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Air Cooled Condensing Unit

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With 20 years of air-cooled condensing unit production experience, the production process is more mature.

Miracle integrates more than 20 years of experience into the product, can better understand your needs and market requirements, and has better quality control capabilities for air-cooled condensing units.

Years of accumulation are inseparable from the outstanding air-cooled condensing unit R&D team. Miracle has 5 senior engineers, several 10 intermediate engineers, and many technical backbones to escort your air-cooled condensing unit.

Outdoor Air Cooled Condensing Unit

An outdoor air-cooled condensing unit is a unit that mainly provides a refrigeration source for commercial or domestic small refrigeration equipment. Outdoor air-cooled condensing units include outdoor ac units for air conditioning systems and commercial units for cold storage supermarkets. The compressor of the outdoor air-cooled condensing unit adopts the world-famous brand Danfoss compressor or Copeland compressor. Among them, the electronic control system adopts Sanhua, Danfoss, or customizes the electronic control system of your designated brand according to your needs. Contact the Miracle air-cooled condensing unit team now to get a quick quote.

Danfoss Type Air Cooled Condensing Unit

The core component of the Danfoss type air-cooled condensing unit is the famous brand Danfoss compressor. Danfoss air-cooled condensing unit is the same as an outdoor air-cooled condensing unit, which can meet your individual customization needs. The appearance of the Danfoss type air-cooled condensing unit has a variety of specifications to choose from, and the outdoor air-cooled condensing unit style can be used, or the style shown in the picture. Of course, we have more appearances, you can click to see more, or contact Miracle directly to get more details about the air-cooled condensing unit.

Small Air Cooled Condensing Unit

A small air-cooled condensing unit is used for small refrigeration equipment, such as a freezer, refrigerator, or mini refrigeration equipment. There are many types of Miracle small air-cooled condenser units to choose from. Of course, the compressor type of the small air-cooled condenser unit is also available in many specifications. Miracle small air-cooled refrigeration compressors include Secop, Embraco, Maneurop, and other brands. Small size, big energy. Miracle small air-cooled condensing unit has the characteristics of low noise and high energy saving. Meet the diverse needs of your market. Contact us to get a quote now!

Copeland Type Air Cooled Condensing Unit

Reasonable structural design, well-organized control lines, high-quality compressors, and high-quality control systems are the first evaluation that customers see Miracle air cooled condensing unit. Yes, Miracle pays attention to the quality of air cooled condensing unit. The control of production details of the Miracle air-cooled condensing unit is independent among the Chinese refrigeration unit manufacturers. Miracle Copeland-type air-cooled condensing unit uses Copeland compressor as its core component. The all-black color combination shows the low-key and steady operation style of the unit. Contact us now to customize an air-cooled condensing unit that suits your market!

Bitzer Type Air Cooled Condensing Unit

The reliability of each component of the oil separator, liquid receiver, accumulator, filter drier, solenoid valve, and compressor directly affects the service life of the air-cooled condensing unit. Miracle displays the accessories of the air-cooled condensing unit in front of you in the form of pages for your review. The core component of Miracle Bitzer type air-cooled condensing unit adopts a Bitzer piston compressor. The high-performance compressor is the embodiment of a high-quality air-cooled condensing unit. At the same time, quick installation is another highlight of Miracle air-cooled condensing unit. Miracle air-cooled condensing unit adopts a modular design. You can purchase the accessories of the unit and assemble them freely in your market to increase your sales revenue. Send us your order now!

VRF Air Cooled Condensing Unit

VRF air cooled condensing unit is suitable for large air conditioning systems. The use of a VRF air cooled condensing unit with lokring tool and lokring fitting can greatly improve the efficiency of air conditioning installation. The Miracle VRF air cooled condensing unit adopts an integrated design, and the condenser is arranged above the unit, which is convenient for installation and also effectively saves floor space. Miracle VRF air cooled condensing unit has a variety of specifications to choose from, and it also meets the needs of individual customization. The excellent technical team and perfect quality control make the customization cost of Miracle VRF air cooled condensing unit lower. It also brings you real benefits. Contact us now!

As a manufacturer and supplier of air-cooled condensing units, Miracle has a history of more than 20 years.

Miracle air-cooled condensing unit factory is located in the historic Central Plains region, close to the important Central Plains economic channel to the sea, and is the regional central city of the Henan-Shandong-Hebei inter-provincial meeting.

Miracle air-cooled condensing unit factory has convenient transportation. Many expressways such as Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Daguang Expressway, Puhe Expressway, Nanlin Expressway, and Puffin Expressway run through the entire territory.

The surrounding air-cooled condensing unit supporting the industry chain is mature, so the supply system of Miracle air-cooled condensing unit is more stable and the price is more reasonable.

At the same time, it also guarantees more timely delivery of Miracle air-cooled condensing unit.

Miracle adheres to the win-win business philosophy. Only when Miracle air-cooled condensing unit is better sold in your market, then we can have a healthy development. Therefore we value your interests.

We are looking for suitable air-cooled condensing unit distributors all over the world. High-quality and customizable air-cooled condensing units will surely explode your business.

Maybe you already have your own air-cooled condensing unit supply system, but I still hope you can consider another supply system to ensure the healthy development of your business. Contact us now!

Air Cooled Condensing Unit Distributor

The OEM service provided by Miracle air cooled condensing unit is a supplement to the customization of air cooled condensing unit, and it is also an encouragement to distributors.

If you have enough strength to promote your air cooled condensing unit brand in your market, we will give you our biggest market development support and technical support.

The benign development is what Miracle air cooled condensing unit factory needs. Miracle is willing to be your best air cooled condensing unit supplier and strong backing in China. Send us your order and start our good cooperation right now!

Air Cooled Condensing Unit OEM Service

Related Products

Customized Air Cooled Condensing Unit

Customized Air Cooled Condensing Unit

The customized service of Miracle air-cooled condensing unit is the embodiment of the factory’s strength.

Our customized package is super flexible for your replacement, renovation, and new construction requirements.

The customization of the refrigeration condensing unit not only puts a test on the technicians but also puts forward higher requirements on the production equipment and production pipelines.

Only companies that have been in operation for many years can meet the needs of individual customization of air-cooled refrigeration units.

The Miracle air-cooled condensing unit factory adopts several welfare systems to ensure the income level of the first-line skilled workers, and at the same time improve the working environment of the workers.

So that the brain drain rate of the front-line workers is greatly reduced, thus ensuring the stability and customization of the air-cooled condensing unit. Contact us now!

Various types of air-cooled condensing units and condensing units can be customized according to your needs.

Just send us your inquiry and get a professional drawing and air-cooled condensing unit now!

Compressor Type of Air-cooled Condenser Unit?

Miracle manufactures and supplies a wide range of air-cooled condensers with world-class leading compressor brands which can be used in many different fields.

Our air-cooled condensers unit can be matched with the world’s leading compressors, such as Danfoss, Copeland, Bitzer, Frascold, etc.

Of course, we can also provide you with original brand compressors, such as semi-hermetic compressors, scroll compressors, rotary compressors, and other types.

Miracle outdoor air-cooled condensing units are perfectly suited for small refrigeration units in the commercial or domestic sector and offer you more flexible options.

For the freezer, refrigerator, mini or small refrigeration equipment, Miracle also can supply you with small cooling units.

Such as Maneurop compressor, mini rotary compressor, Secop compressor, etc.

For your large plant or air conditioning system, Copeland compressor condensing unit, Bitzer compressor condensing unit, and VRF air-cooled condensing unit is the best outdoor condenser.

All of them are very easy to install Because Miracle uses its developed pipe press tool, pipe press-fitting.

So the installation process is super quick and easy, and the maintenance and repairing are also straightforward.

Air-cooled Condensing Unit Parts

Miracle ensures the long-time life service and a successful operation output of every single air-cooled condenser part for your project.

They all are well tested, secured, and very trusted to use in different types of equipment.

Every air-cooled condenser unit part comes with several tests and checks through its manufacturing procedure.

We strictly handle the quality, and that’s why it’s risk-free to use.

These accessories include AC axial fans, filter drier, compressor, solenoid valve, sight glasses, liquid receiver, suction accumulator, oil separator, expansion valve, vibration eliminator, air curtain, condensate pump, refrigeration valve.

You can let us know the specific requirement of your project, and the miracle team will offer you the best matching package according to your operation.

What Refrigerant Does Miracle Use?

What Refrigerant Does Miracle Use

Miracle manufacture a large number of outdoor air-cooled condensing unit.

So there are more options for using different refrigerants.

Such as R22, R134A, R404A, R407C, R410A, R507A, etc.

You can find air-cooled refrigeration unit refrigerants matching your demand.

Air-Cooled Condensing Unit One-stop Shopping?

What Are The Other Air-Cooled Condensing Unit And Product Miracle Manufacture

Along with the air-cooled condenser we mentioned before, there are a few more.

They are available for sale for all high, medium, and low-temperature uses. Some of them are:

TECUMSEH compressor condenser units  Bitzer compressor air-cooled condensing units Bitzer compressor water-cooled condenser units Copeland semi-hermetic compressor condensing unit  Maneurop compressor condensing unit.

Miracle is a reliable supplier of air conditioning and refrigeration solutions in China.

Not only that, but we also offer you more refrigeration products.

Some of them are

lokring tools and lokring fittings for solder-free connection technology

outdoor condensing unit for central air-conditioning

The air-cooled condenser

Refrigeration evaporator

HVAC parts

Insulated copper pipe

These all are brilliant solutions for the successful result of your HVAC&R solution.

Please send us your project inquiry right now to know the most suitable one.

What Is The Meaning Of An Air-Cooled Condensing Unit?

What Is The Meaning Of An Air-Cooled Condensing Unit

An air-cooled condensing unit, air-cooled condenser, or ACC is a condenser that uses air to remove refrigerant heat on the tube.

It is a direct dry cooling system. It has a plentiful coil area with air blowing axial fan.

It also has adjusted copper pipe, ware, and plate type fin to increase the surface area for heat transfer.

Where Can I Use An Air-Cooled Condensing Unit?

Where Can I Use An Air-Cooled Condensing Unit

An air-condensing unit has a broad application of use area.

You can use it in the residential or small office air-condensing or refrigerator condensing unit.

It is very suitable for refrigeration systems, hvac systems.

The other best use area of the air-cooled condensing unit is in a power plant where water has scarcity.

Such as thermal power plants, combined cycle, biomass, and waste to energy, coal, or concentrated solar power plant.

In addition, air-cooled condensing unit for cold room, walk-in cooler, etc.

What Air-Cooled Condensing Unit Does Miracle Manufacturer?

What Air-Cooled Condensing Unit Does Miracle Manufacturer

Miracle Refrigeration is a global leader in manufacturing air-cooled condensers, evaporator coil, and refrigeration coil around the World.

We offer central air-conditioning solutions and refrigeration solutions which fall under many unique and innovative patents.

A miracle air-cooled condensing unit is one of the best solutions for your central air-conditioning operation and walk-in cooler.

Miracle Refrigeration and Equipment Co, Ltd manufacturer and supplies all types of air-cooled condensing units.

Some standard air-cooled condensers among them are

  • The outdoor air-cooled condensing unit,
  • Danfoss type air-cooled condensing unit,
  • The small air-cooled condensing unit,
  • Copeland type air-cooled condensing unit,
  • Bitzer type air-cooled condensing unit,
  • VRF air-cooled condensing unit.

Benefits Of Using an Air-Cooled Condensing Unit?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Miracle Manufactured High-Quality Air-Cooled Condensing Unit

Miracle refrigeration and equipment co, ltd manufacture and supply the reliable latest model air-cooled condensing unit for your successful project installation.

We maintain the highest rules and regulations of the international quality standard maintenance organizations.

Having a strict policy on not compromising quality, Miracle can supply the maximum sustainable air-cooled condensing unit to our customers.

Our air-cooled condensing unit prevents the unnecessary use of water and saves money by not wasting water.

Its higher efficiency enables it to unvarying steam allocation, Which ensures the prevention of unusually freezing, flooding, sub-cooling, and air accumulation.

So the overall performance of Miracle manufactured air-cooled condensing unit is undoubtedly higher than others in the market.

Can I Place My Air-cooled Condenser On The Roof?

Can I Place My Condensing Unit On The Roof

The best practice is to place your air-cooled condensing unit on the ground because of the convenience of maintenance and repair.

But if you need to run a long line to place the outdoor unit on the ground, It’s okay to place it on the roof.

Miracle air-cooled condensing unit is super flexible to fit on the ground or roof. It has low roof-load weight distribution.

Miracle manufactured condenser is very straightforward to install on both ground and rooftop.

Why Should I Use An Air-Cooled Condensing Unit?

Why Should I Use An Air-Cooled Condensing Unit Instead Of A Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

Air-cooled condensing and water-cooled condensing units have their advantages and disadvantages from their aspect use area and operation.

But air-cooled condenser is the best alternative for you to use if you need it for high-power capacity power plants such as geothermal power plants.

As an air-cooled condensing unit make the heated cooled by ambient air, it doesn’t require water to cool.

So all of the project. Plant and operation where water is scared, the air-cooled condensing unit is pretty popular to reject the heat.

Almost in every desert area’s use, an air-cooled condenser plays a beneficial and problem-solving role.

So whether it’s a desert or the cooling water is inadequate or insufficient, restricted or expensive, an air-cooled condensing unit is the best alternative to use.

Learn more about it from our experienced engineer. Please send any inquiries right now.

What Are The Advantages Of a Miracle Air-Cooled Condensing Unit?

What Are The Advantages Of Miracle Manufactured Air-Cooled Condensing Unit

We use computer simulation to build the unit model and adopt modular design.

Not only that but the Miracle air-cooled refrigeration unit is condensed with our extensive installation experience.

So it fits your needs better.

Some advantages of Miracle air-cooled condensing unit are:

The air-cooled condenser is relatively small in size,

The installation process and cost is less than others,

It also doesn’t require the cooling tower vapor plume,

Installation with the fireless connection technology,

It doesn’t require cooling water makeup, cooling water pumps and pumping,

It is very flexible to use in any project because of its innovative and economically friendly design,

Maintenance procedures and costs are deficient.

How Does Air-Cooled Condensing Unit Work?

What Is The Working Principle Of An Air-Cooled Condensing Unit

The air-cooled condensing unit function is to cool the heat from two places.

One is absorbed heat by the evaporator and released by the refrigerant, and the other is the heat generated by the compressor.

The air takes away this heat though there is natural convection which also cools the refrigerant.

Miracle manufacture the top quality ensured air-cooled refrigeration unit, which can be used in any area or project where water is inconvenient.

Does Air-Cooled Condensing Unit Have High-Duty Working Strength?

There is no doubt about the quality and working output of a miracle air-cooled condenser unit.

You will be satisfied with the particular numeric value of the capacity of a miracle air-cooled steam condenser.

Miracle air-cooled condensing unit has high efficiency but a low leakage rate.

The axial fan significantly reduces heat load and increases the working strength of our condensing unit.

It has a fantastic quality of saving energy.

You can use it in every possible way and get the maximum use of a miracle manufactured air-cooled condensing unit.

Why The Use Of Air-Cooled Condensing Units Increased?

Why The Use Of Air-Cooled Condensing Units Increased

For the last decade, recyclable power was prevalent and widely used in all sectors as a great alternative to water, coal, oil, or natural gas.

But these are not unlimited resources throughout the World.

Again the water levels are falling gradually, and there are other essential uses of water to live life.

So the best alternative to it can be the air-cooled condensing unit.

Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co, Ltd has especially worked with Direct Dry Cooling System, Indirect Dry Cooling System, and Hybrid Cooling System.

As a dedicated and devoted company in the central cooling and refrigeration field.

Miracle continuously explores new and innovative technology to improve the cooling system for economic development.

One of the surveys conducted by us says that the capacity of a large power plant using an air-cooled condensing unit increased by a significant number more than five times in the last two decades.

Does A Good Condenser Coil Necessary In An Air-Cooled Condenser?

Does A Good Condenser Coil Necessary In An Air-Cooled Condenser

Like an evaporator coil, a condenser coil is also an essential part of an air-cooled condenser unit.

The fan blows the air through it to cool the heat generated in the refrigerant.

Miracle Refrigerator and Equipment Co, Ltd manufacture and supply a large selection of cooling AC condenser coil, heating coil, and another flat, L, U, or G-shaped condenser coil.

You also can get a customized condenser coil with your project specification.

To get high efficiency from your air-cooled condensing unit.

Miracle’s designers and engineers can improve your customized condenser coil for you.

No matter you need copper, gold aluminum, or others fin material for it.

As the leader of the air-cooled condenser manufacturer in China, Miracle work professionally to fulfill your demand.

So we highly optimize your parts design by our experienced engineers and team member.

It can reduce the leakage rate of your machine.

The Miracle can be the best condenser coil, overall air-cooled condensing unit provider, with other advantages and issue solving quality.

Read more: what are internal thread copper tubes, the trend of internal thread copper pipe.

Does All Miracle Manufacture Air-Cooled Condenser Parts Anti-Corrosion?

Does All Miracle Manufacture Air-Cooled Condenser Parts Anti-Corrosion

Miracle manufacture and supply a high anti-corrosion air-cooled condenser which has a long service life.

We manufacture every single part of the air-cooled condenser with ISO:9001 requirement and verified by all world prominent quality inspection authorities.

The out shell is by the galvanized sheet, and there is special spraying in the inner and outer walls of every possible part of an air-cooled condensing unit.

So every single anti-corrosion part we supply is much higher and very effective than any others.

There are more processes that miracles go through to manufacture a complete anti-corrosion compressor, condenser, and other parts.

All the copper pipes of the condenser coil or others are sprayed in a high-temperature environment with materials proven to work against corrosion.

Miracle also ensures the safety of the evaporator, condenser, and another crucial part of an air-cooled condensing unit.

There are copper fins, or hydrophilic aluminum foil aluminum fins are used to make evaporator and condenser anti-corrosive.

So there is no doubt of getting high work efficiency and long life service from the Miracle manufactured air-cooled condensing unit.

What Are The Types Of Air-Cooled Condensing Units?

What Are The Types Of Air-Cooled Condensing Units

There are two types of air-cooled condensing units based on the process of blowing air.

They are natural convection air-cooled condensers and forced convection air-cooled condensers.

In the natural convection air-cooled condenser, the cold air absorbs heat from the hot condenser by going through it and making it cooler.

This air-cooled condenser diagram cycle is done by natural convection, requiring an extra fan to flow the air.

That’s why the process of a natural convection air-cooled condenser is much slower, which can be used in residential use of refrigeration and air conditioner but not in a large plant, commercial or industrial use.

Forced convection air-cooled condensing units use fans to replace the heat of the compressor and coil by forcing the cold air into it.

A high-power motor and a strong fan are essential to get the highest efficiency in this air-cooled condensing unit system.

Miracle manufactures a high-static and low sound motor that brings the high-duty fan in service to replace the hot air quickly.

It is much better than others because of the power-saving capability and minimum noise.

So it can quickly raise the capacity of your air-cooled condensing unit to use in individual, commercial, industrial, or extensive power plants.

Why Choose Miracle Air-Cooled Condenser Unit For Your Refrigeration System?

Why You Choose Miracle For Your Best Air-Cooled Condensing Unit And Others Refrigeration Equipment

Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd. is China’s largest producer, manufacturers, and supplier of significant refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

It is also the World’s no one brand of an air-cooled condensing unit and other outdoor condensing units.

Miracle has more than 20 innovative own registered patents on refrigeration and air-conditioning solution, which are the successful results of our research, development, and design of economical, cost-effective, and work efficient equipment.

Our air-cooled condensing unit is widely used in different regions globally.

Such as Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd. is the name of quality, safety, and lifelong service.

Our mission is to create surprisingly friendly and best economic friendly air-conditioning, refrigeration, and freezing solutions for everyone.

All Miracle manufactured air-cooled condensing unit performance is certified and verified following ISO and other international inspection authorities.

Furthermore, Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd has a pretty strong capability to design and manufacture any custom specified condensing unit for your projects.

We want to use our 18 years of successful experience of continuous development in manufacturing and exporting outdoor and indoor air-cooled condenser units.

Our dedicated support team is waiting for your inquiry to assist you.

Where Do Air-Cooled Condensing Units Go?

Where Do Air-Cooled Condensing Units Go

An air-cooled condensing unit, also called an outdoor air-cooled condenser, can be located outside the room.

You should place an air-cooled condensing unit where it can breathe well.

The tight space can affect the efficient operation of your air-cooled condensing unit.

Your air-condition and refrigeration project success rate depends on the installation location of the outdoor condensing unit.

So it’s essential to choose the right location for your air-cooled condensing unit.

First of all, you should discuss the location of the air-cooled condensing unit with your contractor.

It would be best if you let your contractor know your preplanned location.

Secondly, make sure there is enough space for ventilation so your air-cooled condensing unit.

The low-temperature air-cooled condensing unit and the high-temperature air-cooled condensing unit may require different portions of a large or small place.

Check your ventilation requirements and follow them to know the different values.

Which Brand Air-Cooled Condenser Is The Best Option To Buy?

I Need A High-Performance Air-Cooled Condenser; Which Brand Is The Best Option To Buy

Why won’t you be successful when you are using a robust and high-strength air-cooled condensing unit manufactured by Miracle?

Our revolutionary refrigeration and air-conditioning solution can help your business to succeed.

Miracle air-cooled condensing unit is integrated with easy installation service and comes with weatherproof construction.

The direct-drive condenser fans ensure a high lifetime and excellent cooling option.

Miracle also guarantees for unique e-coated condenser coil with an unseparated subcooling circuit.

The high-static and low sound cooling motor fan will never bother you and don’t make noise.

It is minimum sound compared with other air-cooled condensing units.

The outdoor cabinet has both horizontal airflow and vertical airflow configuration design.

To say in one word, all of the single parts of Miracle’s air-cooled condensing unit are tested, well protected, and risk-free.

Each of them has a long lifetime and is super efficient on performance.

Please ask us any questions about the quality, working efficiency of our air-cooled condenser, or its single parts.

Miracle supply high-quality air-cooled condenser in refrigeration solutions that have top-quality single-row condenser fin tubes.

So Miracle can offer you a great freezing and corrosion resistance air-cooled condenser.

It has an excellent manual or semi-automatic cleaning system.

Overall usability is higher than others because of its flexibility in using different plants and plots.

What Is A Condensing Unit?

What Is A Condensing Unit

A condenser or an outdoor condensing unit is a heat exchanger that changes or causes a gas or vapor to a liquid under its cooling process.

It expet the heat the evaporator absorbed and kept cool our space.

It is the most efficient heat released application in the worldwide commercial, industrial and residential spheres.

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