What Is R22 Refrigerant Gas?

What Is R22 Refrigerant Gas

R22 refrigerant gas is composed of Difluorochloromethane, also known as Monochlorodifluoromethane, freon, abbreviated as HCFC-22, and its chemical formula is CHClF2.

R22 refrigerant gas is a hydrogen-containing chlorofluorocarbon, a colorless gas with a slight sweet smell.

Difluorochloromethane is a gas that has a disruptive effect on the atmosphere at high altitudes and has a greenhouse effect.

According to the relevant agreement, the application and manufacturer of R22 refrigerant gas have been stopped in developed countries.

But with developing countries, the manufacturing capabilities of new technologies are lagging, so R22 refrigerant gas can continue to be produced, but its production and use deadline is 2030 year.

If you need to understand more about the R22 refrigerant sale in the market, read more in the following.

R22 Refrigerant Gas Properties

R22 refrigerant gas properties are refrigerant that is slightly toxic, odorless, non-flammable, no explosion hazard, has good chemical stability, does not react with water, and has no corrosive effect on metals.

R22 refrigerant gas has superior performance in all areas, such as chemical and physical properties.

HCFC-22 is more metal friendly and therefore very easy to transport and save, but this property presupposes a moisture content base of HCFC-22.

  Composition   Chemical Name   Molecular formula   Weight ratio %
   HCFC-22   Difluorochloromethane   CHCIF2100%
 Molecular weight   86.47
 Boiling point   -40.8 ℃
 Critical temperature   96.24℃
Critical pressure   4980kPa
 SmellSlight odor
 Morphology Liquefied Gases
 Color Clean, colorless
 Latent heat of evaporation (at boiling point conditions)   233KJ/kg
 Evaporation Pressure(25 ℃)   1044kPa
 Gas Density[ 25 ℃ (Air = 1)]   3.03
 Liquid Density(25 ℃)   1.194 g/cm3
 Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)   0.034
Global Warming Potential(GWP) 100Years   1700
 ASHARE Security classification   A1/A1
Flammability (1 standard atmospheric pressure. , 18 °C)  Non-flammable

R22 Refrigerant Replacement

R22 Refrigerant Replacement

On the road to exploring new refrigerants, the global refrigeration industry is actively exploring new environmentally friendly refrigerants.

For the current severe global environmental protection form, multiple types of innovative refrigerants have been manufactured to become the R22 refrigerant replacement, such as R125, R32, R407C, R410A, R417A, R404A, R507, etc.

Warmly note that R22 has been included in the phase-out category as HCFC by Montreal Treaty. The use of specific refrigerants should refer to the corresponding regulations of the local government.

R22 Refrigerant Gas Application Range

R22 refrigerant gas is mainly used as the basic material for making tetrafluoroethylene and refrigerant, aerosol, raw material for pesticide production, etc.

In the past, R22 refrigerant gas is used for refrigeration equipment such as household AC, outdoor condensing units, outdoor ac units, HVAC units, refrigeration compressors, semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, and hvac compressors, and cold rooms. food service, supermarket display cabinets, refrigerator repair, air conditioner installation, food storage and processing, ice machines, and transportation refrigeration solution.

R22 Refrigerant Sale

R22 Refrigerant Sale

At present, there are many kinds of refrigerants gas in the Chinese refrigeration industry: R22, R410A, R404, R407c, R600a, and R32.

R22 refrigerant gas still occupies a certain market due to its excellent performance. Therefore, as the best refrigeration supplier in China, we have the corresponding quota, if you want to buy R22 refrigerant, Miracle can provide you with R22refrigerant gas.

However, R22 refrigerant gas is no longer the mainstream refrigerant and will be replaced gradually, so please choose the new refrigerant as soon as possible.

For example, R404a, and R410a, if you want to know R22 vs R410a performance, contact us right now!

R22 Refrigerant Gas Services

As a professional HVAC supplier and refrigeration wholesale, we can provide you with professional refrigeration tools and equipment for R22 refrigerant gas, including metal piping fireless connection tools, condensing unit, condenser and evaporator, and refrigeration accessories, refrigerator parts, HVAC valve, HVAC tool, R22 gauge, etc. Contact us now.

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