period.

    Safety performance is always our top priority in the production of cold room doors.

    According to EU standards, the cold room door must have a qualified escape function.

    That is after the cold room door is locked, people can easily open the lock inside of the cold room door to escape and cannot require additional tools or cause any other problems such as leakage of cold.

    For the electric cold room door, at least two safety protection methods should be equipped.

    In short, when we choose cold room doors and surrounding facilities, we should focus on the following factors:

    The temperature difference determines the thickness of the cold room door;

    The largest equipment in and out determines the size of the net door opening (generally, each side should exceed the maximum equipment size by 150~400mm);

    The necessary strength support determines the form of the cold room door frame;

    The environment determines the material of the cold room door;

    The standardization of workers’ operations determines the necessary anti-collision measures and the necessary safety escape functions. Try to consider the anti-pinch and anti-collision functions;

    Others need to be considered in accordance with the requirements of use, such as cold room door curtain, recirculation room, interlock, quick switch, etc.

    Cold Room Door Installation

    In the cold storage design and installation process, the choice of cold room doors should be selected according to the enter and exit method of the goods.

    Cold room doors are generally divided into single-opening /double-opening hand-operated cold room doors, single-opening /double-opening sliding cold room doors, rolling shutters cold room doors, etc.

    Installation methods of different types of cold room doors

    The installation of the integrated cold room door frame panel of the assembled combined cold storage is the same as the installation of the wall panels of other combined cold storage, which are connected with the top, bottom, and wall panels by hooks and pin boxes.

    After the assembly of the cold storage, the body is completed, the door frame area of the cold room body shall be cleaned up;

    Push the upper frame plate of the cold room door into the mounting location from down to up, and fix the hook on the upper end with the top plate pin box;

    Installation of heating wire and door frame wrapping strip:

    The heating wire of the movable cold room door is arranged around 25mm outside the opening and is glued to the door frame by aluminum foil tape.

    The door jamb parcel strip is riveted on the door jamb and overlays the keeping warm wire.

    The sealing strip is a low-temperature, oil-resistant, high-elastic rubber sealing strip.

    A cold room door curtain is generally installed directly above the cold room door, which can produce rapid downward airflow, prevent the outflow of cold air, save electricity, and the continuously formed air door can prevent cold air from outsourcing, save electricity, and can also circulate and isolate air, dust, smoke, and odor.

    It can also prevent microorganisms such as insects from entering the cold storage room.

    The installation of the sliding door of the combined cold storage is fixed through the wall with two M10 double-headed studs and ball nuts. Use 6 rivets to fix the guide rail on the wall panel or partition wall of the cold room body.

    Installation of the revolving door of the combined cold storage.

    Effective maintenance of the refrigerated door to ensure trouble-free opening and closing of the cold room door, the soft door curtain regularly checks the function of the sealing strip and the heating wire and handles ice, frost, and water at any time maintains the tightness of the refrigerated door and prevents transportation vehicles from colliding with the cold room door.

    An air curtain is set on the outside of the combined cold room door to ensure accurate installation, normal operation, and anti-static floor.

    Cold Room Door Gallery

    The selection and installation of cold storage doors also require professional knowledge as well as extensive experience.

    Miracle can provide you with a full range of installation videos to help you better complete your project.

    Not only that, but we can also provide you with a total solution for your cold storage, including cold storage refrigeration units, cold room compressor, monoblock refrigeration units, cold storage evaporators and condensers, cooling fan, HVAC tools, etc. For more details, please contact us now.

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