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Copeland Condensing Unit

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Miracle supply various types of Copeland condensing units to meet your different market’s demands;

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Such as Copeland air-cooled condensing unit, Copeland water-cooled condensing unit, Copeland scroll ac unit, Copeland outdoor condensing unit, Copeland compressor, etc.

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Copeland Condensing Unit MIC Series S Type

Miracle manufacturer standard Copeland box type condensing unit for your requirements of the outdoor unit of air conditioning and other cooling application for different temperature requirements. Except for the Copeland outdoor condensing unit, Miracle also can do different types of Copeland scroll ac units. Contact Miracle now!

Copeland Condensing Unit MIC Series T Type

MIC series Copeland condensing unit adopts Copeland brand scroll compressor and Copeland condensing unit parts. This type of Copeland scroll ac unit is a top-blowing appearance. Can be used for a walk-in cooler, commercial refrigeration, etc. To meet your requirements for small and medium-sized cooling capacity.

Copeland Condensing Unit MICN Series S Type

MICN series is the new series with Copeland scroll ac unit, Copeland Scroll compressors with different temperature and wide range of applications are more competitive in the market. S type Copeland Condensing Unit is the side blowing appearance, a popular use for the 1-6HP power unit. For more product detail, please contact us now!

Copeland Condensing Unit MICN Series T Type

The MICN series Copeland scroll ac compressor units are available for commercial refrigeration as well as central air conditioning systems. We can offer a full range of Copeland scroll compressors and semi-hermetic compressors for this unit. The high reliability of Copeland condensing units will create trust in your customers. The novel appearance will make your customers look good. Contact us now.

Copeland Condensing Unit

The open type Copeland condensing unit uses Copeland scroll compressor ZB series, ZSI series, and ZSI series from 2HP to 15HP. The temperature range of the ZB series Copeland scroll condensing unit is around +10~-15℃, for ZSI series Copeland scroll condensing unit is around -30℃~0℃, for ZFI series Copeland scroll condensing unit is around -40℃~0℃. Send your inquiry now.

Copeland Scroll Water Cooled Condensing Unit

There are many types of water-cooled units, which can be divided into Bitzer water-cooled units, Copeland water-cooled condensing units, Frascold water-cooled units, Maneurop water-cooled units according to the compressor brand. Contact us now.

What Can We Do for You?

What can we do for you? Is it just a low price? The answer is No.

Many types of compressors are available, such as Copeland, Danfoss, Sanyo, GMCC, etc.

We can provide you with efficient communication, a flexible Copeland screw selection solution, and highly efficient delivery methods.

A wide range of customization, including all unit accessories, allows you to win the favor of customers in business competition.

We never sell fakes compressors. You can purchase with confidence to make your business simple.

Copeland condensing units use original genuine Copeland compressors.

You can check out the Copeland compressor page for more details.

Copeland Compressor

Miracle has our own 20 years’ experience in R&D, Design, and Manufacturing the suitable specifications evaporator coil and condenser coil for your Copeland condensing unit cooling project.

There are more molds for your choice, different fin spaces, smooth or inner thread copper pipe, different aluminum fins are all available, Contact us for your design project!

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Copeland Condensing Unit Coil

No matter you are the refrigeration project dealer, or you are doing the distributor business of Copeland condensing unit and refrigeration parts, you can find everything you want in Miracle, such as an axial fan, refrigeration valve, HVAC parts, etc.

Furthermore, Miracle brings you a new connection method: no welding connection to make your work easier and safer, the most important thing is to improve your working efficiency.

Copeland condensing unit is our common and standard scroll ac unit, and it got a good reputation in the overseas market and domestic market because of its good quality and thoughtful service.

Miracle Copeland compressor unit factories are located in central and coastal areas of China. We have rich cultural activities and delicious food here. We look forward to your arrival.

Check more details of the Copeland condensing unit here, for more info, please contact us directly!

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  • Copeland Condensing Unit Pipe Connection Ring

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What is a Copeland Condensing Unit Used for?

Copeland air-cooled condensing units and Copeland water-cooled condensing units are widely used in various scenarios.

Such as HVAC systems, refrigeration systems, air conditioner systems, walk-in cooler systems, etc.

Now let us introduce how Copeland condensing units are used in different systems

Copeland Condensing Unit Used for Walk-in Cooler

Copeland Condensing Unit Used for Walk-in Cooler

With the improvement of our life, freshness and frozen foods appear on the dining tables of every family.

This is because Copeland compressor packages provide a steady flow of power.

For the experience of our customers, the Copeland condensing unit is commonly used for

Copeland Condensing Unit Used for Air Conditioner System

Copeland Condensing Unit Used for Air Conditioner System

The requirements for Copeland units are different for different applications.

When a Copeland compressor unit is used in an air conditioning system, it seeks to be silent.

The main source of noise when the unit is operating is the compressor.

Emmerson compressors are a good solution to a problem.

And it has achieved satisfactory results in the field of medium and high-temperature compressors.

As a result, Miracle Copeland compressor air-cooled condensing units can meet the needs of both multi buildings cooling and single building cooling.

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Copeland Condensing Unit Used for Refrigeration System

Copeland Condensing Unit Used for Refrigeration System

Recently years, with the growing growth of the cold chain industry, the major E-commerce companies are making every effort to deploy new retail, allowing freshness and frozen foods to appear on a larger scale.

Meanwhile, the market for the fresh and frozen food industry is gradually expanding.

This has led to an increase in the global demand for refrigeration compressor units.

Therefore, Copeland compressor units are not only used for cold storage projects, but also for refrigeration equipment in commercial buildings.

Copeland Condensing Unit Installation

After you got the Copeland air-cooled condensing unit, to achieve a good cooling function for it, choosing a good team to finish the installation is a very important process.

In the traditional way, you will find a team to install it with the welding method.

But you may have the experience that an unprofessional team will cause many problems in the future.

Such as leaking, energy, and power-consuming, short of the Copeland condensing unit work life, and other small problems.

And you may face the following two main concerns:

1. welding will cause high temperatures and fire, which is very dangerous for people’s life.

2. It is expensive for workers labor workers and it takes a long time for the whole installation work.

Here Miracle provides you with a new connection method to solve all of your concerns above.

The new connection method, we call it a solder-free connection or braze-free connection.

Because there is no need to use fire, it also can be called no fire connection.

As you know from the name, we don’t need a weld.

It uses crimping with a special lokring tool, and through the interference fit between the metal pipes to ensure its tightness and good sealing.

This technology was used for the aerospace field in the 1960s, which is very reliable.

You can check the following video to see how we use it.

Its advantages are no fire, no high temperature, very easy to operate, and very high efficiency, with this you can greatly save the cost for installation.

For further info, please contact our team and get a professional guide.

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Copeland Condensing Unit Components

Copeland Condensing Unit Components

And for all the refrigeration fitting of the Copeland air-cooled and water-cooled condensing unit.

You can choose the brands you trust or follow our suggestions.

We will provide reliable parts with our 20 years’ experience in choosing good quality parts.

At the same time, you can also buy refrigeration parts separately.

No matter you want to change any parts for your Copeland condensing unit, or you want to assemble the Copeland condensing unit by yourself.

Except for the refrigeration parts for Copeland condensing unit.

We also supply the refrigeration tools that you will use during your installation work.

Such as pipe cutter, pipe bender, air conditioner tool, HVAC tool, pipe reamer, manifolds gauges, HVAC vacuum pump, HVAC flaring tool, lokring tool, and lokring fittings for solder-free connection, etc.

Miracle will try our best to make your business simple, everything you want, we provide you a good choice.

Principle and Structure of Copeland Scroll Compressor

Principle and Structure of Copeland Scroll Compressor

The Copeland scroll compressor is mainly composed of a moving disk (vortex revolver), static disk (vortex stator), bracket, Oldham coupling ring, back pressure cavity, and eccentric shaft;

The principle of the Copeland unit scroll compressor is that the scroll line of the moving plate and the static plate are the same.

But there is a phase difference of 180° to mesh, thereby forming a series of enclosed spaces;

When the static plate is not moving, the moving plate revolves around the fixed plate with the eccentricity as the radius.

During the revolving process of the moving plate, it meshes successively to continuously compress the crescent-shaped area.

So as to achieve the purpose of continuously compressing the gas, and then it is discharged from the center of the static plate;

Why You Choose Copeland Condensing Unit?

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of Copeland scroll compressors and you will know why Copeland condensing unit is so popular all over the world.

What are the Advantages of Copeland Scroll Compressors?

What are the Advantages of Copeland Scroll Compressors

The eccentric shaft that drives the moving plate can rotate at a high speed, and the Copeland unit scroll compressor is small in size and light in weight;

The force change of moving parts such as the moving plate and the main shaft is small.

So the whole machine runs relatively smoothly, and there is almost no vibration;

The Copeland unit scroll compressor has strong adaptability in variable speed movement and frequency conversion speed regulation technology;

The Copeland unit scroll compressor has very little noise when it is running;

The tightness of the Copeland scroll compressor is very good, and its refrigeration coefficient will increase slightly with the increase of operating time;

The Copeland scroll compressor works very well within the proper working conditions, especially in the heating working conditions of the heat pump air conditioning system;

The Copeland scroll compressor has no clearance volume, so it can maintain high volume efficiency operation;

The Copeland unit scroll compressor has few operating parts and no reciprocating operating structure.

So its reliability is very high, its life is very long and it is easy to realize automation;

What are the Disadvantages of Copeland Scroll Compressors?

What are the Disadvantages of Copeland Scroll Compressors

The manufacturing cost of the Copeland condensing unit scroll compressor is relatively high because most of its running parts are curved surfaces.

And the processing and inspection of such curved surfaces are more complicated.

And the accuracy requirements for processing equipment and self-aligning assembly technology are relatively high.

In order to achieve a good seal, the Copeland scroll compressor must maintain a certain movement gap.

Because of this, its compression ratio is low, so the cooling capacity is relatively low.

What Types of Copeland Compressor Unit Miracle Can Provide

What Types of Copeland Compressor Unit Miracle Can Provide

The Copeland condensing unit we can supply is:

  • Open type Copeland condensing unit.
  • Box type Copeland condensing unit.
  • Copeland air-cooled condensing unit.
  • Copeland water-cooled condensing unit.
  • Copeland scroll AC unit.
  • Copeland outdoor condensing unit

If you need, we can also provide other types of Copeland scroll compressor units.

In addition, if you want to choose the Danfoss compressor, no problem.

We supply MLM, MLZ series Danfoss condensing units to meet your requirements.

Actually, except Copeland and Danfoss compressor.

There are many brands of scroll compressors for scroll condensing units.

Just contact us with your specific requirements, we will customize them for you.

Which Accessories You Can Customize?

Which Accessories You Can Customize

A Copeland condensing unit is used in the walk-in cooler system and air conditioning system with a Copeland scroll compressor.

Copeland condensing unit has box type and open type for different application

There are also have an air-cooled type and water-cooled type Copeland condensing units for your choice.

Miracle provides an R22 condensing unit and R404a condensing unit with high reliability, high efficiency, and low noise to you.

And you can choose all the spare parts of the Copeland condensing unit.

Such as the air-cooled condenser, refrigeration parts for well-known brands, or the reliable brands we recommend.

Copeland Condensing Unit Selection Parameters

Normally we provide the Copeland condensing unit for 2HP to 6HP with side blowing type and Copeland condensing unit for 7HP to 15HP with top blowing type.

R22 and R404a Copeland condensing units are all available.

For high and medium temperatures, choose the ZB series Copeland condensing unit.

For medium temperature and low temperature, choose the ZSI series Copeland condensing unit.

For low temperature, choose the ZFI series Copeland condensing unit.

Here we just show the specifications for the ZB series Copeland condensing unit.

If you want ZSI and ZFI series Copeland condensing unit, please contact us for details.

R22 ZB Series Note:

⦁ Copeland ZB series condensing unit is open type air-cooled, high and medium temperature compressor units.

⦁ Use Copeland compressor ZB series from 2HP to 15HP, including ZB15KQ, ZB21KQ, ZB29KQ, ZB38KQ, ZB45KQ, ZB58KQ, ZB76KQ, ZB88KQ, for R22 refrigerant.

R404 ZB Series Note:

⦁ Copeland ZB series condensing unit is open type air-cooled, high and medium temperature compressor units.

⦁ Use Copeland compressor ZB series from 2HP to 15HP, including ZB15KQE, ZB21KQE, ZB29KQE, ZB38KQE, ZB45KQE, ZB58KQE, ZB76KQE, ZB88KQE for R404 refrigerant.

What Should You Do Before You First Start the Copeland Condensing Unit?

What Should You Do Before You First Start the Copeland Condensing Unit

Compressor inspection:

For open-type compressors, check whether there are obstacles in the transmission running parts and whether the protection device is in good condition.

Check whether the berth is normal for the compressor equipped with oil sight glass.

For freon refrigeration compressors equipped with oil heaters.

They should be energized and heated before starting to make the freon dissolved in the oil volatilize and the oil pump can work normally.

The heating time is subject to the regulations in the product manual.

The pressure gauge valve should be opened and observe whether the pressure is normal.

If the oil system is equipped with an oil three-way valve, make sure that the handle of the oil three-way valve is in the working position.

The compressor with an energy regulating device or unloading device should be set at the minimum load or no-load position.

The shaft seal should be checked for the open type.

If there is a valve in the return pipe of the mechanical shaft seal, the valve should be opened, and the gland of the packing shaft seal should be loosened slightly.

Check whether the opening and closing conditions of the manual valves on the refrigeration system pipeline are correct.

Check whether the safety valves, pressure gauges, liquid level indicators, and other front shut-off valves and pressure-equalizing valves on each device are open.

However, the filling valve, oil collector, and air discharge valve should be closed.

Check whether the refrigerant liquid level in the liquid receiver and other equipment is within the required range.

Check whether there are obstacles in the running parts of the water pump and fan and whether the motor and various equipment are normal.

For water-cooled condensers, open the condenser inlet and outlet valves.

The horizontal shell and tube condenser closes the drain valve and opens the breather valve.

Start the water pump, connect the power to the condenser and compressor water jacket, and crankcase the oil cooler.

Turn on the power and prepare to start.

Copeland Condensing Unit Digital Scroll Compressor

Copeland Condensing Unit Digital Scroll Compressor

The compressor in the refrigeration system is the core component of the entire refrigeration system.

And the performance of the compressor directly affects the effect of the refrigeration unit.

So we should discuss the compressor characteristics of the unit.

What is Copeland digital scroll compressor condensing unit?

How does a Copeland digital scrollwork?

Why does the Copeland AC condensing unit need a digital scroll compressor?

Everything you want to know about the Copeland scroll AC unit and Copeland scroll compressor is here.

Why is the Copeland Scroll AC Unit Compressor Called “Digital Scroll”?

The Copeland scroll ac unit compressor is alternately in two states, load state and unloads state.

In the load state, the compressor outputs at full capacity (1).

And in the unloaded state, the compressor has no output (0).

Because it changes between 1 and 0 in the set period, it is called a digital AC scroll.

How Much Energy Can the Copeland Digital Compressor Save?

For the modulation system, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the standard measure of energy saving in operating the system throughout the year.

Compared with the seasonal energy efficiency ratio of the standard Copeland condensing unit scroll system, the Copeland condensing unit digital scroll system has increased by 20%.

Different system designs have slightly different actual energy savings figures, but conservatively speaking, the energy savings will exceed 20% compared to fixed-speed systems.

How Can the Copeland Digital Compressor Save Energy?

There are two factors for saving energy under partial load.

When operating under partial load, the Copeland scroll ac unit compressor runs for a period of time in an unloaded state.

The duration of the unloading state depends on the percentage of deflection.

The percentage of low deflection makes the unloading run longer.

In the unloaded state, the load on the scroll is very low (because there is no refrigerant suction), so little energy is consumed.

The test proves that the power consumption during unloading is only 10% of the full load power.

Low unloading power consumption saves energy in the part-load phase.

The second factor that contributes to operation under partial load is the wide operating range of the Copeland scroll ac unit compressor.

The capacity adjustment range of the Digital Scroll is 10-100%.

Therefore, even at a very low capacity (10%, 20%, 30%, etc.), the Copeland condensing unit compressor still does not require any hot gas bypass or on/off control.

The bypass will reduce the COP of the system, and because the Copeland condensing unit digital scroll does not require any bypass, it can save more energy.

Why is the Copeland Digital Compressor Easy to Return Oil?

Why is the Copeland condensing unit digital scroll compressor easy to return oil

Copeland scroll ac unit compressors do not use oil to seal the sides of the scroll.

So the basic oil circulation rate is very low compared to other manufacturers’ products.

Copeland scroll ac unit compressors are prone to return oil for two reasons;

One is that the oil only leaves the compressor under load.

In the unloaded state, because the refrigerant has no mass velocity, the oil does not leave the compressor.

Therefore, in the low load process, when the unloading time is long, only a small amount of oil leaves the compressor.

The second factor is that when the oil leaves the compressor under load, the gas velocity is sufficient to return the oil to the compressor.

What is the Variable Capacity Principle of the Copeland Digital Compressor?

The Copeland scroll ac unit operates in two states-load states and unloaded states.

The Copeland scroll ac compressor unit is equipped with an external solenoid valve.

When the solenoid valve receives a 220V signal, the top vortex moves up about 1 mm.

The movement of the top scroll creates a gap between the two scrolls, and there is no axial seal between the scrolls.

In this way, even if the motor is running, the compressor still cannot compress the refrigerant.

The capacity in the loaded state is 100%, and the capacity in the unloaded state is 0%.

The average output capacity of the compressor is the time average of the load state and the unloaded state.

For example: when the cycle time is 20 seconds if the Copeland condensing unit digital scroll is loaded and unloaded for 10 seconds each, the time average capacity is 50%.

What is the Starting Current of the Copeland Digital Compressor?

The starting current of the Copeland condensing unit digital scroll is the same as that of the standard scroll.

This is because the starting current is a function of the locked rotor current, which is the same for all scroll compressors.

In addition, the Copeland condensing unit Digital Scroll can be started in an unloaded state to ensure low current consumption.

Are There Electromagnetic Interference Problems?

The loading and unloading of the Copeland condensing unit digital scroll is a mechanical operation and does not generate any frequency that may affect other electronic equipment.

Therefore, the digital system does not require expensive electromagnetic suppression electronic devices, which also increases its reliability and simplicity.

How Long Time Does the Solenoid Valve and Compressor Use?

The external type solenoid valve that is used in the Copeland condensing unit Digital Scroll is a specially designed long-life valve and cannot be replaced by a standard solenoid valve.

The service life of this valve is 40 million cycles equivalent to 15 years of continuous operation.

All components in the Copeland condensing unit Digital Scroll can withstand long-term continuous load and unload operation.

What are the Advantages of the Copeland Digital Compressor?

Copeland Condensing Unit Digital Scroll Compressor VS Copeland Condensing Unit Scroll Compressor

There are many advantages to Copeland condensing unit digital scroll compressor:

A. The Copeland condensing unit digital scroll compressor system has the widest variable capacity range, reaching 10-100%.

The variable capacity range of the frequency converter system is often indicated by the frequency range of the compressor, which is generally 40-120 Hz.

After being transformed into the system, the variable capacity range is only 50-100%.

B. The Copeland condensing unit digital scroll compressor’s electronic device is very simple, so it is easier for the manufacturer to manufacture the Digital Scroll system.

C. The Copeland condensing unit digital scroll compressor has no electromagnetic interference problems.

D. Because the Copeland condensing unit Digital Scroll compressor has a wider range and stepless variable capacity output, the system has more precise room temperature control.

E. Because the overall system structure of the Copeland condensing unit Digital Scroll compressor is much simpler, the system’s reliability is improved.

F. The manufacturer only needs two digital control boards to develop a complete model series, one for a single compressor system and the other for a parallel/triple system.

What is the Current Change During the Loading and Unloading Stages?

In the loading and unloading state, the Copeland condensing unit digital scroll compressor rotates at a constant speed.

Since the motor is always running, no starting current is required to change from the unloaded state to the loaded state.

In the loading and unloading state, the current fluctuation is low and does not affect any other electrical equipment.

What Types of Copeland Digital Compressor Unit Refrigerants?

All Copeland condensing unit Digital Scroll compressor models can use R22 and R407C refrigerants.

In the next few years, new models using R410A will be introduced.

The Copeland condensing unit digital scroll compressor is also used in refrigeration devices using R404A.

What About the Copeland Digital Compressor Unit Cycle Time?

Cycle time is an integral part of the Copeland condensing unit Digital Scroll compressor operation.

The cycle time includes 220 volt (V) and 0-volt signals sent to the external solenoid valve.

The 220V solenoid valve signal triggers the unloading state, and the 0V signal triggers the load state.

The cycle time between the load state and the unloaded state is the average capacity.

Copeland condensing unit recommends a maximum cycle time of 30 seconds.

When the cycle time exceeds 30 seconds, it will affect the cooling of the motor and the service life of the compressor.

Is There Any Obvious Noise Between Load and Unload?

There is a clear sound difference between the loaded and unloaded states.

As far as the average sound pressure is concerned, compared with the unloaded state, the sound pressure of the loaded state is 2 dbA higher.

The sound quality of the two states is different.

If the sound becomes a problem, installing a sound jacket on the compressor is very effective.

In addition, the compressor can be installed in a soundproof room.

What is the Average Energy Efficiency Ratio of the Digital Compressor?

The energy efficiency ratio largely depends on the system structure, and there is no single energy efficiency ratio for low-load operation.

To evaluate the compressor performance in your system, please contact a Miracle engineer.

Why Does the Compressor Have No Discharge Temperature Protection?

The fixed-speed compressor adopts an internal temperature protection-hot plate.

This is a bimetallic device that opens when the vortex temperature exceeds 143°C.

Due to space limitations in the Digital Scroll compressor, there is no internal hot plate.

Instead of a hot plate is an exhaust thermistor that measures the hot gas’s temperature.

Why Installed Check Valve on the Digital Scroll Compressor?

An exhaust valve is installed near the exhaust pipe of the standard Copeland condensing unit Scroll compressor and this valve helps to minimize downtime.

In the Copeland condensing unit Digital Scroll compressor, there is no such exhaust valve.

To avoid that any hot gas entering into the digital scroll compressor from the bypass through the exhaust port during tandem operation, an external check valve is required.

Is a Check Valve Required in the Exhaust Pipe?

For standard single-digital scroll compressors with a capacity below 6HP, no external check valve is required.

However, in a parallel configuration, Miracle recommends installing a check valve in the exhaust line.

Why No Liquid Injection for Compressor?

During a low load operation, the time that the Copeland condensing unit Digital Scroll compressor is in the unloaded state is extended.

The power consumption in the unloaded state is very low, only 10% of the full load power.

This low power consumption does not cause the compressor to generate heat, so there is no need to inject coolant.

Copeland Multi-Compressor Condensing Unit

Copeland Multi-Compressor Condensing Unit

Except for the open-type Copeland condensing unit and Box-type Copeland condensing unit, Miracle also supplies Copeland parallel condensing unit to meet your requirements. For details, please contact us.

Installation of Copeland Parallel Compressor Condensing Unit

Advantages of using Copeland Parallel Condensing Unit :

1. The capacity can be effectively controlled, and it can be adjusted by starting/stopping the Copeland condensing unit in the group.

2. Improve the reliability and reduce the number of times stopping and opening the Copeland scroll compressor parallel condensing unit compared with a single Copeland condensing unit.

3. The starting load is reduced, and the starting time of each compressor can be separated by the time delay method.

4. Spare function, if one of the compressors is damaged, there is still some capacity for other Copeland condensing units.

Copeland Condensing Unit Use Skills

System matching parameter requirements, basic performance requirements are the same as the single compressor unit system.

In the Copeland condensing unit parallel system, you should pay more attention to the oil return reliability of the system, and the multi-line system.

Oil balance between compressors:

During the oil return process.

There should be no bias flow that causes the lubricating oil to accumulate in one or several compressors while other compressors are short of oil.

A filter screen should be installed at the oil return port.

Temperature and pressure protection switches should be set.

Maintaining the oil level is the most important issue.

Copeland Compressor Unit Oil Analysis

In the Copeland condensing unit parallel scroll system.

Due to the difference between the compressor’s oil volume and the system’s oil return volume.

The long-term operation will cause the compressor’s oil level to change (one oil level decreases and the other oil level rises).

you can see the figure in the following:

When connecting Copeland condensing unit compressors A and B of the same model.

If the oil volume of compressor A is large and the oil return volume in the system should be small.

The oil level of A will continue to drop, and finally.

The Copeland condensing unit compressor will be almost no oil, resulting in poor lubrication and causing bearings to burn.

The oil volume of compressor B is small, and when the oil return volume of the system is large.

The oil level of B will continue to rise, and finally, the motor rotor is almost immersed in the oil, which will cause the increasing situation in input power and temperature rise in various parts.

Analysis of Lubricating Oil Flow in Parallel Scroll CompressorSolutions to the Oil Partiality of Parallel Scroll Unit

⦁ Connect the Copeland condensing unit scroll compressor with the same model or same capacity.

Try to balance the oil amount and oil return amount.

⦁ The components of each system should adopt the same shape.

Such as the compressor discharge pipe to the confluence part, and the branch part of the compressor suction pipe.

The two compressors should try to maintain the refrigerant flowing and oil flowing evenly.

⦁ In order to further suppress the oil amount in the system, an oil separator is designed on the exhaust pipe so that the lubricating oil that is separated into the two compressors returns to the refrigeration system.

⦁ Carry out oil equalization operation after parallel unit operation for a certain period of time.

The representative oil equalization operation method is to close or open both compressors in a limited time through the following sequence to correct the oil deviation, as shown in the figure below:

⦁ Stop a compressor B (OFF) for 2 minutes: the oil will move to the compressor A (ON) side through the oil equalization pipe.

⦁ Stop compressor A (OFF) for 2 minutes: the oil will move to the compressor B (ON) side through the oil equalization pipe.

⦁ Return to the original operating state Compressor A and Compressor B both return to the operating state (ON).

Lubricating oil balance diagram of parallel scroll compressorTips of Parallel Scroll Copeland Unit

Copeland condensing unit Compressor installation:

It is required to install on the same level as possible; the center distance of the compressor is selected to facilitate the loading and unloading of the compressor.

The layout of piping that is with an accumulator should be as symmetrical as possible.

Copeland condensing unit refrigeration oil separator installation:

It can be equipped with one for each compressor, or it can be installed on the exhaust manifold.

Miracle provides different types of oil separators, such as standard AW series oil separators, AF oil separators, helical oil separators, etc.

If you need to know more about the oil separator, please click on the picture below.Copeland Condensing Unit Oil Separator

Copeland Condensing Unit Accumulator Installation:

The Copeland condensing unit accumulator generally has two structures:

“One-in, one-out” structure refers to the main inlet pipe and the main outlet pipe and uses a three-way distributor or other distributors to connect the suction pipe of each compressor with the main pipe.

The advantages are: the structure of the Copeland condensing unit accumulator is simple, the manufacturing is convenient, and the versatility is good.

The disadvantage is that a three-way distributor is needed to connect the suction pipe of each compressor.

The splitting effect of the three-way directly affects the suction and oil return of each compressor, and the size of the oil return hole of the Copeland condensing unit accumulator is difficult to balance full open and minimum operation for the oil return.

“One-in, multiple-out” structure refers to one main inlet pipe and multiple outlet pipes.

The advantages are: the return air of each compressor is easier to be uniform, the size of the oil return hole of each pipe is only responsible for the return of oil from one compressor, and the impact on capacity adjustment is small.

In the case of blockage, it only affects one compressor, which is more reliable.

The disadvantages are: complex processing technology, high precision requirements, consistent requirements for the size of each hole, and the installation height of the outlet pipe must be strictly controlled and consistent.

Miracle provides different types of accumulators, such as standard accumulators from 1/2 to 3 1/8, also provide the Copeland condensing unit accumulator with heat exchanger, liquid receiver, suction accumulator with heat exchanger.

If you need to know about the accumulator, click the pic to check the details.Copeland Condensing Unit Suction Accumulator

Are You the Manufacturer of an Open Type of Copeland Condensing Unit?

Yes, we are. We have been in this field for more than 20 years, we can design and manufacture the Copeland condensing unit to meet your demands.

Can I Buy the Refrigeration Parts Separately and Install the Copeland Condensing Unit By Myself?

Yes, you can. We provide the Copeland condensing unit as you wish, no matter for the complete Copeland condensing unit or you want to buy some of all the parts for Copeland condensing unit, all is OK, we will provide the installation instructions if you need.

Can You Customize the Copeland Condensing Unit for Me?

Yes, no problem. We are professional for this because we have experience in doing a project of cold storage, air conditioning, etc for many customers.

What is the Delivery Time for Copeland Condensing Unit?

It depends. For the standard Copeland condensing unit, 15-20 days are enough. If it’s special demands and special compressors in our country, that would be longer. Check with us with a firm order, we will give accurate delivery time.

Can You do the OEM of the Copeland Condensing Unit for Me?

Yes, no problem. We are willing to do the most support we can to enlarge your business. Contact us for a talk.

Pressure and Temperature Setting of Copeland Scroll Compressor?

It is very important to monitor the pressure and temperature in the compressor scroll application.

The exhaust line thermostat is required in the scroll compressor of 2HP-6HP.

The purpose is to cut off the refrigeration compressor at 125°C or even below.

The thermostat must have good thermal insulation properties, and the distance from the discharge connector to the Copeland compressor must be kept at 5 inches.

In addition, the high pressure and low pressure of the Danfoss compressor must be well controlled.

The low pressure is mainly used to prevent damage to the compressor caused by high vacuum;

Can the Copeland Scroll Compressor Operate on the Liquids?

The answer is yes, and because of the axial and radial flexibility of Copeland scroll compressors, it can handle liquids better than most compressors.

But must be equipped with necessary accessories;

The accessories for Copeland scroll compressors to operate on liquids include:

For systems with large refrigerant capacity or uncontrollable refrigerant surge conditions, storage and crankcase heaters must be configured;

How to Realize Oil Management in the Copeland Scroll Compressor?

All refrigeration compressors must have an oil management system to maintain the correct oil level in the crankcase.

The oil pump of the scroll compressor has no oil pressure safety control, so the scroll compressor must be equipped with an external oil level controller;

This external oil level controller must ensure that the oil level cannot return to the normal level and cut off the refrigeration compressor;

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