Wooden Hole Saw Cutter

A wooden hole saw cutter is made of double alloy material with high-temperature resistance and high hardness.

It also has the advantage of high cutting efficiency and constant cutting edge.

Suitable for a variety of materials.

The wooden hole saw cutter has sufficient capacity to support bulk orders.

A wide variety of shipping methods to ensure on-time delivery.

Experienced in exporting, efficient communication, and saving communication time.

Hole cutter: φ16mm~φ230mm.

Total length: 57mm/67mm.

Opening depth: 25mm/27mm/32mm/38mm.

Length of center drill: 5mm/6mm.

Wooden Hole Saw Cutter Selection Parameters

Tile hole cutters are suitable for opening holes in the thin iron sheets, artificial boards, gypsum board, plastic boards, aluminum alloy boards, PVC boards, density board, etc. Contact us today.

Wooden Hole Saw Cutter Application

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