Copeland ZP182KCE-TFD-455 Compressor

The Copeland ZP182KCE-TFD-455 model is a hermetic scroll compressor in the ZP family series, specially designed for R410A refrigerant.

It has a 15 horsepower range and 11.2 EER cooling efficiency.

This ZP182KCE-TFD-455 model’s nominal capacity range is rated at 133000-183000 BTU per hour.

The voltage & Frequency range is also rated at 380/420V – 460V and 50Hz – 60Hz gradually.

ZP182KCE-TFD-455 model is applicable for long-range Air conditioning applications.

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Copeland Compressor ZR ZP ZW Series Nomenclature

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Copeland Compressor Capacitor

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