Copeland ZR57KC-PFV-130 Compressors

Copeland ZR57KC-PFV-130 compressor is an older model and you will have a hard time finding this model.

You can replace the original ZR57KC-PFV-130 compressor with the ZR57K5E-PFV-800 compressor.

The ZR57K5E-PFV-800 is rated at 57,000 BTU with a cooling capacity of 5 tons and 208V/220V single-phase voltage.

Copeland ZR57K5E-PFV-800 compressors can be replaced with the ZR57K3E-PFV-230, ZR57K3-PFV-250, and ZR57K3E-PFV-250 models.

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Copeland Compressor ZR ZP ZW Series Nomenclature

Copeland Compressor ZR Series Parameters

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