Horizontal Condensing Unit
Horizontal Condensing Unit

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As a horizontal condensing unit manufacturer in China, Miracle refrigeration is professional, because all components are developed and designed by ourselves, so our production capacity of the horizontal condensing unit is stronger and our customization ability and cost performance is the highest.

Not simply this, as a professional horizontal condensing unit manufacturer, we have more strength to manufacture rotary compressors, including vertical rotary compressors, inverter rotary compressors, mini rotary compressors, horizontal rotary compressors, etc., which can be widely used in commercial refrigeration and transport refrigeration. Send your inquiry now!

HQXD Horizontal Condensing Unit

HQXQ series horizontal condensing unit has a smaller size, the compressor adopts the original vertical rotary compressor, his package size is only 60 cm*50 cm*42 cm. The horizontal condensing unit is so small that you can easily install it into kitchen refrigerator and small refrigeration showcase.

HQXQ series horizontal condensing unit refrigeration capacity range is 410-1672W, for more details, please contact us now!

Overhead Horizontal Condensing Unit

Overhead series horizontal condensing unit has a strange appearance, this is for some special applications proposed design solution, Overhead series horizontal condensing unit can be installed in the display cabinet or ice machine top or bottom.

The overhead series horizontal condensing unit has a minimum height design and can be installed at a height of less than 27cm, which is more comfortable for some narrow spaces. Send your needs now!

R404A Horizontal Condensing Unit

R404A series horizontal condensing unit also called commercial freezer horizontal condensing unit, he uses horizontal rotary compressor, and passed the CE and ROHS certification. The R404 horizontal condensing unit has high efficiency and reliable performance of refrigeration, it can be stable operation for more than 10 years of time, and without any maintenance during the period.

By choosing Miracle horizontal condensing unit, you can spend less money and get more cooling capacity condensing unit, contact us now!

HQHD Horizontal Condensing Unit

HQHD series horizontal condensing unit adopts three high-efficiency fans to increase the heat dissipation area, so the cooling capacity is more powerful, with the HQHD series rotary compressor, it will be your best partner in ice maker, ice cream machine, transportation refrigeration, etc.

In addition, the HQHD series horizontal condensing unit adopts R22 or R410A refrigerant, it also has a low GWP value, so it will be worked safely for a long time. Contact us now!

HQHL Horizontal Condensing Unit

HQHL series horizontal condensing unit with the high-efficiency evaporator, so HQHL series unit applies to a large number of applications in the transport refrigeration industry. Not only that, but he also achieved the lowest noise, nowadays, people’s tolerance for noise is almost zero, no one wants to be disturbed by noise, whether you are working or resting, Miracle HQHL series horizontal condensing unit can easily help your business and life without bringing noise troubles, contact us now!

HQSD Horizontal Condensing Unit

HQSD series horizontal condensing unit is equipped with four 230mm diameter fans with 16w high efficiency. HQSD series horizontal condensing unit has an external dimension of 1180mm*520mm*275mm and a cooling capacity of 1102W~4427W.

Miracle HQSD series horizontal condensing unit is easy to install, fully equipped, and easy to connect the pipeline, so the failure rate is lower and the operation is more reliable. Contact us now!

We develop and manufacture our own horizontal rotary compressor and horizontal condensing unit, so the units are better matched, more energy-efficient to use, and reduce the investment in after-sales service, which will promote your sales more.

Miracle horizontal rotary compressors and horizontal condensing units can be used in all aspects of our lives, including display cabinets, commercial refrigeration, freezers, commercial refrigerators, kitchen refrigerators, ice machines, ice cream machines, etc.

For certification, we have passed ROHS certification, CE certification, CCC certification, ATF certification, ISO certification, UL certification, etc.

The full range of product certifications better validates the high performance of Miracle horizontal rotary compressor and the horizontal condensing unit. Send your inquiry now!

Horizontal Condensing Unit Manufacturer Strength

If you are a manufacturer of display cabinets, transport refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, etc., and have a requirement for a horizontal rotary compressor, we can work with you to develop the right rotary compressor for your needs.

If you have a need for a customized horizontal rotary unit, trust us, we have an experienced engineer team, and we are also capable of meeting your needs as your professional horizontal condensing unit.

In terms of refrigeration parts, whether for commercial refrigeration repair or commercial refrigeration installation, we have a broad scope of refrigeration tools, refrigeration accessories for you, which can further enrich your sales system.

Miracle is your preferred refrigeration supplier, It will be convenient for you to make a one-stop purchase, contact us now!

Horizontal Condensing Unit Manufacturer Technical Support

NOMINAL INPUT(W)7209001280150017302030
REFRIGERANT MAX. (KG)R404A(1.2)R404A(1.5)R404A(2.0)R404A(3.0)R404A(3.0)R404A(3.5)
START-UP CURRENT  (A)202738425057
EVAP. TEMP. RANGE  (℃)-40~0
AMBIENT TEMP.  (℃)-7~43
NORMAL INPUT6207901140136016001880
START-UP CURRENT (A)202530404250
EVA.TEMP. RANGE (℃)-40~0
AMBIENT TEMP. (℃)-7~43


NOMINAL INPUT(W)①7209001280150017302030
REFRIGERANT MAX.(KG)R404A(1.2)R404A(1.5)R404A(2.0)R404A(3.0)R404A(3.0)R404A(3.5)
START-UP CURRENT  (A)202738425057
EVAP. TEMP. RANGE  (℃)-40~0
AMBIENT TEMP.  (℃)-7~43

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