Copeland ZR16M3-TWD-561 Compressor

Refrigerant type: R22, R134A, R407c, HCFC

Tonnage: 13 ton

Displacement: 35.5(m³/h)

Power supply: 380-420V/3

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Nominal motor power: 13(HP)

Max. operating current: 27(A)

Compressor type: Scroll

Related models: ZR16M3E-TWD-522, ZR16M3E-TWD-551, ZR16M3E-TWD-961, ZR16M3-TWD-551, ZR16M3-TWD-522.

Copeland Compressor ZR ZP ZW Series Nomenclature

Copeland Compressor ZR Series Parameters

In addition to compressors, we can also provide you with Copeland ZR16M3-TWD-561 compressor oil. Send your inquiry now.

Refrigeration Compressors Oil

Copeland ZR16M3-TWD-561 compressors are shipped in pallets, which reduces the risk of lost and damaged shipments.  This is very necessary. Send your inquiry today.

Skillful workers to load the compressors properly and safely. This reduces the bumping of the ZR16M3-TWD-561 compressor during transport. Contact us now.

Copeland Scroll Compressor Shipping

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