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Miracle Refrigeration devoted itself to the refrigeration unit and commercial refrigeration unit industry. Miracle is a comprehensive company specializing in the production of refrigeration condensing units integrating R&D, manufacturing, and trade. Miracle mainly produces air-cooled condensing units, evaporators(also called air coolers), condensers, and water-cooled condensing units.

Miracle concentrates 20 years of production experience into the production and research and development of water-cooled condensers. Miracle has established a long-term strategic partnership with well-known companies in the global supply chain such as EMERSON, BITZER, and is committed to the advancement of water-cooled condensing unit technology to provide you with higher-value technical services!

Copeland Scroll Water Cooled Condensing Unit

Copeland water cooled condensing unit uses Copeland scroll compressor as its core component. Therefore, the operation position of the water cooled condensing unit is reliable, and the quality is well received by customers.

Miracle Copeland water cooled condensing unit can use an internally threaded high-efficiency shell condenser, this heat exchanger is 10%~15% higher than similar heat exchangers. In addition, the long service life and small size are also some of the reasons why customers like it.

The Miracle Copeland water cooled condensing unit is computer-aided as a whole, with a beautiful appearance and reasonable structure, ensuring the high efficiency of Miracle water cooled unit. Contact us now!

Copeland Semi Hermetic Water Cooled Condensing Unit

Copeland semi-hermetic water cooled condensing unit uses Copeland semi-hermetic compressor as its core component. Miracle Copeland semi-hermetic water cooled condensing unit also uses high-efficiency shell heat exchangers, which have high heat exchange efficiency, long life, beautiful appearance, and other advantages. When the compressor is running, the noise of the whole machine is small, the efficiency is high, and the whole machine is beautiful.

Miracle Copeland water cooled condensing unit can change the unit configuration appropriately according to your market requirements. Basic customization content includes water cooled condensing unit cylinder head fan, compressor spray system, etc. For detailed water cooled condensing unit configuration table, please contact Miracle water cooled condensing unit team, Miracle water cooled condensing unit team will give you the fastest answer!

Bitzer Type Water Cooled Condensing Unit

The core component of the Bitzer water cooled condensing unit uses Bitzer compressors. The refrigeration efficiency of Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors is 20% higher than that of other brands of compressors. Bitzer water cooled condensing unit is composed of compressor, crankcase heating, vibration absorber, refrigeration oil separator, tube heat exchanger, suction accumulator, filter drier, sight glass, solenoid valve, controller, oil pressure gauge, etc.

The shell-type heat exchanger of Miracle Bitzer water cooled condensing unit can adopt an internal thread type and tooth-shaped high-efficiency heat exchange tube, which ensures the heat exchange efficiency and also has a smaller volume. Not only that, the Miracle water cooled condensing unit heat exchanger adopts black metal shot peening and passivation treatment to ensure the cleanliness of the water cooled condensing unit. At the same time, the passivated water cooled condensing unit heat exchanger reduces the chemical reaction with the heat exchange fluid.

Contact Miracle team to get the best water cooled condensing unit now!

Miracle’s clean and tidy factory environment reflects the maturity of our factory management.

Miracle’s more than 20 years of experience in the production, design, sale, and management of water-cooled condensing units ensure the stable quality and mature technology of Miracle water-cooled condensing units.

Not only that, as one of the reliable water-cooled condensing unit manufacturers and suppliers in China, Miracle also provides personally customized services for water-cooled condensing units.

Maybe Copeland and Bitzer units can’t meet your market needs. It’s okay.

We can customize water-cooled condensing units of different brands of compressors for you, including Frascold compressor unit, Maneurop compressor unit, scroll compressor unit, semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor, and parallel water-cooled condensing units, etc.

Contact us now for more customization details of Miracle water-cooled condensing unit!

The refrigeration tool of Miracle’s water-cooled condensing unit is a solution especially proposed for water-cooled condensing units. Miracle can meet your one-stop purchase demand for water-cooled condensing unit tools.

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit tool includes lokring tool and lokring fitting without fire connection, HVAC vacuum pump with CE certification, multifunctional manual pipe bender, bearing type pipe cutter, multifunctional HVAC flaring tool kit, etc.

Miracle HVAC tools and HVAC tool kits can meet your water-cooled condensing unit tool installation, maintenance, and sales needs. Contact Miracle Now!

Water Cooled Condensing Unit Installation Tools

Water cooled condensing unit parts are an important part of the unit.

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit part includes refrigeration oil separatorfilter driersuction accumulator, refrigeration solenoid valve, refrigeration ball valve, refrigerant shut off valverefrigeration check valve, etc.

Only high-quality accessories can make the water-cooled condensing unit play its best performance. Contact Miracle team to get a good price now!

Water Cooled Condensing Unit Main Parts

Miracle provides one-stop water-cooled condensing unit service, including water-cooled condensing unit after-sales service.

If you purchase water-cooled condensing units for central air conditioning or supermarkets.

Miracle developed the fireless connect to make your air conditioning installation more efficient and safer. You can click for more propress tools and propress fitting detail.

Miracle solderless propress fitting is connected by cold connection because fire welding is not used in the whole process, as in the video, the connection can be easily realized.

You can check the air conditioner installation tool page for details. Or contact us directly for more details about the fireless connection.

If you purchase a water-cooled condensing unit for cold storage installation, Miracle can also provide you with complete cold room solutions.

Miracle cold storage solutions include food cold storage, small cold storage, walk-in cold room, cold room panels, cold room doors, cold room parts, etc. Contact Miracle now to get your satisfied cold storage!

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  • The water-cooled condensing unit and the air-cooled condensing unit are twins. From an economic point of view, each has advantages and disadvantages. In places where water resources are insufficient, air-cooled condensing units should be the first option, because it saves money. When considering a long-term operation, water-cooled condensing units should be preferred because the long-term operating costs of water-cooled condensing units are lower. Do you know that the type of unit in your market is easier to sell? Contact us now to get the answer!

  • Water Cooled Condensing Unit and Bitzer Unit

    This model is an air-cooled refrigeration unit of BITZER semi-hermetic compressors. The influence of BITZER compressors is obvious to all, so I won’t repeat them too much. If you need BITZER air-cooled condensing units, Miracle will be your best choice. Because we have 20 years of experience in the production of water-cooled units and air-cooled units. Our production experience will help you avoid detours. Contact us now!

  • Water Cooled Condensing Unit and Outdoor Unit

    The outdoor unit is more suitable for shopping malls and supermarkets and belongs to the category of commercial refrigeration units because it not only has a small size but also has ultra-low noise. Of course, the outdoor unit can also be used for home use. With more than 20 years of sales experience, most of our customers purchase outdoor units for commercial purposes. If you are also from commercial refrigeration, contact us now, we can provide you with more accurate services!

  • Water Cooled Condensing Unit and Small Unit

    Small refrigeration condensing units are used in refrigerator/freezer factories, kitchen cold rooms, etc. If you are from small unit distributors all over the world. Congratulations! You have come to the right place. Miracle small condensing unit has four styles, including Secop type small condensing unit, Embraco type small condensing unit, Tecumseh type small condensing unit, Maneurop type small condensing unit, etc. Send us your next order and achieve our life-long cooperation immediately!

What Is A Condensing Unit In HVAC?

What Is A Condensing Unit In HVAC

When you want to know about water-cooled units, you should first understand what is an HVAC unit.

Then you can better distinguish the different types of units

HVAC units include air-cooled units and water-cooled units.

Simply say, a condensing unit or condenser is an essential part of HVAC working as a heat exchanger.

It is an outside part of an HVAC&R system.

It condenses refrigerant from a gas to liquid and supplies it to an expansion coil.

As well as transferring refrigerant, it also heats and cools the spaces.

Usually, use a cooling fan to blow outside air into it.

A good condensing unit can ensure cooling, dehumidifying, or reheating the air and help your refrigerator, air-conditioning system, chillers, heat pumps, and other temperature control systems.

What Is The Purpose Of A Condensing Unit In An HVAC System?

The primary purpose of the condensing unit in the heating ventilation and vapor compression cycle of the air conditioning system is to receive the hot and high-pressure gas from the compressor.

Then absorb the heat from the gas and cool it first to remove the superheat and then latent heat.

After that, the refrigerant will condense back to a liquid.

What Is A Water-Cooled Condensing Unit?

A water-cooled condensing unit is an operation that uses water in the evaporating cycle, unlike an air-cooled condensing unit.

The condensing medium of the water-cooled condensing unit is water.

This heat exchanger rejects heat from the refrigerant vapor transferring to the water running through it.

In the water-cooled condensing unit, the refrigerant heat removal process is done by water outside the tube.

What Are The Types Of A Water-Cooled Condensing Unit?

What Are The Types Of A Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

A water-cooled condensing unit is classified into four categories based on the construction: They are:

Shell and Tube Condensers: In a shell and tube water-cooled condensing unit, the refrigerant flows into the shell while the water flows through the tubes in a single to four passes.

It has 2TR up to thousands of TR capacity. It is the most common type of water-cooled condensing unit system.

Shell and Coil Condensers: In a Shell and Coil water-cooled condensing unit, water flows into multiple coils, which may have fins to increase the heat transfer coefficient.

The capacity of shell and coil type water-cooled condensing units is up to 50TR. Here the refrigerant flows through coils, and the water flows into the shell.

The coil and Coil Condensers: The coil and coil type condenser flows the cold water into the inner tube, and the refrigerant flows into the annulus in counterflow.

For up to 10 TR, double pipe condensers are used.

Tube and tube type water-cooled condenser: It has two tubes, and the inner tube flows the hot refrigerant, and the outer tube flows cooling water.

Due to the chance of chock, It is not used anymore in present days.

What Are The Advantages And Benefits Of Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing?

What Are The Advantages And Benefits Of Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing

If you want to know how many ways are out there, a water-cooled condensing unit solves your problem.

Have a look at the benefit of a miracle water-cooled condensing unit.

Miracle water-cooled condensing units can be used in short, tight, restricted spaces, where other types of the condensing unit are not suitable such as the air-cooled condensing unit.

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit is robust and doesn’t require more and more replacements.

The working operation is relative to other types of condensers.

This water-cooled condensing unit can place in both indoor houses and outdoor.

Because of the high thermal connectivity, the heat transfer capacity of the Miracle water-cooled condensing unit is higher than other types.

Compared with another condensing unit, a miracle water-cooled condensing unit doesn’t require a long condenser pipe, which helps the compressor be more effective in its operation.

The Miracle water-cooled condensing unit does not require any external power.

It is a perfect combination for you if you want a water-cooled condensing unit with less energy consumption, saving money but working very efficiently.

It also has and thermal energy recovery system, which made it more energy-saving.

So Miracle water-cooled condensing unit is super energy-efficient and cost-effective.

What Are The Application And Uses Areas Of The Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit?

What Are The Application And Uses Areas Of The Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

As the water is an external fluid in a water-cooled condensing unit, many large commercial and industrial refrigerating units use a water-cooled condenser.

You can use Miracle water-cooled condensing unit is a wide range of applications.

You also can select our different water-cooled condensing units according to your temperatures, project, and operation.

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit has many valuable commercials, industrial, and construction applications, such as distillation, industrial air-conditioning plants, steam power plants, or other heat-exchange operations.

Based on its working operation, a miracle water-cooled condensing unit can be used in

drying space heating ➌ process heating steam  system make-up water pre-heating domestic hot water wash down water pre-heating and boiler return water pre-heating.

For the largest project such as Hybrid solar thermal power plants, Rankine cycle technology, Biomass projects, Solar thermal power projects, miracle water-cooled condensing unit is the perfectly suitable water-cooled condensing unit.

For regular use, it is a perfect match for your residential or small office AC unit.

If there is a problem setting up the air-cooled condensing unit, a water-cooled condensing unit is the best alternative.

The prominent brand and model are equipped compressor such as Danfoss, Emerson, Copeland allow Miracle water-cooled condensing unit to extend its uses the application.

You can use it in the Refrigeration industry, cold room projects, Agricultural, food, fresh-keeping, cold storage, ice making, cold water, restaurant, chemical industry, or medium and high evaporating temperature application.

To use in your additional specific application, we offer to send us your design, and we will add the required components to meet your special request. Contact us today.

Why Is A Water-Cooled Condensing Unit Necessary For Your Project?

Why Is A Water-Cooled Condensing Unit Necessary For Your Project

If you are thinking about why installing a water-cooled condensing unit is essential or why you should choose to select a water-cooled condenser, among other options, here is the answer.

In a simple mind, people think they are aware of the better efficiency of their outdoor condensing unit, and they have to have a refrigeration water-cooled condenser.

And thinking this is not incorrect.

As a water-cooled condensing unit system consumes less power, this can take minimum energy consumption.

So you can ensure the overall work efficiency of your outdoor condensing unit and save money, energy, and time which leads you to have a successful project.

As a conscious person, you always tend to compare the air-cooled condensing unit to the water-cooled condensing unit about its price, work efficiency, lifetime, and other relevant factors.

Miracle doesn’t want you to decide to know less about it and choose a condensing unit for wide use in significant commercial or industrial operations.

So, it is essential to decide after a fair and impartial analysis.

If you see the air-cooled and water-cooled condensing unit diagram, you can see the fundamental difference between these two starts at condensing stage when refrigerant condenses on a tube and air or water is needed to absorb the heat.

Before that, the process is the same for both of them, and the parts are the same such as the evaporator, compressor, condenser, expansion valve.

An air-cooled condensing unit needs a cooling fan, while a water-cooled condensing unit requires a cooling tower, reservoirs of cooling fluid, condenser water pumps, and make-up pumps.

And the critical element is water-cooled condensing unit needs a clean and plentiful water resource availability while the air-cooled condensing unit requires fresh air.

So if you think about the price, the water-cooled condensing unit is slightly higher than the air-cooled one.

But the lifetime of a water-cooled condenser is higher than an air-cooled one.

So the average or yearly cost is reasonable while the return of investment is higher.

So, if the water is accessible and you need an outdoor condensing unit for a long lifetime, there is no best alternative but a water-cooled condensing unit.

It can ensure the work efficiency and best output for your large cooling operation.

What Are Some Water-Cooled Condensing Unit Types That Miracle Manufacturers?

What Are Some Water-Cooled Condensing Unit Types That Miracle Manufacturers

Miracle Refrigeration and Equipment Co, Ltd is your complete solution for both air and the water-cooled condensing unit.

We have Copeland Scroll Water Cooled Condensing Unit, Copeland Semi-Hermetic Water Cooled Condensing Unit, and Bitzer Type Water Cooled Condensing Unit for your different operation or specification.

Miracle has plenty of types of water-cooled condensing units. They are:

  • MIBV: Bitzer Compressor with V type condenser
  • MIBU: Bitzer Compressor with U type condenser
  • BITZER Compressor Commercial Condensing Units
  • MIM SERIES MANEUROP Compressor Condensing units
  • MIC SERIES Copeland Scroll Compressor Box Type Condensing Units
  • MIC SERIES Copeland Scroll Compressor Commercial Condensing Unit

All of them are available for High, Medium, and Low temperatures.

There are some different specifications, capacities for each one, so you can get any miracle water-cooled condensing unit for any type and requirement.

What Are The Killing Features Of A Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit?

What Are The Killing Features Of A Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit has a super optimized and well-designed structure for reducing potential service costs.

It helps to avoid nuisance calls and extends the life of the condensing unit.

Every single machine of Miracle water-cooled condenser has high strength.

These all high-duty parts create the best combination for a complete water-cooled condensing unit.

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit has a built-in sound reduction for areas with noise ordinances.

So it works much more silently than other condensers and reduces the sound level.

You don’t have to worry about the noise at all.

Our experienced engineer and technician team designed a miracle brand water-cooled condensing unit with the highest economic friendly.

It is lightweight and slim profile. Miracle manufacture the top beneficial water-cooled condensing unit which avoids more costly solution for location issues.

Who doesn’t want to save their money, time, energy, and effort in their condensing unit?

Keeping that in mind, Miracle invented and manufactured the best seller water-cooled condensing unit with other innovative air-conditioning and refrigeration solution products.

Also, there is no question about the corrosion resistance of our water-cooled condensing unit.

Our revolutionary water-cooled condenser has low noise, a high-efficiency Axial Fan motor, top energy efficiency providing unmatched energy savings.

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit can be installed with Emerson, Copeland, Bitzer, Danfoss, and other world’s renowned compressor brands and models.

It is well securely equipped with other well-known brands of refrigeration components.

The installation cost is super low and operation-friendly.

All of the condensers come with Normal Box with Side Blow and Top Blow.

We have the wall-mount capability for the flexible mounting options, and it provides confidence in what your technician is fixing.

Furthermore, Miracle can assure you a high lifetime guarantee for our water-cooled condensing unit.

It can improve the appearance of your enterprise sight. You can easily rely on it once you install it.

Miracle offers additional components with our water-cooled condensing unit to meet your special request and demand to use a wide range and numerous applications.

The upgrade payback usually comes within less than one year.

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit has everything that needs to ensure a successful HVAC operation for any project.

Contact us right now to let us know about your project in detail, and let’s get what you deserve from the number one water-cooled condensing unit manufacturer in China.

Does Miracle Manufacturer Custom Water-Cooled Condensing Units With Our Different Designs And Specification?

Does Miracle Manufacture Custom Water-Cooled Condensing Units With Our Different Designs And Specification

Miracle manufacture and supply the full selection of a water-cooled condensing unit that covers an extensive range of temperature, Horse Power, cooling capacity, refrigerant type, evaporating temp range, condenser fan motor capacity, and volume pitch of holes, pipe dimension and much more.

You can download our catalog from a website and check the specification table sheet about every single factor.

Remember that Miracle Refrigeration also manufacturer and supplies following your requirement and specification.

What Is The Temperature Range Of The Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit?

What Is The Temperature Range Of The Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

Miracle has an extensive temperature range.

For your high, medium, and low temperature, Miracle water-cooled condensing unit has from +10°C to – 70°C.

You can select your desire temperature range for matching others’ specifications. Such as for BITZER Compressor Condensing units, the temperature range is from -10℃ to 5℃.

It has an R22 refrigerant and 380V/3PH/50 HZ power supply.

From each temperature range, such as -5℃, -10℃, and -15℃, there are different capacities and input KW.

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit can match with any operation.

Feel free to ask our specialized water-cooled condensing unit team to assist you in telling your required temperature and others specifications.

Does A Miracle Water-Cooled Condenser Unit Is Corrosion-Resistant?

Does A Miracle Water-Cooled Condense Unit Is Corrosion Resistant

The evaporator and condenser’s fins of the Miracle water-cooled condensing unit are made with copper Fin/copper Tube coils.

It is the superior anti-corrosion protection because copper never reacts with water and generates copper oxide to fight against any extra corrosion.

One more benefit is getting 92% higher heat transfer with copper fins, where aluminum has 49%.

But If your operation requires an aluminum fins coil, Miracle already did everything to make it corrosion resistant.

It can ensure an anti-corrosive guard without having any coating.

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit has a good reputation for lasting for a long time.

One of the hidden reasons behind this is our numerous coil coating options to make it anti-corrosive.

All of our products are Powder-coated casings which extend the corrosion resistance and durability.

We know it can be used in different environments and so you may need different requirements to make if corrosion resistance for your specific environment.

As our water-cooled condensing unit is higher environmentally friendly, you can place it anywhere on the outside you want.

So to make it perfectly and completely able to fight against corrosion and rust, Miracle applies different coating.

So it won’t’ be affected after exposure to the environment constantly.

They have come with your use of the application, projects variation, or environmental position.

Such as for your hotel, laboratories, hatcheries, hospitals, off-shore drilling rigs, water treatment, food processing, or oil and gas plants.

There is the most extraordinary air-dried resin-based coat called “Technical.” This coating can protect your entire parts from corrosion of saltwater.

For your marine or other industrial environmental use, Here site Coating is available with a long-time protection guarantee.

Filtering your requirements, the Miracle can ensure Electrocoating, Thermoguard coating, and ES Gard Coating gradually for your wet-paint use, potential excessive corrosive environment, and general environment.

Thanks to Miracle Corrosion Resistance Technology, which is a game-changer for conventional, outdoor air and water-cooled condensing.

Every part of a miracle manufactured water-cooled condensing unit is anti-corrosive as well as single parts like evaporator fins and coil tubes.

The double side of the cabinet is double layered coated with a primer layer of epoxy and a top layer of polyester.

Every screw of a miracle water-cooled condensing unit is specially coated for corrosion and frost resistance.

The Heat Exchanger fin is also double side coated as a cabinet.

It has an anti-rust steel condenser plate. Also, the controller, FAn Grille, Motor Shaft, casing are all double layered coated against corrosion.

They are the highest thin layer and extraordinarily smooth and ensure a clean surface working against dust and dirt.

Miracle water-cooled condensing units and other outdoor condensing units come with a significant process for being corrosion-resistant for any purpose of use.

How Robust, Reliable, And Relevant Is A Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit?

How Robust, Reliable, And Relevant Is A Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

Regarding talking about a water-cooled condensing unit, Miracle Refrigeration, and Equipment Co, Ltd is the right fit as your best manufacturer.

Miracle water-cooled condenser is an excellent product that our customers have ensured and qualified in different regions worldwide.

It is high efficiency and long-lasting lifetime. Every single product of it has super high strength and power.

The Axial Fans, insulated copper pipe, copper Y joint, compressor, Evaporator fins, vibration eliminator, air curtain, condensate pump, filter drier, solenoid valve, sight glasses, refrigerant shut off valve, pressure controller, liquid receiver, suction accumulator, oil separator, expansion valve, refrigeration check valve, high and low-pressure gauge, refrigeration ball valve and all other components are well tested and secured.

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit has the solutions that can reduce the other associated costs and efforts.

Miracle supplies the best product to you, providing the custom and risk-free water treatment solution.

So the energy minimization, water-saving is easy, and maintenance costs will be reduced.

Miracle manufactures the water-cooled condensing unit, a critical water-based cooling system for your plant, ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Contact us today to learn how our innovative water-cooled condensing unit can help your project to succeed.

What Type Of Water-Cooled Condenser Can You Choose Among All Types?

What Type Of Water-Cooled Condenser Can You Choose Among All Types

As we mentioned before, Miracle has several water-cooled condensing unit types with plenty number of specifications and different variations.

Among all of these, you can look at each specific detail and feature to match your need.

Please note that Miracle can also manufacture a customized product for you.

Water-cooled condensing unit Copeland is coming with box type Copeland scroll compressor.

With 2 to 15 Horse Power and R22 & R404 A refrigerant.

It’s available for ZB Series, ZSI Series, ZFI Series.

Copeland Scroll Compressor Box Type Condensing Units has a standard box with both side blow and top blow.

It is designed for your medium and low-temperature operation.

Another type of MIC SERIES Copeland scroll compressor commercial condensing unit has horsepower from 2 HP to 12 HP.

And Copeland brand ZB, ZSI, ZFI Series compressor is a best-specialized Miracle manufactured water-cooled condensing unit for medium temperature.

Miracle BITZER Compressor Commercial Condensing Unitshas a solid and robust Bitzer model Semi-hermetic compressor with 2 to 50 horsepower.

You can choose R22, R404A, or R507 refrigerants for it and use medium and low temperatures.

Bitzer Compressor with U type water-cooled condenser and Bitzer Compressor with V type condenser are specialized for medium and low temperature with R404 A refrigerant with a strong capacity.

It also has a Bitzer Semi-hermetic Compressor with 5HP to 44 Horse Power.

Miracle has manufactured a revolutionary water-cooled condensing unit with a Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor.

It gives you 20% higher results than other condensers.

It has built-in black metal shot peening and passivation treatment system for cleaning the water in the water-cooled condensing process.

It is also the most secured and risk-free water-cooled condensing unit manufactured by a miracle which reduces the chemical reaction by the heat exchange fluid.

Miracle MANEUROP Compressor water-cooled Condensing Units are 2 to 50 horsepower and are available with R22, R404A, R507 refrigerant.

There are some more water-cooled condensers manufactured and supplied by Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

You can get yours by telling us your requirements and project details. Contact Us Today.

Why Is Miracle Incomparable With Others And Worth Being Your Best Water-Cooled Condenser Manufacturer?

Why Is Miracle Incomparable With Others And Worth Being Your Best Water-Cooled Condenser Manufacturer

Our highly skilled and experienced young engineer and developer team has designed the water-cooled condensing unit in the best innovative and effective way so that our customers get a high cooling capacity and higher longer lifetime of it.

It has a compact structure and good-looking figure and is very simple to install anywhere.

The best and intelligent way to gain maximum performance and reliability is with our scientifically designed miracle water-cooled condensing unit.

Some of the features of our product are:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Cost-effective solution
  • The highest safety ensured
  • Rational performance design
  • Minimum maintenance needs
  • The very convenient design makes maintenance easier.
  • Steady airflow can utilize high heat transfer capacity.
  • Exactly standard matched components with your need.

Do Miracle Provides After-Sales Service For The Water-Cooled Condensing Unit?

Do Miracle Provides After-Sales Service For The Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

Of course, we do. Miracle has both pre-sales and after-sales services.

Pre-sales included your customized design, requirement, and specification-based support, such as water-cooled condensing unit temperature request, goods type, and other details to select the best suitable products model for you.

Here we also consult you about choosing the best condensing unit for your project.

In after-sales service, we support you with a successful installation of the product, after-sales quality assurance service, CIF, FOB, CFR/CNF exporting support, and other technological support.

Contact us today for your particular service requirement and package.

How Safe Is A Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit?

How Safe Is A Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

We developed our product in its own proved innovative way, which all have registered patent and ISO: 9001 quality certification.

So all of the condensing unit manufactured by Miracle is entirely risk-free, safe, and secured.

Miracle water-cooled condenser comes with a corrosion-resistant surface for every part.

We follow the standards of Miracle brand water-cooled condensing unit while manufacturing and check very carefully.

Even after making it a final product, our special inspector team tests the condenser in a few exclusive steps to be entirely sure that there is no defect or leakage in our condensing unit.

Miracle water-cooled condenser also has the extraordinary facilities that we proper and use solder-free connection technology in installing.

You won’t require a welding professional when setting up the pipeline connection to connect your indoor Air-conditioning unit to the outdoor condensing unit.

It is straightforward to install, repair, and also convenient for regular maintenance.

Miracle’s residential water-cooled condensing unit for HVAC solution is the safest and reliable for you with a combination of the best water-cooled condenser and lokring fitting, lokring tools technology in the installation.

Can I Install An Outdoor Unit Of Air Conditioner In An Enclosed Space?

Can I Install An Outdoor Unit Of Air Conditioner In An Enclosed Space

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit can be placed anywhere if there is a sound ventilation system or space.

Our water-cooled condenser has an excellent user-friendly design and structure so that it can be adapted to any location or place.

No matter in an enclosed or tight space, Miracle water-cooled is your right fit. You can place it on the ground of the rooftop.

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit is multi-beneficial for your specialized use in different functional spaces.

Wherever you place the condenser, remember the location has to be clean where there is no dust, dirt, or anything else that can affect its cooling and heating capacity.

Clean it regularly, and you will get the maximum output from your most ideal water-cooled condensing unit.

How Long Can A Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit Last?

Miracle water-cooled condensing unit has a more extended lifetime guarantee than any other water-cooled condensing unit in the market.

You can have a fantastic user experience from it with maximum efficiency.

Miracle water-cooled condensing units usually last for more than 15 to 20 years.

Except for some regular maintenance or cleaning process, you may not require continuous repair or fixing procedures for it.

How Long Is Your Production Time For The Water-Cooled Condensing Unit?

How Long Is Your Production Time For The Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

Miracle has a large quantity of manufacturing capability to produce an excessive amount of Miracle water-cooled condensing units.

So there is usually 10 to 12 days from the order and making it ready for you.

But please let us know your specific schedule.

Miracle always assists you as you want. Contact us today.

Does The Packing For A Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit Is Safe?

Does The Packing For A Miracle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit Is Safe

Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co, Ltd ensures a high protectable and secure packing for our international client’s shipping.

We use Carton or a single wooden pallet to move the condensing unit.

For the unique packaging, the Miracle also provides Special packing types such as MDF material.

We can assist you with your custom requirement on package size, material, or others.

What To Look At Before Buying A Water-Cooled Condensing Unit?

What To Look At Before Buying A Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

Not every manufacturer produces an equal quality water-cooled condensing unit.

So there are just some factors that you can consider before buying a water-cooled condensing unit to pick out the best one from the market. Some of them are

  • Your use of area location and application
  • Cooling Capacity
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Load Calculation
  • SEER Rating
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Overall Cost

Based on your application and location, you should first confirm how many rooms or plants, or spaces you want to cool.

Your water-cooled condensing unit will vary with your cooling space and operation.

Then you can look after the highest cooling capacity according to your first factor.

A water-cooled condensing unit with good cooling capacity can give you the maximum cooling output experience.

Energy efficiency is the next factor that no one avoids.

Measured per watt of power, if a water-cooled condenser consumes a lot of power while working, it may not be an excellent decision to buy this condensing unit.

Can look after the energy-saving features to ensure energy-consuming efficiency.

A good water-cooled condensing unit or any outdoor-cooled condensing unit has a large coil for higher heat transfer, high-temperature rating, variable-speed blower, fan switch, and something more.

You should know the load calculation before buying a new air conditioning unit.

So to know the appropriate size of the air-condition of your home/factory or plant and choose a water-cooled condensing unit according to it is the best option.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER is a significant factor used to refer to the energy-efficiency power level.

So consider the SEER rating of your water-cooled condensing unit.

Make sure the annual maintenance will not take too much cost and time.

You should consider the overall cost and size of the condensing unit with another condenser in the market with a reasonable comparison.

The good news is that the water-cooled condensing unit miracle manufacturer comes with all of the factors and things considered for a good condenser.

You can check each of the factors from us while finding the best water-cooled condensing unit.

Please send us your inquiry now and contact us today to learn how we meet your every single demand.

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