Copeland ZR42K3 Series Compressor

Copeland ZR42K3 series compressors are used for air conditioning systems.

Copeland ZR42K3 series compressors including the ZR42K3-TFD series and the ZR42K3-PFJ series.

Miracle can provide you with the following compressor models ZR42K3-TF5-230, ZR42K3E-PFJ-522, ZR42K3-PFV-230, ZR42K5E-PFV-800.

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ZR42K3-TF5-230 View 3
Copeland ZR42K3-TF5-230 compressor has a cooling capacity of 42000Btu/Hr. Three-phase voltage design with a voltage range of 200/220-50Hz, 200/230V-60Hz.
ZR42K3E-PFJ-522 View 2
The Copeland ZR42K3E-PFJ-522 compressor is a single-phase voltage. It has a high energy efficiency ratio as well as reliability. Contact Miracle today.
ZR42K3-PFV-230 View 2
It has a built-in internal protector and is designed for single-phase voltage. It can meet the voltage requirement of 200V,208V, and 230V. Check now.
ZR42K5E-PFV-800 View 2
Copeland ZR42K3-PFV-230 compressor uses POE oil. It has a family serial number of 5. Another difference is the size of its suction and exhaust ports. For more info, please contact Miracle now!
ZR42K3-TFD-522 View 1
Copeland ZR42K3-TFD-522 compressor EER is 11.3 Btu, Displacement is 57.2cc/Rev. Stall current 46.0A, nominal horsepower 3.5HP. For more info, contact now.

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