Suction Accumulator
Suction Accumulator

Miracle provides various types of refrigeration accumulators, the standard suction line accumulator,

suction accumulator with heat exchanger, heat exchanger accumulator with the liquid receiver.

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Your Best Suction Accumulator Supplier

Miracle provides different types of the accumulator to support all of your application;

Suction accumulator with heat exchanger and the accumulator with the liquid receiver are all available;

We have experienced technical department that can customized the accumulator to fit your requests;

Standard Suction Accumulator

A standard suction line accumulator is designed for eliminating the liquid from the refrigerant before it returns back to the compressor. Miracle provides all standard suction line accumulator to you, call us now!

Big Volume Suction Accumulator

Miracle manufacturers big volume suction accumulator to meet your demand, and match the big cooling capacity condensing units. Get a quick quote for your suction accumulator right now!

Standard Suction Accumulator with Heat Exchanger

Miracle suction accumulator with a heat exchanger can reduce the condensing pressure in the refrigeration system and prolong the service life of the compressor. Call Miracle to get your satisfied standard suction accumulator with a heat exchanger!

Big Size Heat Exchange Suction Accumulator

If you are doing a big refrigeration project, such as a big square meter cold room, or you are a wholesaler or retailer, Miracle is your best partner. Miracle supply you all big size heat exchange suction accumulator, Contact us now for a quotation!

Heat Exchanger Suction Accumulator with Liquid Receiver

Refrigeration suction accumulator with heat exchanger and liquid receiver, you can understand its function from the name very well, It has the ability for gas and liquid separation, heat exchange, and liquid receiver. It’s a three-in-one product. With the perfect design and combination, it can effectively adjust the liquid flow in the refrigeration system, improve the cooling ability, ensure excellent working for the compressor.

Custom Suction Accumulator

Miracle can customize the suction accumulator for you, the connection size, the length, the diameter, the connection position, the suitable refrigerants, and the color, etc. Get a quick quote for your suction accumulator for your next order now!

Miracle has 8 years of experience in providing refrigeration accumulators for customers from the domestic market and overseas market for different applications.

Miracle has our own R&D team, can meet your customized request.

Suction Accumulator Manufacturer

Dust-proof rubber stopper keeps the tank clean; Thickened pure copper tube, baking paint process, durable anti-rust;

The high base tank is not soaked in water, independent packaging.

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  • Suction Accumulator and Oil Separator

    Miracle is your best choice for various types of oil separator: AW series sealed and flanged oil separator, helical oil separator with or without oil reservoir, oil separator for screw compressor, oil separator for transportation refrigeration, etc. Call us now!

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What is Suction Accumulator?

As we all know, the compressor is very easily affected by the refrigerant with liquid.

When many refrigerants with a liquid return back to the compressor, it will dilute the compressor oil, also will cause oil loss.

This oil loss can cause compressor damage directly.

So the main function of the suction accumulator is to prevent the liquid refrigerant from hitting or entering the compressor suddenly.

It can be the temporary storage place for liquid refrigerant and oil.

The best way to prevent liquid refrigerant from hitting is to gasify the refrigerant before it enters the compressor, here use the suction accumulator to separate the gas and liquid.

The liquid can evaporation slowly in the suction accumulator, then enter the compressor.

With the suction accumulator’s protection, the compressor can have a longer life to make sure of the good running of all the refrigeration systems.

Check the features and specifications for 3 types of our refrigeration accumulator in the following.

What are Features of Standard Suction Line Accumulator?

U-shaped tube design inside of the suction accumulator can provide the Max cooling airflow.

The oil return hole is matched with the volume of the suction accumulator, ensuring the volume of refrigerant and oil in the compressor is perfect.

It has a filter in the oil return port, to prevent impurities enter the compressor.

Working temperature:-40℃~130℃.

Working pressure: 3.5MPA.

It’s suitable for all the refrigerants, but R410a needs to remind us when you place the order.

Read more: refrigeration compressor oil.

What are Features of Suction Accumulator with Heat Exchanger?

It has a high-efficiency heat exchange structure, it adopts the spiral coil to make sure the perfect heat exchangeability.

The U-shaped and oil return design to make sure good oil return function, it avoids the liquid refrigerant enter compressor and protects the compressor well.

A good paint-coated surface can use for all applications.

Working temperature: -40℃~130℃; Working pressure: 3.5MPA;

Contact us for a customized heat exchanger suction accumulator.


The suction accumulator with a heat exchanger has to be installed vertically.

When you change the compressor for a refrigeration system, the suction accumulator with a heat exchanger must be changed.

The reason is the old suction accumulator with a heat exchanger maybe have the pollutants caused by a broken compressor.

And the other reason is if the compressor is damaged because of the lack of refrigerant.

Then there will be some oil left in the suction accumulator with a heat exchanger.

With the left oil and new compressor oil, it will cause the oil circuit to overload.

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What are Features of Suction Accumulator with Heat Exchanger?

It can save the coldness of the traditional suction accumulator due to dripping water to the high-pressure liquid receiver.

Increase the system’s coldness, save power consumption, improve the cooling function.

Because of the heat exchange of refrigerant between the high-pressure suction accumulator and low pressure.

It will cause proper supercooled and superheated, and this will increase the enthalpy valve of the refrigerant.

This condition will greatly improve the cooling ability when the refrigerant enters the expansion valve.

One product can fulfill 3 good functions, save space, save install work, and time.

Apply for R134A, R22, R404, R407, R507 refrigerants.

How Does a Suction Accumulator Work?

How Does a Suction Accumulator Work

In a refrigeration system, there are high pressure and low pressure two parts.

A high-pressure refrigerant has a very high temperature, it needs to be cooled by the cooler.

However, the low pressure that passes through the evaporator needs the suction accumulator to separate the gas and liquid refrigerant.

The liquid refrigerant needs some time and a high temperature to evaporation.

When it becomes a gas refrigerant, it can enter the compressor to avoid the liquid hitting to damage the compressor.

Here comes the suction accumulator with a heat exchanger.

The heat exchange function of the suction accumulator is designed to collect high-pressure refrigerant and low-pressure refrigerant in one place for temperature transfer.

Make sure the high-pressure high-temperature refrigerant gets cooled, the low-pressure low temperature gets heated.

After this heat exchange, the efficiency of the refrigeration system can be greatly improved, achieving a better cooling function.

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