Copeland Scroll ZR94KCE-TFD-523 Compressor

Refrigeration: R-134a, R-22, R-407C, R410

Cooling Efficiency: UP TO 11.35 (EER)

Phase : 3

Capacity Range: 53500-94000 (BTU)

Voltage: 380/420V – 460V

Frequency: 50 Hz – 60 Hz

Horsepower: 8 HP

Oil Charge: 2.4 ltr

Related Model: ZR94KCE-TFD-950, ZR94KCE-TFD-550, ZR94KCE-TFD-522, ZR94KC Series

Copeland Compressor ZR ZP ZW Series Nomenclature

Copeland Compressor ZR Series Parameters

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Refrigeration Compressors Oil

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Copeland Scroll Compressor Shipping

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