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Miracle air curtain supplier covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, to ensure the supply of high-quality air curtains for you, using advanced production equipment and testing equipment, automated assembly line operations, CNC production, automatic ERP information management, 6S management, and strict quality management system.

Miracle air curtain manufacturer is excellent in design aesthetics, power performance, material testing, research and development technology, and performance. We select new environmentally friendly and safe materials and use advanced manufacturing processes to extend the life of air curtains, which ensures safer and more environmentally friendly operation under various conditions.

Door Air Curtain

A door air curtain or someone call is air door curtain, using a full copper core ball bearing motor, not easy to burn the machine, to give you the guarantee of performance, Door air curtain motor can continue to run 6000 hours without failure.

Miracle door air curtain adopts the new all-metal panel design with electroplated baking paint on the surface to improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, and not easy to rust.

Excellent performance door air curtain motor, fashionable appearance with reasonable air curtain large-diameter cross-flow impeller, while having strong wind power also has lower noise. Contact us to choose the right air curtain for yourself now!

Commercial Air Curtain

Commercial air curtain is mainly installed in offices, cafes, hotels, and other places with low noise requirements, centrifugal and cross-flow in the use of the first point is relatively low noise, the second point is the wind speed is large.

Miracle commercial air curtain adopts centrifugal design, also known as centrifugal air curtain. Centrifugal air curtain pressure increase occurs mainly in the impeller, followed by the process of pressure expansion. Centrifugal air curtain uses at least two motors, air curtain at the impeller to add a centrifugal silencing worm, to achieve silence, strong wind, stability, and other characteristics.

The commercial air curtain has two kinds of a remote control type and button type. And the air curtain is with high and low wind speed, to meet your different functional options. Send your demand for the commercial air curtain now!

Electrically Heated Air Curtain

Electrically heated air curtain also adopts centrifugal design, the working principle of electrically heated air curtain is that after the coils are filled with thermal media, the air curtain outlet ejects a certain thickness of uniform curtain-shaped thermal airflow. It is used to block the invasion of cold outdoor air and reduce the heat loss in the room to maintain the indoor temperature.

An electrically heated air curtain is driven by a high-speed motor to produce a strong airflow through a centrifugal impeller. Electrically heated air curtain housing is made of aluminum alloy, which has the advantage of not deforming under high temperatures. Send your inquiry about of heated air curtains now!

Industrial Air Curtain

As we all know, the reliability of air curtains is determined by the air curtain motors. Miracle industrial air curtain adopts a high-speed pure copper motor, which can run continuously for 8000 hours without failure, and the quality is more reliable.

Miracle industrial air curtain adopts centrifugal hot-dip galvanized steel worm gear, which is safe, reliable, and durable. The air wheel gap is reasonably designed, the air intake is smoother and the air curtain energy consumption is reduced.

Miracle industrial air curtain shell adopts metal electroplating baking paint spraying, rust-proof and beautiful, durable and not easy to deformation, a rectangular structure using riveted fixing, making the industrial air curtain more solid and stable. Call us to send your order now!

Water Heating Air Curtain

Water heating air curtain is to obtain heat source through hot water or steam. Water heating air curtain can be applied to all kinds of hot air equipment for heating, ventilation, drying, and dehumidification in large and medium-sized spaces. And water heating air curtain is widely used in hot water heating places such as factories and mines, production workshops, etc.
Water heating air curtain has the characteristics of good heat transfer effect, high-pressure bearing, corrosion resistance, and convenient installation due to the effect of hot airflow. The structure of the hot water heater is composed of three parts: PTC heater, wind wheel, and pure copper core motor. Send us your quotation now!

Cold Storage Air Curtain

The cold storage air curtain is equipped with high efficiency and a high-speed motor optimized for 5000 hours of trouble-free operation (data from Miracle air curtain supplier laboratory tests).

Miracle cold storage air curtain housing is made of a galvanized fan, waterproof up to IP44 level. miracle cold storage air curtain can be applied to special occasions with high humidity.

Miracle cold storage air curtain has the following features:

Air curtain using stainless steel or powder-coated shell, square structure riveted fixed more solid and stable, brushed air outlet air guide parts easy to clean and not rust.

The scientific design of the wind gap makes the inlet wind more smoothly, external rotor centrifugal fan, and better performance. Super air volume, uniform, and stable wind, wind speed can be as high as 18m / s, isolation efficacy and energy-saving effect are more significant.

Installation height: 3-4 meters, suitable for cold storage, plant and garage, and other occasions.

If you have needs for the air curtain, please do not hesitate to send us your order right now!

Why Choose Miracle

Miracle air curtain machine with removable fence grid air outlet design, better protection to the air curtain and people, do not have to worry about that the air curtain will burn your hands.

Miracle air curtain machine adopts high-quality PTC heaters, constant temperature and stability, good safety, stable heating power, rapid warming, and effective locking of heat.

Miracle air curtain machine adopts a multi-stage centrifugal fan, with the refluxer to make the airflow into the next impeller, generating higher pressure, greater wind pressure, stronger wind speed, lower noise than the traditional air curtain machine noise.

Miracle air curtain machine with all-metal new appearance design, top air intake under the wind, beautiful and generous, not easy to rust, wind guide bar design, adjustable wind direction. Super air outlet design, wind layer thick, the use of multiple wind guide parts to reduce the wind section, superwind, the highest wind speed up to 28m / s.

Miracle air curtain machine can meet the high requirements and special installation occasions, installation height up to 6 ~ 8 meters, suitable for restaurants, supermarkets, home, factories, warehouses, chemical plants and other places to install and use.

Miracle also has a perfect service system for air door curtains, including quality assurance, technical support, customer training, material management, product maintenance, etc.

Any questions or any need for an air door curtain, just feel free to contact me at any time!

Miracle door air curtain adopts full copper ball bearing motor with a centrifugal turbine, with low noise, long life, energy-saving, low noise, stable operation, and other characteristics.

Not only that, Miracle door air curtain motor winding is installed with a 135℃ temperature controller, the motor will stop automatically when the temperature is too high.

Miracle strictly self-produced low-noise high-quality ball bearing pure copper motor, part of the motor wind speed design multi-grade and can be freely switched; selected high-quality silicon steel sheet, optimized winding design can make the motor in the long run when the temperature rises lower, longer life, more energy-efficient, reliable performance.

The use of brackets and damping rings, CNC precision machine tools, and electronic intelligent balancing machine on the key parts of the door air curtain motor processing and tuning. The motor in operation reduces vibration and excellent performance!

Miracle Air Curtain Motor

Miracle air curtain machine adopts unequal pitch cross-flow impeller. The large diameter cross-flow impeller is characterized by high air volume and low noise.

Not only that, Miracle air curtain design team digs deeply into the air-fluid characteristics to improve the air supply efficiency. The cross-flow impeller-type air curtain fully enhances the space and reduces the air curtain volume while ensuring the air volume.

Miracle air curtain machine has a longer spiral light flow air duct, only three steps to complete disassembly and cleaning of the air drum, more convenient cleaning.

Miracle Air Curtain Impeller

Double ball, full copper core ball bearing motor with a centrifugal turbine, adjustable air guide bar design, with remote control and button two styles to choose from, with high and low wind speed, to meet the functional choice of different customers to ensure that Miracle air curtain has the quality of explosive products, will help you to attract more customers.

Miracle air curtain has achieved good sales performance in many markets. Miracle air curtain is a product to explode your business. Send your inquiry to get a better quality air curtain machine right now!

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