How to Use 25 Series Propress Tool

How to Use 25 Series Propress Tool? How to Use Air Conditioning Repair Tools?

The 25 Series Propress Tool is primarily used for the installation and repair of air conditioning systems, so if you’re ready to install an air conditioner, be sure to use the Miracle 25 Series Propress Tool.

Miracle copper press tool and copper press fitting can make your installation easier, more efficient, and safer.

If you find a leak in your central air conditioner or if you are repairing your air conditioner, be sure to use the Miracle 25 Series Propress Tool to repair the line.

If you still use conventional welding to repair, on the one hand, the repair is time-consuming and laborious, on the other hand, it will increase the risk of leakage.

Use Miracle propress tool and propress fitting to make your air conditioner repair with zero risks of leakage.

Now I will introduce the use of Miracle 25 Series Propress Tool and show you the efficient installation of the press tool.

01 Use a deburring tool to deburr the end of the pipe in a circle. If necessary, use a matting pad to clean the pipe to ensure that the end of the connected pipe is flat and smooth.

Step 1 of the 25 Series Propress Tool Usage

02 Confirm the outer diameter and wall thickness of the pipe, select the Miracle ring of the corresponding specifications.

Step 2 of the 25 Series Propress Tool Usage

03 Insert an inner nest with the appropriate size and wall thickness to support the crimped pipe.

Step 3 of the 25 Series Propress Tool Usage

04 Put on the Miracle connecting ring.

Step 4 of the 25 Series Propress Tool Usage

05 Put on the connecting sleeve, check whether the pipe is inserted into the connecting sleeve in place, and mark it with a pen when it is in place. Then take the marking line as the reference for the connecting sleeve, and pull out 1/3~1/2 length from the pipe end.

Step 5 of the 25 Series Propress Tool Usage

06 Choose a special sealing liquid suitable for the pipe material and ambient temperature, drop the special sealing liquid for the ring at the gap between the connecting sleeve port and the pipe (at this time we can see that the sealing liquid is quickly sucked into the gap) until the sealing liquid is no longer sucked in, stop dripping the sealing liquid: be sure to let the sealing liquid flow down along the gap between the connecting sleeve and the pipe to form a complete sealing system.

Step 6 of the 25 Series Propress Tool Usage

07  After the sealing liquid is filled, put the connecting ring in place, place the manual propres tool on the shoulder of the connecting ring and the left end of the connecting sleeve, and start shaking the handle for crimping.

Step 7 of the 25 Series Propress Tool Usage

08 When the ring moves to the shoulder position of the connecting sleeve and stops without a gap, repeat the above steps to connect the other end of the pipeline.

Step 8 of the 25 Series Propress Tool Usage

The Miracle propress tool is also known as the lokring tool because it uses locking to connect two metal pipes together. The use of the lokring tool requires a suitable lokring fitting for crimping.
As a copper pipe crimping tool, Miracle propress tool has advantages that cannot be replaced by fire welding.

Imagine if you needed to go to a large shopping mall or office building to repair your air conditioner and you only needed a tool kit to do it.

Or what would you do if you were connecting two different materials, using welding? Don’t do that, it’s too difficult and inefficient.

Not only that, but our plumbing press tool also allows for the connection of plumbing lines, just as easily as copper piping systems, without the use of fire welding.

In a word, Miracle pipe press tool is your best choice.

The effectiveness of the air conditioning system plays a decisive role in the installation of air conditioning. Therefore, central air conditioning accessories, as well as HVAC tools for installing air conditioners, are particularly important. miracle offers you a full range of air conditioning accessories services.

If you are an air conditioning parts distributor, or an air conditioning installation contractor, then congratulations, you have found a reliable air conditioning parts supplier. Miracle air conditioning parts are quality tested by China air conditioning engineering, you can purchase with confidence.

Miracle air conditioning parts include filter drier, refrigeration oil separator, suction accumulator, condensing units. Also available are fan coils, air outlets for the end of the air conditioning system. Refrigeration check valves, refrigerant shut-off valves, refrigerant ball valves, and other refrigeration valves for air conditioning pipelines.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are willing to be your best air conditioning parts supplier in China.

For more information on how to use Lokring, please check the article Lokring Training by clicking the link.

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