How to Use FRK Propress Tool

How to Use FRK Propress Tool?, How to Use Refrigerator Repair Tool?

To make it easier for you to understand the process of using Miracle FRK Propress Tool, we have prepared a detailed step-by-step guide for using Miracle FRK Propress Tool.

There are eight steps in total. Each step is explained with pictures. Start your learning journey now!

1.Use a deburring tool to deburr the end of the pipe in a circle. If necessary, use a matting pad to clean the pipe to ensure that the end of the connected pipe is flat and smooth.

Step 1 of the FRK Propress Tool Usage

2. Select the matched size Miracle ring according to the diameter of the connected pipe, then put on the two single rings on the pipes that need to be connected.

Step 2 of the FRK Propress Tool Usage

3. Put on the Miracle sleeve and connect the two pipes. Gently shake the connected tube to check whether the pipe is inserted into the connecting sleeve in place.

Step 3 of the FRK Propress Tool Usage

4. When the Miracle ring and sleeve are put in the right place, mark it with a pen. Then take the marking line as the reference for the connecting sleeve, and pull out 1/3~1/2 length from the pipe end.

Step 4 of the FRK Propress Tool Usage

5. Drop the special sealing liquid for the ring at the gap between the connecting sleeve port and the pipe until the sealing liquid is no longer sucked in, stop dripping the sealing liquid: be sure to let the sealing liquid flow down along the gap between the connecting sleeve and the pipe to form a complete sealing system.

Step 5 of the FRK Propress Tool Usage

6. After the sealing liquid is filled, put the connecting ring in place.

Step 6 of the FRK Propress Tool Usage

7. Then place the manual propres tool on the connecting rings of both sides and start shaking the FRK manual propress tool handle for crimping.

Step 7 of the FRK Propress Tool Usage

8. When the ring moves to the shoulder position of the connecting sleeve and stops without a gap, also see the marked line, which means you connect the Miracle ring perfectly.

Step 8 of the FRK Propress Tool Usage

These are all the steps to use the FRK Propres Tool, is very simple and practical. Yes, Miracle FRK Propres Tool is designed for refrigerator repair, FRK Propres Tool is fully capable of after-sales repair of your refrigerator/freezer/drinker/kimchi cabinet, etc. It’s an amazing HVAC tool. Contact Miracle now for a quick quote!

Not only that, but the Miracle FRK Propres Tool has even more powerful features.
FRK Propres Tool is also called Lokring Tool. The combination of Lokring Tool and Lokring Fitting can cover all kinds of material piping connections. For example, HVAC piping, solar piping, floor heating piping, drinking water system piping, etc. Click now to see more.

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For more information on how to use the FRK propres tool, please check the article Lokring Training by clicking the link.

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