Copeland ZP137KCE-TF5-250 Compressor

This Copeland ZP137KCE-TF5-250 model is versatile and high quality that is approved to use with R-22, R-404A/507, and R-134A refrigerants.

It’s applicable for high-temperature and ultra-high-pressure air conditioning, split systems, rooftops, and chiller applications.

It’s a single-stage three-phase compressor that runs under 200/220V – 200/230V voltage range and 50Hz – 60Hz frequency level.

In addition, this ZP137KCE-TF5-250 model’s capacity range is rated at  99000-137000 (BTU) per hour.

This model has up to 11 EER cooling efficiency and 11.50 horsepower.

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Copeland Compressor ZR ZP ZW Series Nomenclature

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Copeland Compressor Capacitor

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