What Is R32 Refrigerant Gas?

What Is R32 Refrigerant Gas

R32 refrigerant is a comparatively new working fluid used in refrigeration systems as converted in a cycle of liquid and gas.

It is also called Difluroromethylene or HFC32 with a formula of CH2F2.

R32 is colorless refrigerant gas that has higher thermal stability.

It is trendy nowadays while other refrigerants harming the environment badly.

What Are The Formula And Properties Of R32 Refrigerant Gas?

What Are The Formula And Properties Of R32 Refrigerant Gas

This R32 is a carbon fluoride hydride refrigerant gas that affects the environment very little.

This is because of its environment-friendly properties structure.

This R32 refrigerant has a less burning ability range limit in the air is 13.6 % volt.

It is ISO international standard 817 class 2L which is slightly flammable.

It is the best low-risk refrigerant choice among all HFC, HCFC, or CFC types of refrigerants having 0.81 MPa evaporator pressure, 3.14 MPa condenser pressure, and 106 °C discharge temperature.

1Molar mass52.0
2Boiling point-51.7
3Freezing point-136
4Critical temperature78.1
5Critical pressure5.78 Mpa
6Critical density424 kg/m3
7Viscosity Saturated vapor0.116 mPa.s
8Thermal conductivity Saturated Liquid125 mW/m-k
9Acceptable concentration limit1000*2 ppm
10Ozone depletion potential ODP0 CFC 11=1
11Global warming potential GWP675 CO2 =1

Which Refrigerant Can Be Replaced By R32 Refrigerant?

Which Refrigerant Can Be Replaced By R32 Refrigerant

The R32 refrigerant gas is the best replacement for the R410A refrigerant. But they are not vice versa.

That means, the R410A is not used instead of R32 because it has GWP 675, which is 30% lower than R410A when it has 2090 GWP.

It is made with consist of high purity propane ethane R170 and R290, so it is very suitable for domestic or commercial outdoor ac units or refrigeration unit’s refrigerant gas.

As it has the lowest global warming potential than R22, R11, R12, or R23, so R32 can also be a potential substitute for them.

R32 Refrigerant Application Range:

R32 Refrigerant Application Range

R32 Refrigerant is suitable and popular for a large selection of use as it has less Global Warming Potential.

It has about 5 years of atmospheric lifetime, so it is a popular choice for nearly all compressors types and brands such as rotary compressor, Danfoss compressor, Maneurop compressor, Copeland compressor, and scroll compressor, screw compressor, Frascold compressor, Bitzer compressor, Highly compressor, HVAC compressor.

R32 refrigerant gas is environmentally friendly and the price is reasonable.

Such as for low temperature of domestic, industrial application, commercial refrigeration unit, freezer condensing unit, air conditioning unit, HVAC unit.

This R32 refrigerant gas efficiently carries heat for any residential building or air heat pumps applications.

Best R32 Refrigerant Supplier Near You:

Best R32 Refrigerant Supplier Near You

The Miracle is a prominent refrigerant gas R32 manufacturer and supplier in China supplying this gas all over the world with our excellent customer service.

We have a large inventory of R32 refrigeration for sale at a very cost-effective price.

We suggest you buy the best alternative refrigerant gas that reduces GWP by about 19% than R410A refrigerant gas. Place your order now.

R32 Refrigerant Gas Services:

R32 Refrigerant Gas Services

The Miracle is a wholesale distributor of R32 refrigerant gas in China.

We also manufacture and supply all refrigeration solutions such as HVAC parts, HVAC tools, refrigeration repair tools, refrigeration accessories, air conditioning parts, refrigeration parts, refrigeration compressor oil, filter driers, suction accumulators, HVAC valves, and other high-quality and reliable products. Contact us now.

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