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Bitzer Compressor Supplier

Your Superior Bitzer Compressor Supplier In China!

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Your Premier Bitzer Compressor Supplier

The miracle is a trustworthy refrigeration supplier for your Bitzer compressor in China. We have incredible access to the world-leading compressor manufacturing brand. We became your number one best Bitzer compressor supplier in China.

As the production is based in China, so we have long-term cooperation and business deal with Bitzer. Miracle can supply you with any large quantity within a short time anywhere in the world.

We guarantee you the original quality and products from Bitzer. The miracle is glad to offer this world-class environment-friendly compressor and bitzer semi-hermetic compressor spare parts. Contact us today to get your original Bitzer Compressor.

Bitzer Ecoline Single Phase Compressor

The Bitzer Ecoline single-phase compressor is efficient to use in your condensing unit. It has the most efficient and powerful single-phase motor, which enhances its strength.  You can use this in a vast range of applications because of its flexible features and advantages. Miracle supply a large selection of models or cylinders type of Bitzer compressor in China. Please send us your inquiry now.

Bitzer Ecoline Series Compressor

A large area of people over the world uses this Bitzer Ecoline Series Compressor for its unrivaled capability. It ensures an uninterrupted working ability in your wide range of low or medium-temperature applications. Miracle supply all products included in the Bitzer Econline series compressor type. We supply an original bitzer manufactured compressor, which has maximum benefits. Contact us today.

Bitzer Ecoline H Series Compressor

The Miracle supply you with the standard quality Bitzer compressor because we are this famous brand’s long-term trusted supplying agent. Ecoline H Series type is also a universal bitzer compressor with enormous power and cooling capacity. It can go with many applications.  Miracle can supply the exactly matched types of it from our vast selection model and sizes. Send your order today.

Bitzer Semi Hermetic 2 Stage Compressor

This Bitzer Semi-Hermetic 2 stage compressor is very flexible to use in low or medium-temperature applications. It can ensure a safe environment by protecting components with its airtight seals’ features. Miracle supplies any large quantity with a full range of types, models, and specifications as you want. Contact us now.

Bitzer Semi Hermetic Screw Compressor

As a specialist supplier of Bitzer compressor, we can give you high capacity and reliable screw compressor. You can use it in any Freezing System, Ice Production, Heat Recovery, and others application. We supply all models, including HS.95 series and HS.53 to HS.85 SERIES. It comes with the most updated technology, such as double slider technology, so the overall performance is always higher. Send us your Order now.

Bitzer Compressor Oil

Along with the Bitzer hermetic and semi-hermetic compressor, Miracle supply Bitzer compressor oil. Both standard or mineral compressor oil and synthetic oil are available to us. For any demand, Miracle can offer the best Bitzer compressor oil in a large amount to you. They are suitable for a large number of HFC and HFO refrigerants types. This polyolester oil can go with tc > 70°C temperature with many compressors. Order today.

Our professional support team is available to support you at any time with any technical, knowledge, or information.

We give you after-sales, repair, and maintenance support with proper installation instructions.

We also provide you with complete guidance and training for others air conditioners tools, parts, and accessories that we supply.

We also support all Bitzer semi-hermetic and screw compressor and screw compressor oil filters as long as you need.

Including complete documentation, our specialists provide video training and instruction during installation.

We also help to recommend and guide choose you well-matched refrigeration unit plants. Send your inquiry now for a fast answer.

Bitzer Compressor Supplier Technical Support

The Miracle is your complete HVAC supplier in China. We have a good reputation for fast shipping capability to anywhere in the world.

Miracle develops long-term cooperation with the top freight forwarders in China. So we can guarantee our customers a secure, punctual delivery with lower freight rates.

Miracle also offers the fastest delivery for other HVAC units. More than just a compressor semi-hermetic Bitzer compressors. Our excellent and robust supply chain management strength allows us to give quality service to you.

Our quick, reliable, and efficient shipping facilities can save you time and money. Order your bitzer compressor today.

Bitzer Compressor Supplier Fast Shiping

Miracle supplies the original Bitzer brand compressor and guarantees genuine quality.

As there are many same exterior designs at the market on the name of Bitzer, so we will do a lot of piracy verification to ensure that 100% of the compressors you purchase are genuine. Such as check the BITZER logo, QR code, oil label, etc.

For our other condensing units and air conditioning parts, we provide sample order service. This allows you to check authenticity and ensure quality.

All our products come with ISO:9001-2015 quality certification. If you have any other standard requirements, we can manufacture and meet them.  Besides, we provide OEM and ODM services in China for all central air conditioner parts. Send your inquiry now.

Bitzer Compressor Authenticity Check

This Bitzer compressor is a very compact design and well structured. It has flexible features to suits many refrigerants.

It can go with a wide range of applications such as commercial refrigeration unit, marine, process cooling, freezing systems, ice production, heat recovery, heat pumps, transport, refrigeration, central air conditioning, and process cooling, and cold storage room.

For your low, medium, or high-temperature cooling operation, Bitzer Ecoline and Ecoline and Ecoline single phase compressor is the best choice.

Miracle supply the original bitzer compressor to use in your air-cooled or water-cooled condensing unit. Order your original Bitzer compressor today.

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