What is R404A Refrigerant Gas?

What is R404A Refrigerant Gas

R404A or Freon 404A is an HFC mix refrigerant gas. It has a blend of HFC-125, HFC-143a, HFC-134a as a proportion of 44:52:4 respectively.

It is non-flammable ASHRAE A1 safety classification refrigerant gas.

This refrigerant gas has low toxicity with 3920 global warming potential but less global warming potential than R404B.

R404A refrigerant gas has 0 ozone depletion potential. It has phased out in 2020 but reclaimed for use until 2030.

R404 Refrigerant Properties:

R404 Refrigerant Properties

Miracle offers you high-quality R404a refrigerant gas that has all standard properties compared to R502.

It consists of five different polymers and lubricants and has a blend of HFC which has a durable compressor lifetime and excellent lubricant stability.

That’s because of its great thermodynamic and comparable physical properties.

Such as its discharge temperature can fall of 9 °C (14 °F) which is less than R502.

It is non-burning at an air temperature up to 100 °C (212 °F) at atmospheric pressure.

Let’s look at the full pressure chart, temperature range of Freon R404A refrigerant.

1Molecular Weight, avg97.6g/mol
2Boiling Point (1 atm)–46.5 °C (–51.6) (°F)
3Critical Temperature72.1°C (161.7) (°F)
4Critical Temperature72.1 °C (161.7) (°F)
5Critical Pressure3732 kPa (541.2)  (psia)
6Critical Density484.5 (30.23) kg/m3(lb/ft3)
7Inhalation Exposure Limit*1000 ppm (8- and 12-hr TWA)
8TSCA Inventory StatusYes
9Halocarbon Global Warming Potential0.94 (CFC-11 = 1.0)
10Ozone Depletion Potential0.0 (CFC-12 = 1.0)
11Viscosity at 25 °C (77 °F) for Liquid1.28E-4 Pa·s
12Viscosity at 25 °C (77 °F) for Vapor (1atm)1.22E-5 Pa·s
13Vapor Pressure at 25 °C (77 °F)1255 (182.0) kPa (psia)
14The heat of Vaporization at Boiling Point202.1 (87.0) kJ/kg (Btu/lb)

R404 Refrigerant Replacement:

R404 Refrigerant Replacement

If you ask what refrigerant will replace R404a, that’s probably R407A refrigerant.

But R404 refrigerant is a design that will suit to replace your R-502 and R-22 all commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment applications.

People also asked whether they can mix R404a with 134a or use R134 in an R404A system, but you don’t need this.

Because R404A already consists of R134 refrigerant gas and a mixed vacuum is unnecessary.

R404A Refrigerant Application:

R404A Refrigerant Application

Freon™ 404A (R-404A) refrigerant gas is applicable for a large range of uses. Such as central air conditioners, commercial refrigeration units, outdoor ac units, refrigeration units, vending machines, showcases, freezers units, etc.

Generally, The r404a refrigerant fit for all R502 based application as it has similarities with R502 refrigerant gas’s properties.

R404a refrigerant gas is also used for many compressor types and their condensing units.

Where to Buy R404 Refrigerant?

Where to Buy R404 Refrigerant

Miracle is your leading R404 refrigerant gas manufacturer and supplier in China providing an average cost-effective price range for many size cylinders.

We are an authorized and certified wholesale distributor in China for R404 refrigerant gas including all R404 refrigerant oil types, lubricants, refrigeration valves, refrigerant shut-off valve, refrigeration oil separator, filter drier, HVAC coil, HVAC compressor, HVAC unit, HVAC parts, insulated copper pipe, etc.

As a genuine supplier in China, we offer the POEs lubricants for R404 refrigerant gas.

Our large inventory of R404a refrigerant for sale is ready to go your any destination in the world.

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