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Miracle is one of the most abundant refrigeration evaporator manufacturers, the types of refrigeration evaporators in the refrigeration system we supply including condenser and evaporator, Refrigeration evaporator coils, condenser coil, HVAC coil, etc.

Miracle has professional refrigeration evaporator production equipment. Miracle refrigeration evaporator factory uses a high-precision core tube expander, which can expand up to 420 tubes at a time, and a high-speed fin blanking machine, which has higher production efficiency per unit time.

High-efficiency production equipment ensures the quality of refrigeration evaporator and timely delivery even in the peak time with your big quantity order. Contact us now!

MEA Series Refrigeration Evaporator

MEA series refrigeration evaporator adopts an air duct design. The refrigeration effect of the refrigeration evaporator is determined by the fin structure to a certain extent.

Miracle MEA series refrigeration evaporator adopts high-efficiency staggered fins and optimized sinusoidal corrugated fin design. The fins of this design method have the advantages of high cooling efficiency, large heat exchange area, and high performance.

Not only that, but Miracle refrigeration evaporator also adopts optimized circuit design and airflow design to improve thermal efficiency while also increasing evaporation. The shell of Miracle MEA series refrigeration evaporator is sprayed with white coating, which has stronger anti-corrosion ability and longer service life.

Contact us now for more details of the refrigeration evaporator.!

MED Series Refrigeration Evaporator

The MED series refrigeration evaporator has a wide range of applications and can be used in conjunction with refrigeration units of various capacities. The MED series refrigeration evaporator adopts a double drip tray design, which can prevent the freezing of condensate while ensuring convenient drainage.

MED series refrigeration evaporator with high-performance refrigeration units can be used in shopping malls, supermarkets, vegetables, mushroom production workshops, fish, meat, food cold storage, etc.

Not only that, but Miracle refrigeration evaporator can also select refrigeration evaporator fin spacing according to specific applications. The Miracle refrigeration evaporator with a solid metal plate design, stable performance, and reliable quality is your best choice. Contact us now!

MEB Series Refrigeration Evaporator

MEB series refrigeration evaporator is a floor-standing quick-freezing series refrigeration evaporator. Miracle MEB series refrigeration evaporator is specially designed for various applications in the field of commercial/industrial refrigeration.

Miracle MEB series refrigeration evaporator adopts galvanized metal plate and distributor support design. The advantage of this design structure is to ensure that the refrigeration evaporator is beautiful in appearance and reasonable in the structure design. At the same time, the MEB series refrigeration evaporator has the features of small size, light weight, high heat exchange efficiency, and easy installation.

To meet the needs of different markets, Miracle MEB series refrigeration evaporator can also provide longer air ejectors. Contact us now!

MEE Series Refrigeration Evaporator

The MEE series refrigeration evaporator is a type of small refrigeration evaporator, which is mainly used in small refrigeration spaces such as commercial refrigerators and small cold rooms.

The MEE series refrigeration evaporator has the characteristics of reasonable product structure design, small size, lightweight, convenient installation, and large cooling capacity; not only that, the shell of Miracle MEE series refrigeration evaporator adopts plastic spraying process, and the material is designed with an embossed aluminum plate to ensure a beautiful appearance. The refrigeration evaporator also has the advantages of corrosion resistance and long service life.

The MEE series refrigeration evaporator fan uses an Axial fan motor, which has low noise, stable operation, and a soft air supply. Contact us now for more details of the MEE series refrigeration evaporator!

MES Series Refrigeration Evaporator

The MES Series Refrigeration Evaporator is designed for a double-sided air outlet. The refrigeration evaporator is generally used in food processing cold storage rooms. Miracle MES series refrigeration evaporator blows out the air from both sides, so compared to other refrigeration evaporators, the air supply is softer and the noise is lower.

Miracle MES series refrigeration evaporator is generally suitable for use at temperatures above 8 degrees Celsius. If it is used in an environment with a temperature lower than 8 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to install a defrosting device on the refrigeration evaporator.

The shell of the MES series refrigeration evaporator is the same as other products. The surface is sprayed and the plate is made of aluminum alloy, so it is more adaptable to the environment and has a longer service life. Send us your orders for the refrigeration evaporator now!

MEZ Series Refrigeration Evaporator

MEZ series refrigeration evaporator is a conventional refrigeration evaporator, which is suitable for cooling of various cold storages and refrigeration systems. MEZ series refrigeration evaporator coils are arranged in a staggered arrangement, which has higher heat transfer efficiency than natural convection evaporator unit tubes.

MEZ series refrigeration evaporator adopts Axial fan motor, which has the advantages of low power consumption, low noise, large air volume, stable operation, and long service life. Miracle MEZ series refrigeration evaporator can meet the demand for rapid cooling of the food stored in the cold storage, greatly improving the freshness of the stored food. Send your inquiry now to get the latest quotation of the refrigeration evaporator!

Miracle provides you with a full range of refrigeration evaporators and provides you with standard and customized refrigeration evaporator coils and condenser coils.

The HVAC coil is the key to the heat transfer efficiency of the condenser and evaporator. Different regions have different requirements for HVAC coils. We can provide you with different fin spaces.

As a refrigeration evaporator manufacturer, Miracle has 20 years of production experience. We can provide you with customized evaporator coils and condenser coils. Contact us now to send your customized requirements and get a high-quality HVAC coil!

Miracle Refrigeration Evaporator Coil

The refrigeration effect of refrigeration evaporators is related to many factors.

First of all, the refrigeration evaporator cooling effect is reflected in the selection of refrigeration evaporator coil.

In order to pursue high heat exchange in the smallest possible volume, higher and higher requirements are placed on refrigeration evaporator coils. Miracle can provide you with a more efficient refrigeration evaporator coil.

Copper tube selection: Miracle can provide you with internally threaded copper tubes instead of traditional smooth copper tubes.

Fin selection: Miracle can provide you with coated fins instead of traditional fins, which can effectively eliminate water bridges between aluminum fins.

In the structural design of the refrigeration evaporator, the staggered coil distribution method and the double-fin spacing design are adopted to further enhance the refrigeration efficiency of the refrigeration evaporator.

Refrigeration Evaporator Coil Fins and Copper Pipe

Miracle refrigeration evaporator factory adopts high-requirement refrigeration evaporator factory building principles, high-standard refrigeration evaporator production equipment, and high-level refrigeration evaporator R&D personnel to ensure a high-quality refrigeration evaporator.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of refrigeration evaporators, Miracle fully considers the traffic conditions and the matching of surrounding refrigeration evaporators during the construction of the refrigeration evaporator factory.

While the Miracle refrigeration evaporator factory has the best geographical location, there is also a complete refrigeration evaporator supporting the supply chain around it.

Therefore, Miracle refrigeration evaporator can guarantee timely delivery and competitive prices.

Send us your inquiry and get the cost-effective refrigeration evaporator right now!

Refrigeration evaporator equipment is the key to enterprise production.

The purchase, commissioning, and later maintenance and maintenance of equipment determine the quality of the refrigeration evaporator.

The Miracle refrigeration evaporator factory has passed the precipitation of time and has sufficient production and sales experience.

Therefore, you can purchase Miracle refrigeration evaporator with no worry. Send your inquiry now and get a quick quote!

If you are the purchaser or person in charge of the refrigerator factory, we also provide you with refrigerator evaporator service. Not only that, Miracle propress for refrigeration can greatly improve the production efficiency of the refrigerator factory.

Miracle propress for refrigeration uses a non-fire connection method to connect the refrigerator pipeline which is the way to provide you with efficient, safe, and cost-saving solutions.

If you are from a refrigerator accessories distributor, then Miracle refrigerator repair tools will be your best partner. Miracle lokring tool and lokring fitting can help you achieve refrigerator repairs more efficiently.

If you have copper pipe, aluminum pipe, or stainless steel pipe connection requirements, Miracle pipe press tool and pipe press fitting can help you achieve a fire-free connection.

Contact us now for more details about a solderless connection!

Miracle has more types of refrigeration evaporator, to provide you with more choices, if you do not find the type or model of refrigeration evaporator you need on Miracle website, it does not matter, please contact us directly, we can customize according to your requirements!

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