Reciprocating Compressor Manufacturer
Reciprocating Compressor Manufacturer

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Your Premier Reciprocating Compressor Manufacturer

Miracle refrigeration, the Reciprocating compressor manufacturer specializes in the R&D of HVAC&R reciprocating compressor design and is a model enterprise for producing environmentally friendly and energy-saving semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, which is determined by the UNEP and the Chinese government.

As the reliable reciprocating compressor manufacturer in China, we provide you types of reciprocating compressors, now we currently offer 2HP-80HP semi-hermetic piston reciprocating compressor, 8HP-40HP single and double stage semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor, 20HP-300HP reciprocating screw compressor, water-cooled compressor condensing unitair-cooled compressor condensing unit, etc. View now!

Reciprocating Piston Compressor

Reciprocating semi-hermetic piston compressors are typically used in HVAC&R systems, such as semi-hermetic condensing units, open-type condensing units, and some medium-sized commercial refrigeration equipment. Most of them will use reciprocating piston compressors. Reciprocating piston compressors are highly competitive in the market right now, so reliable quality has become the pursuit of reciprocating compressor manufacturers. Miracle offers original reciprocating piston compressors, including single-stage and two-stage reciprocating piston compressors. For more details, please contact us right away!

Reciprocating Screw Compressor

Because of the structure of reciprocating screw compressors, screw compressors can achieve a higher compression ratio, so in some medium and large refrigeration equipment, the use of reciprocating screw compressors is often seen. Miracle can provide you with original Chinese brand reciprocating screw compressor and international brand reciprocating screw compressor to meet your needs in different markets, contact us now!

Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor

The original Chinese brand reciprocating hermetic compressor is a low and medium-high-temperature compressor with a horsepower range of 2 HP to 7 HP. It can be applied with R22, R404A, R407C, and other refrigerants. The Miracle reciprocating hermetic compressor is a very cost-effective compressor that can be easily installed in small refrigeration equipment, with high performance and low energy consumption. The Miracle reciprocating hermetic compressor is a popular product for both commercial and domestic use. View more offers!

Whether you are a refrigeration compressor distributor or wholesaler, or a condensing unit factory, you all need good technical support. Miracle reciprocating compressor manufacturer has more than 30 years of manufacturing and service experience to meet your technical needs from multiple perspectives. Contact us now!

Reciprocating Compressor Manufacturer Technical Support

As a professional reciprocating compressor manufacturer, we can support you with all your reciprocating compressor accessories, including solenoid valves, sight glasses, ball valves, cast iron valves, etc.

Not only those, but Miracle can also offer you all series refrigeration units, including HVAC units. Contact us today!

Reciprocating Compressor Manufacturer One-stop Service

As an experienced reciprocating compressor manufacturer, safe and fast transportation is also important.

We attach great importance to the transportation of our reciprocating compressors, from the method of the compressor package, the manufacturer’s geographical location, the intensity of the shipping, and many other aspects to ensure the on-time delivery of your reciprocating compressor.

We have 30 years of accumulation in the HVAC&R industry, and our reciprocating compressor has been exported to many countries.

So we have accumulated a lot of transport experience and contacts, we can ensure that the goods arrive in your country with the shortest time.

Not only that, but we also have the power to transport large quantities of cargo. Contact us now!

Reciprocating Compressor Shiping

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