What Is R507 Refrigerant Gas?

What is R507 Refrigerant Gas

R507 or HFC 507 refrigerant is a compound of 50% r125 and 50% R143a HFC refrigerant.

This Freon507 is a non-toxic and non-flammable refrigerant gas with comparable performance to R502 and R410A refrigerant gas.

This Freon-507 is phased out quickly, but you can still use the regenerated or reclaimed HFC – 507 refrigerant gas till 2030.

R – 507 refrigerant gas has 3980 GWP and 0 ODP. It also meets all the classifications of A1 safety levels.

Properties Of HFC- 507/R – 507:

Properties Of HFC- 507/R - 507

HFC-507 has standard physical and thermodynamic properties similar to R404a and R502 refrigerant gas.

But it has higher efficiency and capacity than them.

HFC-507 is a transparent fluid and vapor, and it is made of CHF2CF3 and CH3CF3 with 98.8 molecular weight.

There is a comprehensive pressure chart with different R507 PSIG temperatures from -40 ˚F to 150 ˚F.

Global Warming Potential (CO2 = 1.0)3985
Ozone Depletion Potential (CFC 11 = 1.0)0
Liquid Density (70˚F, lb./ftˆ3)66.65
Critical Pressure (psia)539
Critical Temperature (˚F)159
Critical Density (lb./ftˆ3)30.7
Boiling Point (1atm, ˚F)-52.8
SmellNo strange stench
% Volatiles100 at 68°F (20°C)
ASHRAE Standard 34 Safety RatingA1
The heat of Vaporization (bp, BTU/lb.)84.35
Vapor Density (bp.lb./ftˆ3)0.349
Purity of superior grade99.8
Purity at qualified grade99.5
The moisture of the superior grade index0.00001
The moisture of the qualified grade index0.0001

R507 Refrigerant Replacement:

R507 Refrigerant Replacement

R 507/HFC – 507 is a safe and long-term replacement alternative for R502 refrigerant gas.

It is also original equipment manufacturers recommended to use as an alternative for R404a.

The HFC-507 has complete proficiency in working over for many R502 and R404a refrigerant applications.

It gives more effective results than the refrigerants that are used instead.

This HFC 506 refrigerant gas can be used instead of R502, R404a, and R22 gas used in the Bitzer condensing unit, Copeland condensing unit, and Danfoss condensing unit.

What Is Refrigerant Gas R507 Used For?

What Is Refrigerant Gas R507 Used For

R507 refrigerant gas is mainly used for an extensive range of medium and low-temperature residential refrigeration systems such as small condensing units, outdoor condensing units, refrigeration units, and industrial or commercial HVACR units such as commercial refrigeration units, freezer condensing units, air-cooled condensing units, water-cooled condensing unit, and wholesale HVAC unit.

R-507 is very popular in applications where safety is an issue, such as supermarkets, transport refrigeration, chillers, HVAC systems, ice machines, water plants, and other refrigeration equipment.

Where To Buy R507 Refrigerant Gas?

Where To Buy R507 Refrigerant Gas

We supply all original equipment manufacturers approved R – 507 refrigerant gas, R507A, and R507C refrigerant gas.

Miracle is a leading supplier of wholesale refrigerant gas and all refrigeration compressors in China.

We can provide R507 refrigerant gas with many cylinder sizes available to deliver in any country with R507 polyol ester POE lubricant refrigerant oil.

We ensure authentic and high-quality R507 refrigerant that can give a durable compressor life and excellent lubricant stability.

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