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Frascold Compressor Supplier

Your Superior Frascold Compressor Supplier In China!

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Your Premier Frascold Compressor Supplier

The Miracle is the authorized official supplier of Frascold compressor, the world’s third-largest compressor manufacturing brand. As you know, Frascold sells its revolutionary and innovative compressor with a network of authorized partners, distributors, dealers, and suppliers.

Miracle achieved their trust and became a leading Frascold compressor supplier in China. We believe you are here because you are looking for a high-quality, energy-saving, and high-work-efficient refrigeration compressor.

Miracle supply a Frascold compressor that meets all these demands with high reliability and competitive price. All semi-hermetic compressors we provide are well checked, tested, and qualified in the Frascold manufacturing factory. Place your order now.

Frascold Q Series Semi Hermetic Compressor

Frascold Q series Semi-Hermetic compressor has DOL electric motor with 4 cylinders compressing power. This compressor is cast iron material made so it has excellent compressive strength. It also has suitable electronic oil level regulators with other supreme functional dimensions. It has a world-class capacity control system with good motor protection and a 67 dB sound power level. So it can go with the refrigerant plant, manufacturing plant, energy & mining, and other applications. Please send us your order today.

Frascold S Series Semi Hermetic Compressor

Miracle supply all Models of Frascold S series semi-hermetic compressor from 3.7 kW to 15 kW. It has a built-in electric motor part and thermal protection probes. This all S series model compressor is also made with cast iron materials that icrease it’s ability to withstand loads. To match your requirements, Miracle supply a full line of Frascold S series semi-hermetic compressors. The application is like commercial refrigeration, industrial and process refrigeration, heat pumps, air conditioning application. Order your best compressor now.

Frascold V Series Semi Hermetic Compressor

This V Series Semi-hermetic model is also a Frascold Piston Compressor and is suitable for different areas. It has all revolutionary features and advantages like other Frascold compressors. The V series blue compressor also comes with copper, iron, or aluminum materials. With a maximum of 30 HP pressure, Its product dimensions are superior in the market. Miracle supply this high-quality Piston compressor to use in your food processing, ice rinks, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and much more application. Send your inquiry now.

Frascold Z Series Semi Hermetic Compressor

This Frascold Z Series Semi-hermetic Compressor has vibration and pressure and temperature fluctuation controlling capacity. It has 6 cylinders compressing and PWS electric motor power. Compressor has cast iron body material and motor has AMS protechtion.  And also, It has around 96% accurate efficiency which is higher than any others compressor in the market. A miracle can supply all models and types of this semi-hermetic compressor to meet your particular demand. Please send us your order today.

Frascold Two Stage Series Semi Hermetic Compressor

The Frascold Two-Stage Series Semi-Hermetic Compressor is one of the best compressors for increasing the cooling capacity. Miracle supplies you with a full selection of series and models of this semi-hermetic compressor. For your 2, 4, 6, or 8 cylinders requirements, We can supply. Especially for your all low-temperature application, This compressor is state-of-the-art. Contact us today for an excellent double compression stage semi-hermetic compressor from the Frascold brand.

Frascold NRH2 Series Screw Compressor

We supply 6 models in NRL2/NRH2 series for the Frascold semi-hermetic screw compressor. Such as  NRL2-50-186Y (UL) (37 kW), and NRH2-70-210Y (UL) (52 kW). They come with the best electronic protection module and a controlling and protection device that make it most secure. So for your HVAC system, it can be a perfectly matching compressor. Miracle supplies this screw compressor to you with a complete installation instruction manual. This has excellent performance features. We have all models and types of this series screw compress on sale. Contact us now.

Frascold NRL3 Series Screw Compressor

The Miracle is your best supplier for this Frascold NRL3 series UL Screw compressor in China. We supply a wide range of Frascold compressors with a complete and total standard. This NR series screw compressor is best for external oil separators. Frascold NRL3 series UL screw compressor is primarily for the low and medium-temperature refrigeration units. For your commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, It a high efficient and appropriate compressor.

Frascold NRL5 Series Screw Compressor

The Frascold screw compressor has a cast iron material’s body and can go with all refrigerants. It has a minimum of 30 Hz to maximum 70 Hz frequency, and other high-quality parts and performance are its main strengths. A miracle can supply you with any version of this series screw compressor. Contact us today. For your universal use in refrigeration, air condition, heat pump, or domestic or commercial application, we can help you supply the correct Franscold screw compressor.

Frascold NRH6 Series Screw Compressor

Miracle also supplies this Frascold semi-hermetic NRH6 series screw compressor which is a very popular Frascold piston compressor. For the full line of motor specifications of this series, Miracle can meet any demand. This hot selling product is very flexible to use with your many applications. As we are the authorized Frascold compressor supplier in China, we can ensure an original Frascold brand screw compressor to fit with your any cooling operation. Send your inquiry now.

A Piston compressor uses a positive-displacement machine to compress the air by a Piston.

The crankshaft drives this piston. It processes its compressing operation by its crankshaft, a rod and piston, a cylinder, and valve head. To discharge a high-pressure gas, first, the intake gas enters and fills the piston’s above area.

Then piston the piston driver compresses the gas. This reciprocating motion happens by the crankshaft and delivers the high pressured gas.

This reciprocating piston compressor is very suitable for oil refineries, chemical plants, or gas pipelines because of its displacement working principle. Contact us to learn more.

Frascold Compressor Piston Working Principle

There is a fundamental principle behind all screw compressor operations.

This is the positive displacement machine which has pair of spiral rotors. The spiral rotors are the key element of it. The primary function is the rotors turn, and spiral teeth meshed together, building chambers with the rotors and casing wall.

Because of the rotation, chambers move from the suction or intake side to the discharge or compression side.

The gas flow fills the chambers by the nozzle when they enlarge and closed by a circumferential edge in the casing because chambers and suction nozzle are connected via ports. Then the rotors transferred the gas to the discharge side, and the chamber shrank and compressed the retained gas.

The gas flows out with another discharge nozzle port after finishing the squeezing operation. This is a continuously ongoing process inside the Frascold screw compressor.

With the advantages of a positive displacement machine, This Frascold screw compressor gives you higher reliability and high operational efficiency. Contact us now to learn more.

Frascold Screw Compressor Working Principle

Our professional technical support team has more than eight years of experience providing our customers any knowledge, information, or technical support.

We are available online for any queries, planning, or consultation about Frascold compressors and other parts of air conditioners such as condenser and evaporator, HVAC coil, or condenser coil.

Complete guidelines and installation documentation are available that the Frascold compressor we supply. We also provide video training support while you face any problem in installation.

Our technical team is the R&D engineer team can design any condensing units, air conditioners parts, air conditioner tools, HVAC tools, and many more. Please send us your question to get a fast response.

Frascold Compressor Supplier Technical Support

The Miracle is an authorized Frascold compressor supplier in China. So we can assure you supplying authentic and genuine Frascol compressor.

As a refrigeration compressor is a heart of an outdoor condensing unit, it is essential to have an original high-quality compressor. The Miracle is a verified business agent of the Frascold compressor brand.

We also guarantee for all parts and products that come from its manufacturer brand. This Frascold compressor has ISO:9001 2015 quality certification. We also can supply other standards if you want. We offer sample order facilities to you to check the quality. Contact Miracle now.

Frascold Compressor Authenticity Guarantee

Frascold is developing the world’s best screw compressor since 1936. The excellent working principle of the piston compressor and screw compressor makes it pretty suitable for an extensive range of fields. Contact us now!

Miracle ensures quality packing and preprocessing for making the final Frascold Compressor ready for you. We deliver the compressor with a quick and fast shipment. Our company location is very near the port, so it’s convenient for us to send your delivery as soon as possible.

As we supply your Frascold compressor and others HVAC parts from China, we have a good connection with leading shipping companies such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS.

Our long-term cooperation with these leading freight forwarders in China helps us deliver your good anywhere in the world with cost-effective freight rates.

We also give a fast delivery service for Bitzer condensing units or another commercial refrigeration unit. Please send your order now!

Frascold Compressor Fast Shiping

Miracle not only supplies the Frascold compressor but also provides full after-sales support to our customers.

Our professional technical team is available anytime to help you online. We give install, repair, troubleshoot long shaft, internal alignment service, overhaul & reconditioning service, planning, analysis & consultation by technical video support.

The after-sales analysis service includes:

  • Air demand analysis,
  • Measurement,
  • Leak detection & compressor fluid analysis, etc.

Our expert support team can give you an immediate service which is very prompt and reliable after the sale.

As well as supplying this high-quality low-pressure Frascold compressor, we also help you with compressor troubleshooting. Also, provide free spare parts service and training. Please send us your inquiry now.

Frascold Compressor After Sales Service

Miracle supplies many models and types of Frascold Compressor. The Frascold has 8 series and about 84 models of different compressors, which are used in thousands of applications worldwide.

Mainly for your Industrial and process refrigeration, commercial refrigeration unit, air conditioning unit, heat pumps. But you also can use it in household refrigerators, deep freezers, marine, industrials cooling, and process cooling applications.

The Frascold semi-hermetic screw compressor that Miracle supply in HFO approved. It is suitable for food processing, ice rinks, garment shops, retails, food shops, energy & mining, etc.

The Miracle can supply any model of Frascold compressor for any application. Please send us the details of your project now.

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