Copeland ZR16M3E-TWD-961 Compressor

Refrigerant type: R407c

Power: 13HP

Voltage: 380V-420V/Three-phase

Freq. (Hz.): 50Hz/60Hz

Displacement: 35.5 m3/h

Oil: POE

Application: Air conditioner

Related models: ZR16M3E-TWD-522, ZR16M3E-TWD-551, ZR16M3E-TWD-561, ZR16M3-TWD-961, ZR16M3-TWD-561, ZR16M3-TWD-551, ZR16M3-TWD-522

Copeland Compressor ZR ZP ZW Series Nomenclature

Copeland Compressor ZR Series Parameters

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Refrigeration Compressors Oil

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Copeland Scroll Compressor Shipping

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