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Your Premier Danfoss Compressor Supplier

The Miracle is an authorized Danfoss compressor supplier and distributor in China. We allow you to choose your Danfoss scroll compressor from our wide variety of inventory.

The Miracle can supply all Danfoss compressors and parts with any specification ready for your project. With the most fantastic Danfoss air conditioning compressor and our exceptional support, quality, and shipping service, Miracle is your one-stop professional destination.

Miracle assures you of the highest standards and supreme quality with the complete HVAC parts and other solutions. Explore all air conditioners parts, outdoor ac units, and wholesale HVAC units with a reliable service. Our 20 years of refrigeration supply experience can help you to choose the best winning Danfoss Compressor. Contact us now.

Danfoss Maneurop Reciprocating Compressor

Miracle supplies a large variety of Danfoss Maneurop reciprocating compressors to meet your needs. We meet your purity standards best MT, MTZ, NTZ series reciprocating compressor with an extensive range of volume and operating conditions. This world-class supreme compressor has a feature to fit with a comprehensive application range such as cold rooms, air dryers, air conditioners etc. We supply the full range of each series and all primary series compressors. Contact us now to send your order.

CH Danfoss Scroll Compressor

Miracle has this CH-series Danfoss scroll compressor for export to any global location. This is the most state-of-the-art updated technology compressor with maximum working efficiency. With R410A refrigerant, It has a 140.5 kW nominal cooling capacity at 60Hz. Miracle supplies about 8 models of this CH-series scroll compressor. You can use this for an extensive range of air conditioning and HVAC unit applications. Send your order now.

DCJ Danfoss Scroll Compressor

Miracle can supply at least 48 models of DCJ series of Danfoss scroll compressor for air conditioning. With R410 refrigerant, a wide range of voltages, Ph and Hz volume are present here to fit with any application of residential air conditioners, heat pumps and others. It has 50/60 Hz frequency, and about 5.8 L of low side volume. All most outstanding specification of this DCJ series scroll compressor comes with keeping your any requirements in mind. Order your best compressor today.

HCJ Danfoss Scroll Compressor

All 46 models of this HCJ Danfoss scroll compressor has a different voltage, Ph, Hz capacity available to Miracle for export. Such as with R410A refrigerant 120U2299 model has 380 to 415 voltages, 3 Ph, 50 Hz or 460 voltage, 3Ph, 60Hz. The Miracle can supply you with the exactly matched Danfoss compressor according to your needs. Explore the all features and specifications to order now.

PSH Danfoss Scroll Compressor

From our most extensive export-ready stock PSH series Danfoss compressor, you can choose yours one by the compressor power supply, model number, refrigerant, IP protection class and other volumes. This CE UL standard PSH series scroll compressor has internal overload protector motor protection. It has a minimum -35 °C to a maximum of 55 °C with low levels of testosterone and a 400 to 506 high value of nominal voltage range at different Hz. The Miracle can supply the original Danfoss compressor with the highest reliability. Contact us now to order.

SH Danfoss Scroll Compressor

Miracle also supplies a wide range of models with different working capacity volumes for this SH series Danfoss scroll compressor. With a 60Hz frequency, this compressor has some excellent features and specifications that you will love to choose for your different applications. It is with R410a refrigerant and 5.9kg of maximum refrigerant charge. The Miracle can also supply you with 3500 rpm rotational speed and 253 high value of voltage range at the frequency it has. This scroll compressor has more than 100 models available to export. Contact us now.

SM Danfoss Scroll Compressor

The Miracle is your one-stop supplier for the SM series Danfoss compressor. It has more than 100 models with huge variants of features. You can explore a massive volume of dimensions, high and low-pressure protection, electrical data, and another operating conditioner for both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies. This 3 phase scroll compressor is ODF fittings standard and can go with your different cold rooms, supermarkets, milk tank cooling others applications.

SY Danfoss Scroll Compressor

This SY series compressor has R134a, R22, R513A, and R407C refrigerant with 380 voltage, 3 Ph, and 60 Hz frequency. The Miracle can supply you with this innovative scroll compressor as the latest cooling solution technology. It has 400 high values of the nominal voltage at 60 Hz and other killing features and volumes. That ensures a super high working efficiency for the most extensive range of applications. Send us your order now.

Danfoss Fridge Compressor

Miracle supplies your genuine Danfoss fridge compressor with a large variety of series, models, types, and working specifications. We can provide different types of refrigerant, horsepower, voltage, frequency, lubricants, and other features and volume, which you can use for the best cooling output in a large range of applications. Having an original Danfoss Fridge compressor from the best-authorized distributors in China allow you to get a fast, reliable and satisfying’s service. Order now.

Carlyle Semi Hermetic Compressor

Danfoss scroll compressors have been a great success, but they are still lacking in the field of semi-hermetic compressors. In this section, Miracle presents you with Carrier semi-hermetic compressors and Carrier screw compressors. In addition, we can also provide you with scroll compressors jointly developed by Danfoss and Carrier. Contact us now.

The way Danfoss design it DSH compressors with this IDVs technology is revolutionary in the HVAC industry. Additional refrigerant compression under part-load conditions can dramatically improve system flexibility, working performance, and scroll compressor efficiency.

When 80% of ac chillers fail to fulfill the minor power production standard, the innovative IDVs technology can increase the 7.3% system-wide gain of ac compressors. The test of IDV probed its strength in the Danfoss lab, and the SEER report is fascinating about it.

When you purchase a Danfoss compressor, you say goodbye to all energy efficiency problems. Before the invention of IDVs technology, the overall performance and energy efficiency was the biggest challenge. Order the best innovative compressor now.

Danfoss Compressor IDVs Technology

Miracle provides complete technical support to all our premium customers. With includes before sales support services like a custom design, planning, consultancy, and after-sales like installation, training, guidance, spare parts selling, etc.

As a Danfoss authorized distributor, Miracle sells all single parts of the Danfoss scroll compressor. Miracle manufactures all HVAC tools, parts, and HVAC valves to provide a complete air-conditioning installation and repairing support, except for all of these, such as our innovative solder-free connection products, lokring fittings, lokring tools, air conditioner tools, refrigerator repair tools, refrigeration valves, expansion valve, rotalock valve, etc.

Our professional support team is always dedicated to supporting you about anything. Send us your inquiry now.

Danfoss Compressor Technical Support

The Miracle is your Danfoss authorized best compressor distributor near you, located in Zhengzhou City, China. We can bring the world’s first oil-free magnetic bearing Danfoss compressor to you with a 100% authentication guarantee.

Miracle ensures all the promises and warranties that Danfoss offered. We can guarantee you the best control system, compressed air treatment system with exceptional service.

There is no chance to discover a fake Danfoss scroll compressor by Miracle while we ensure all quality tests and international standard certifications such as ISO: 9001 – 2015. Miracle allows you to choose the most extensive range of Danfoss industrial compressors online to meet your total demands. Send us your order now.

Danfoss Compressor Authenticity Guarantee

Miracle gives you the most efficient and safe solution of transporting and shipping your compressor and other central air conditioner parts in the lowest time.

Our fast shipping features include the best cost-effective freight rates by the best reliable and leading freight forwarder in China. Including the Danfoss compressor, Miracle can deliver your central air conditioner parts, refrigeration accessories, refrigeration unit, freezer condensing unit, commercial refrigeration unit, refrigeration condensing unit anywhere in the world.

Whether you need a bulk quantity, Miracle has a large ready-to-go stock of Danfoss compressors, and we supply it with your complete satisfaction and security. Send us your order today.

Danfoss Compressor Fast Shiping

The global leader Danfoss acquired the Maneurop compressor in 1990, and from then, It is still acquiring many innovative, successful brands and increase its strength.

Danfoss is focused on continuous innovation on HVAC and other technology to enrich the industry. You will find Danfoss as a special blessing as providing the most trustworthy, dependable, and authentic innovation technology such as IDVs technology.

Miracle supplies all Danfoss scroll compressors, Maneurop reciprocating compressors, and Secop compressors as the dominant authorized distributor in China. Get all Danfoss condensing units, refrigeration units, and other single space HVAC parts from us. Send us your order now.

Miracle supply a broad category of Danfoss compressor with numerous series, models, types and each of them has a vast number of different working specification.

So it can go with plenty of applications with a broad range of commercial refrigerators, industrial, and residential use.

Mainly for use in your HVAC and refrigeration purposes, the refrigeration scroll compressor can match with hotels, food, beverages shops and factories, restaurants, food, garments, building materials, construction, machinery preparing, and manufacturing plants.

The Miracle can supply many types and sizes for your rooftop chillers or process cooling system.

For any high, medium, or low-temperature application, contact our team to get the best Danfoss compressor now.

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