What Is R410A Refrigerant Gas

What is R410A Refrigerant Gas

R410A also called Puron, or Forane 410A is a rose-colored, no-flammable HFC refrigerant gas for HVAC units and refrigeration compressors.

It is an ideal substitution for R22 refrigerant gas. HFC-410A is a hybrid of refrigerant gas consisting of 50% R32 and 50% R125 but not any chlorine.

As a chlorine-free refrigerant gas, R410A is very beneficial for the environment and does not harm the structural layers of the atmosphere.

This R410 has no impurities and stabilizers, so it’s recommended for use in new domestic AC units, refrigeration condenser units, etc.

How to Install the R410 Refrigeration and HVAC System Safely?

R410 and R410a are the most commonly used refrigerants in central air conditioning systems.

However, the R410 series refrigerants are also the most dangerous.

Therefore, the best installation method for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in the R410 system is to use Miracle HVAC press fittings.

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R410a Refrigerant Replacement:

R410A Refrigerant Replacement

R410a refrigerant gas is used instead of R22 refrigerant gas.

There are many reasons you should choose R410a to replace it with R22. Unlike R22, R410a doesn’t use a Dry charge unit, so it longer atmospheric lifetime of approximately 30 years.

HFC-410a has 0 reductions of the ozone layer and a higher global warming potential of 2,088 as it combined with HFC -32 and HFC-125, which is higher than R22.

As not hurting ozone depletion is temporarily more necessary than GWP, R410a is more advisable to use.

With R410a refrigerant, you will have a better cooling compressor and an efficient heating process.

What Is R410a Refrigerant Used For?

What Is R410a Refrigerant Used For

R410a has a large range of applications as a popular refrigerant gas worldwide.

It is mainly used in all common domestic chillers, HVAC units, small refrigeration units, outdoor ac units, and condensing units, whether it is a Bitzer condensing unit, Danfoss condensing unit, or a Copeland condensing unit.

HFC-410a is also used for high-temperature industrial and commercial refrigeration units, freezer condensing units, air-cooled condensing units, mobile air conditioning, dehumidifiers, refrigerated dryers, and other refrigeration types of equipment.

R410a Refrigerant Properties:

R410A Refrigerant Properties

R410 refrigerant has standard physical and chemical properties.

It has 4.90 MPa critical pressure and 0.84 KJ/kg·°C gas heating capacity.

R410a refrigerant gas is not flammable at ambient temperature and works at high pressure. It has a 1040kg/m3 liquid density at 30 °C.

1APPEARANCEClear, liquid, and vapor
2PHYSICAL STATEGas at ambient temperatures
5ODORFaint ethereal odor
6BOILING POINT-48.5°C (-55.4°F)
7FREEZING POINTNot determined
8VAPOR PRESSURE at 70°F215.3 psia
9VAPOR PRESSURE at 130°F490.2 psia
10RELATIVE DENSITY1.08 g/cm3 at 21.1˚C
13Melting point−155 (°C)
14Critical temperature72.8  (°C)

Where To Buy R410a Refrigerant:

Where To Buy R410a Refrigerant

An original and high-quality R410a refrigerant results in better overall operation including increasing the efficiency of the compressor.

The Miracle is a leading R410a refrigerant gas wholesale supplier, refrigeration oil supplier, wholesale HVAC unit, R410a gauge, and refrigeration solution manufacturing and supplying company in China.

We are certified wholesale suppliers of both R410a refrigeration and its synthetic oil for lubrication.

The high-quality refrigerant can handle higher stresses.

Miracle can guarantee a durable lifetime for the R410a refrigerant gas.

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