What is R407C Refrigerant Gas?

What is R407C Refrigerant Gas

R407C is a zeotropic mixture of R32, R125, and R134a in an amount of 23%, 25%, and 52% respectively.

This Freon 407C is very popular because of its excellent heat and cooling capacity, energy efficiency, low flammability, and pressure-reducing characteristics.

It has been selected as the best option for some refrigerants due to its safe characteristics, lower flammability as a high flaming possibility is a key disadvantage of many refrigerants.

R407C Refrigerant Gas Properties:

R407C Refrigerant Properties

R407C refrigerant has the standard quality of properties such as purity higher than 99.8%, moisture, and acidity less than 0.001%.

Refrigerant R407C has 1700 global warming potential, zero Ozone Depletion Potential, 250 KG/KJ evaporation latent heat, and 87.3 critical temperature.

1Molecular Weight86.2 (kg/kmol)
2NBP-43.6 °C
3Global Warming Potential1700 (100 years)
4Safety GroupA1/A1
5Boiling point−43.8 (°C)
6Saturated liquid density (25°C)1138 kg/m3
7Saturated vapor density (25°C),43.8 kg/m3
8Critical temperature86.4 (°C)
9Critical pressure, bar46.3
10Liquid heat capacity @ 25°C,1.533 (kJ/(kg·K))
11Vapor heat capacity @ 1.013 bar1.107 (kJ/(kg·K))
12Critical Pressure4630 kpa
13Evaporation Latent Heat250 (kJ/(kg·K))

R407C Refrigerant Gas Replacement:

R407C Refrigerant Replacement

R407C is the perfect option to replace with R22 refrigerant gas. R22 refrigerant will be phased out in 2020 according to Montreal protocol.

As the R407C has similarities with the R22, it is the best and most durable replacement alternative for the R22.

R407C can fit with all old or new it’s positive displacement systems used in any application whether it’s a refrigeration unit, outdoor air conditioner unit, heat pump, or others.

R407C has no flammability, no toxicity, and is very environmentally friendly for long-term use.

R407C Refrigerant Applications:

R407C Refrigerant Application

R407C refrigerant gas is useable for many industrial, domestic, and commercial refrigeration units, air conditioner units, outdoor ac units, scroll compressors, screw compressors, rotary compressors, bitzer compressor units of any application such as flooded evaporation, water chillers, heat pumps, etc.

This A1 safety class refrigeration also can be used for similar medium or high temperatures of R22 refrigeration applications.

R407c Refrigerant Gas for Sale:

R407c Refrigerant Gas for Sale

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Why Miracle is the Best Alternative to Purchase Your Refrigerant Gas?

Why Miracle is the Best Alternative to Purchase Your Refrigerant Gas

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