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About Miracle

About Miracle

Miracle Group currently has two companies under the brand Miracle and HUBHVACR.

Miracle is the no-welding technology supplier leader in China. Miracle specializes in manufacturing, R&D, and sales of lokring tools and lokring fittings.

HUBHVACR® manufacturing, R&D, and sales of refrigeration condensing units, heat pump units, evaporator coils, condenser coils, etc.

We aim to provide you with a competitive one-stop solution for commercial refrigeration.

We will try to do more in our products and services to make your business easy.


Miracle History

Year 2022
We start to cooperate with Hisense air conditioners. And comprehensively promote it in China.
Year 2020
We start to cooperate with Midea & Daikin with a small qty, later on, will enlarge the cooperation. We are on our way to grow.
Year 2019
We got patents in the USA, built our own branch office and service team in CA, to cover North American and South American markets.
Year 2016-2018
We set up our own trading company-Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co.,ltd for the overseas market. Except for the Miracle solder-free technology, we took the boss brother’s factory products to our system also. Products include condensers, evaporators, and condensing units.
Year 2014
we got a patent for the FRK lokring tool in China and started to work with a trading company for the overseas market.
Year 2012
We cooperated with Panasonic and doing projects in the Domestic market.
Year 2011
We built our own factory and R&D Team to manufacturer Lokring tools and lokring fittings, and sales in the domestic market.
Year 2005-2008
We are the agents for Vulkan, also do some projects for AC installation and refrigerator repairing, start to design the products on our own and work with Haier company.
Year 2004
We start to contact Germany brand “Vulkan” for solder-free products to service to Hisense company for Refrigerator after-market service.

R&D Team​

Miracle cares about our product quality very well, so we spend a lot of money and energy on developing and improving our products to fulfill the market well.

Now we have our patents in China and the USA, and still working on every detail to improve the performance and reduce the cost.

With 20 years of experience and a professional technical team, we have the confidence to provide satisfied refrigeration solutions to meet your requirements. Miracle will be your best refrigeration supplier!


Miracle make your business simple

Our Aim
Miracle was established in 2011 (Chinese name is Suhring) with the starter as “Vulkan” agents in China. Miracle is the first company to introduce the no welding technology for metal pipes connection method in China and quickly be widely used in the Refrigeration field.Miracle has our own R&D team to provide solutions, to solve all the problems we met during the real projects. We spent a lot of time and energy on it, so we get the patents in China and the USA now. Miracle devoted ourselves to provide you a simple, safer, and highly efficient way to let the engineers&workers enjoy their installation and repair work from the start, and we are still in this way.
Our Introduction
After several years’ effort, we have a very good market in China, then from 2014, we started to cooperate with some trading companies for the overseas markets. After a period, the overseas business goes well, also we met many challenges. For providing better services and brand expansion, in the year 2018, we build our own overseas team, also we took the owner’s brother’s products to our team also. The brother’s factory is manufacturing the evaporator, condenser, and condensing units, mainly for commercial refrigeration. No welding technology also helps their after-sales service a lot. And it is really helpful to integrate these resources into providing you with better and more competitive services.
Your Reliable Partner
With the refrigeration equipment and solder-free connection technology, your business will be irreplaceable and competitive in your market. On this ground, we devoted ourselves to provide the one-stop solution for your cooling or freezing requests of the cold room, air conditioning, refrigerator, freezers, etc, no matter for the complete unit or the refrigeration parts.Maybe Miracle is still young for the overseas markets, but the manager actually has more than 8 years’ experience in international sales. We are young, but we are brave to meet challenges, we react fast to market change and we are responsible for every product that comes from our factory.You found us, you found a reliable partner in China.

Our Certificates

Miracle is a company specialized in manufacturing, research&development, and marketing of various types of evaporator units, air-cooled condensers, refrigeration units, and solder-free connection technology with propress tools and propress fittings. With years’ effort, we improving our product quality and service a lit, unit now we have ISO9001 certificates, CE, ROHS, UL, CQC, and many patents papers.

These certifications are the marks that Miracle left along our way with hardworking, and we will keep on fighting to get more achievements to make your business more simple and more competitive.

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