Copeland ZP182KCE-TFD-425 Compressor

This Copeland ZP182KCE-TFD-425 model is a hermetic scroll compressor for air conditioning applications with medium temperatures from 7 ºC to -30 ºC.

This compressor unit is designed to use R410A refrigerant gas.

This is a ZP category compressor with a 15-horsepower range.

It works under the 133000 – 183000 BTU nominal cooling range per hour.

The voltage and frequency of the ZP182KCE-TFD-425 model are rated at 380-420V to 460V and 50Hz to 60Hz.

The energy efficiency ratio of this three-phase compressor is up to 11.2.

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Copeland Compressor ZR ZP ZW Series Nomenclature

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Copeland Compressor Capacitor

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