Wire Tube Refrigerator Evaporator

Miracle wire tube refrigerator evaporator tube using φ8 × 0.712 volume welding steel pipe.

Heat dissipation wire material for low carbon steel wire, heat dissipation wire diameter of φ1.2 ~ φ1.6mm.

Wire tube refrigerator evaporator can be designed according to the structure of the refrigeration appliance system as follows

Evaporator for the single temperature control system.

Double temperature control system with the evaporator.

Three-temperature control system evaporator.

Bending, wire welding, single-piece assembly, assembly welding, leak detection, cleaning, surface coating, inspection, packaging

We refer to the R134a refrigeration system piping standard design, detailed parameters are as follows:

Straightness ≤0.004L, Perpendicularity ≤0.0047B2, Residual moisture ≤5 p.p.m./100cm³, Residual impurities ≤10 p.p.m./100cm³

Residual mineral oil ≤100mg/100cm³, Residual chloride ion ≤5vloppm, Residual paraffin ≤3mg/㎡.

Cathodic electrophoresis paint film thickness 15~20μm. Silk tube evaporator powder coating thickness 60~300μm.

Coating hardness: ≥2H. Coating impact resistance: 50cmg.kg/cm impact resistance without cracking.

Coating adhesion: ≥ 2 levels. Coating flexibility: bending R = 3D, bending angle 180, no cracking and peeling of the coating.

Powder coating color difference: △E≤1.5. Coating corrosion resistance (salt spray test GB2423).

Cathodic electrophoresis ≥ 72h. Powder coating ≥ 200h.

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