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As one of the reliable refrigeration unit manufacturers in China, Miracle refrigeration unit factory has around 20 years of history and our refrigeration units have exported to 50+ countries, and Miracle refrigeration unit is also accepted by customers in various countries because of their excellent cost performance and stable and reliable quality.

Miracle refrigeration unit factory covers an area of more than 12,000 square meters, has multiple advanced production lines and independent cryogenic laboratories, plus a professional team of engineers, has professional R&D and design capabilities of various refrigeration units, and can meet the customized needs of customers in different markets!

Small Refrigeration Unit

Miracle small refrigeration unit usually adopts small light commercial compressors, such as Secop, Embraco, and other similar brands, so refrigeration unit is also called compressor unit. Miracle small refrigeration unit is mainly used in refrigerators, freezers, display cabinets, water dispensers, kimchi cabinets, etc. Miracle provides the complete small refrigeration unit, also supplies the main parts for the refrigeration unit.

For providing you the most cost-effective small refrigeration unit, Miracle also provides solder-free connection products for your refrigeration unit installation and maintenance. Any needs for the small type refrigeration unit, contact Miracle now!

Outdoor Refrigeration Unit

The outdoor refrigeration unit is one of the popular refrigeration units in different markets. Miracle outdoor refrigeration unit is widely used household air conditioners for split type and light commercial for central air conditioner. The cooling power can be 1hp to 15hp.

For better suits your markets, Miracle has many types appearance outdoor refrigeration units for you to choose from, normally for small power 1HP to 5HP we design for side blowing type, and for bigger cooling power, we use top blowing type. At the same time, we can customize according to your needs. Send us your orders without hesitation, we will worth your trying!

Commercial Refrigeration Unit

Commercial refrigeration unit, as the name suggests, is the refrigeration unit used in the commercial refrigeration field, such as the cold storage refrigeration unit in the supermarket, food stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, walk-in freezer unit, etc. Miracle provides many types of commercial refrigeration units to meet your needs, box type refrigeration unit, open type refrigeration unit, air-cooled refrigeration unit, water-cooled refrigeration unit.

The compressor brands we normally use are Copeland, Bitzer, Danfoss, Secop, Embraco, and more. Just contact us with your specific requirements and get your refrigeration unit now!

Danfoss Refrigeration Unit

Danfoss refrigeration unit page put all the popular air-cooled box type refrigeration unit for your easy selection. Miracle use Danfoss MLM series compressor, MLZ series compressors for different temperature applications. According to the cooling power, we have different designs to achieve its best performance.

Miracle Danfoss box type refrigeration unit has standard SUS plate with white color, and coating with Blue color and your other requests for the appearance, just let us know. For the inner refrigeration unit parts, you can also have a glance at this page. Any questions or needs, contact us now!

Copeland Refrigeration Unit

Copeland refrigeration unit page has several types of box type and open type unit that specially designed for you. Miracle provides the Copeland refrigeration unit with R22 and R404a refrigerants, and the ZB series, ZSI, ZFI series are used for different applications in different countries.

Even the inside condenser coil of the Copeland refrigeration unit, we can customize it for you. To serve you well, Miracle also provides the AC parts for your installation of the Copeland refrigeration unit, such as AC brackets, HVAC tools, Valves, etc. If you want more related parts for the Copeland refrigeration unit, just contact us right now!

Bitzer Refrigeration Unit

Bitzer refrigeration unit is basically the most popular and recognized brand of refrigeration units in the world. Bitzer is a representative of high quality and high performance all over the world. Of course, the Bitzer refrigeration unit is also a series of refrigeration units with very high sales in Miracle factory.

Miracle supply air-cooled Bitzer refrigeration unit and water-cooled Bitzer refrigeration unit, even the parallel refrigeration unit to meet your various needs. Bitzer refrigeration unit also has many models for different cooling power and using scenes. Such as the standard refrigeration unit with L-type condenser, V-type condenser, and other types of condensers.

If you want to design the Bitzer refrigeration unit for your cold storage room, or your central air conditioner or supermarket cooling or warehouse for freezing, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Air Cooled Refrigeration Unit

Air cooled refrigeration unit is the type of refrigeration unit with air-cooled condensers as the heat exchanger. Air cooled refrigeration unit is mainly used in places with abundant wind energy, on the one hand, it can save energy, on the other hand, the efficiency of air cooling is also very good.

With 20 years of history of manufacturing air cooled refrigeration units, Miracle can better understand your needs and customize the perfect high-efficiency air cooled refrigeration unit for you. Contact us now!

Water Cooled Refrigeration Unit

A water-cooled refrigeration unit is a type of refrigeration unit with a water-cooled condenser as the heat exchanger. A water-cooled refrigeration unit is mainly used in a place where is full of water energy. A water-cooled refrigeration unit is more popular for big projects because it is more cost-effective in the long run.

Miracle has a water-cooled refrigeration unit with a Bitzer compressor, Frascold compressor, and the parallel is widely used. All the refrigeration parts for the water-cooled refrigeration unit are tested on our many years’ project, so it can ensure the high quality for the water-cooled refrigeration unit. Send us your project detail and let us design the water-cooled refrigeration unit for you now!

Parallel Refrigeration Unit

The parallel refrigeration unit is mainly used on big projects, the refrigeration unit can be with 2 compressors or 3 compressors or more compressors according to your project’s needs. The most advantage of a parallel refrigeration unit is Flexible control, high efficiency, and energy-saving.

The parallel refrigeration unit needs to equip with a high-efficiency oil separator, high-efficiency condenser unit, and a perfect design to control the refrigeration unit. Bitzer compressor, Copeland compressor, Danfoss compressor are highly used on the parallel refrigeration unit.

For more info, contact us without any hesitation now!

Miracle refrigeration unit factory is a customer and employee-oriented factory.

After 20 years of development, it now has a complete production management system of the refrigeration unit and freezer condensing unit, advanced production equipment, and excellent R&D talents.

Through the cooperation experience with customers in more than 50 countries, we can quickly grasp the needs of refrigeration units from customers and customize your refrigeration unit according to the actual use.

And each customized unit will be simulated in our own independent laboratory during the R&D and testing phase and before mass production.

We will use scientific methods to simulate the actual operating conditions of your refrigeration unit, and will also do durability testing.

Through rigorous testing to ensure that the refrigeration unit provided to you by Miracle is reasonably designed, that the accessories are well-matched, and have a long service life.

As one of the reliable refrigeration unit manufacturers, Miracle has the complete set of advanced refrigeration unit production equipment.

Such as manipulators, sheet metal numerical control equipment, automatic pipe benders, high-speed automatic production lines for condenser and evaporator fins, digital three-dimensional pipe benders, laser cutting, machine assembly lines, air coolers, condenser assembly lines, etc.,

At the same time, we focus on the advanced technology and equipment of refrigeration unit, with a high degree of equipment automation.

New refrigeration unit production equipment will be added from time to time to improve the production process and improve work efficiency.

Through the factory’s 5S management, the equipment is regularly maintained and overhauled to ensure stable refrigeration unit quality and punctual delivery.

Every refrigeration accessory plays an important role in the refrigeration unit, only when we care about every part and select them in a strict way, you can get a high quality, high performance, and energy-saving refrigeration unit.

All the refrigeration parts which are used on Miracle refrigeration unit are all test by our bulk of refrigeration units in different markets. Except that we also supply the refrigeration parts of refrigeration unit to you, for your easy purchase and save you work.

The refrigeration parts we supply including various brands of compressors, pressure vessel products(refrigeration oil separator, liquid receiver, filter drier, suction accumulator, etc), pressure controller, vibration absorber, high and low oil gauge, expansion valve, solenoid valve, refrigeration ball valve, air-cooled condenser, fan motor, etc. Any parts you need for the refrigeration unit, please do not hesitate to contact us now!

The evaporator and condenser are two of the important parts of the refrigeration system, the condenser needs to be installed on the refrigeration unit.

While the evaporator will be matched with the refrigeration unit, for example when for a cold room project, the evaporator needs to be installed inside of the cold room and working together with the outer refrigeration unit.

Miracle refrigeration unit factory has a strong ability to design and manufacturer various types of condenser coil, evaporator coil, HVAC coil with various fin space, copper pipe arrangement, and aluminum foil.

With that, Miracle supply you with a standard and customized refrigeration evaporator, refrigerator evaporator, refrigerator condenser, and more to support your business!

Sufficiently large plant area, sufficient production equipment, and experienced production line workers ensure that Miracle can produce refrigeration units that meet your needs at a faster speed and higher quality.

If you are a refrigeration unit factory, but the production capacity cannot keep up with the order quantity, or you want to take some styles out for OEM due to equipment, technology, labor costs, etc, or you are a dealer brand with a long history.

If you want to enrich the product system and sell your own branded accessories and refrigeration units, then Miracle is your good choice.

Give us a chance, you will get a reliable refrigeration unit supplier in the future!

Refrigeration Unit OEM Service

If you work with Miracle refrigeration unit factory, you can get the service from us in the following:

  • High-quality refrigeration unit and fast delivery
  • Customized refrigeration unit for your project
  • One-stop service for various HVAC parts of the refrigeration unit
  • Customized package and thoughtful delivery service
  • After-sales guidance and maintenance service during warranty time
  • No welding connection solution-Lokring Tool and Lokring Fitting.

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