What Is R290 Refrigerant Gas?

What Is R290 Refrigerant Gas

Before learning about R290 refrigerants, you need to understand what are CAA,  EPA, GWP, ODP, CFC & HFC.

Now we start to introduce R290 refrigerant.

R290 refrigerant gas also called Propane, is a highly pure liquefied petroleum Propane gas globally used as an environmentally friendly refrigerant gas.

It is a hydrocarbon with less harmful fluorocarbon than other alternative refrigerant gases.

It is one of the highly burnable but low GWP gas that has higher efficiency.

In addition, the R290 refrigerant ODP value is 0.

Finally, the R290 refrigerant formula is CH3CH2CH3, which has the characteristics of larger latent heat of evaporation, good fluidity, and energy saving.

Is R290 Refrigerant Gas Safe?

Is R290 Refrigerant Gas Safe

According to the Environmental Protection Agency – EPA, R290 is quite safe for the environment as it has the least ozone depletion and the lowest Global warming potential at 3.3 times of carbon dioxide.

EPA also recommends this R290 refrigerant to use in any food & beverage, hotel, restaurants, and others.

This R290 refrigerant gas has an explosion risk and no corrosion. R290 refrigerant compressor gas has very low number toxicity and clean flaming characteristics.

So R290 has a good safety classification.

You can check the PDF file about Refrigerant R290 Safety Data Sheet.

R290 Refrigeration Gas Properties:

R290 Refrigeration Gas Properties

R290 refrigerant gas has a fantastic and outstanding thermodynamic properties combination.

As a result, It burns hotter and cleanly way rather than fuel or oil and became more efficient.

R290 has 44.2 molecular weight, −187.7 °C of molecular points, and 4.25 MPa pressure.

It has 2.5318 °C liquid and 2.3714 °C vapor heat.

Let’s looks at the thermo-physical properties values and technical data of R290 refrigerant at nominated operating conditions:

1Boiling point-42.1°C
2Critical temperature96.74 °C
3Boiling point Triple point temperature-187.62 °C
4Global Warming Potential3
5Lower Flammability Limit2.1% by volume
6Upper Flammability Limit9.5% by volume
7Latent heat at 25°C342 (kj/kg)
8Refrigerant Charge Reduction~40%
9Ignition Temperature878°F (470°C)
11Glide temperature0 °C
12Water content:≤ 12 ppm weight
13Critical Density220.4781kg/m3

R290 Refrigerant Gas Replacement:

R290 Refrigerant Replacement

As its global warming effect is out of the way of common refrigerants such as R-134a, R404A, and R407c, R290 refrigerant is the best functional replacement of them and others CFC and HFC refrigerants alternative.

It is very famous and common as a replacement for typical refrigerants and air condition units such as R-22.

You can learn about the performance survey of natural refrigerant R290 as an alternative to R22 in refrigeration systems here.

R290 Refrigerant Gas Uses Application:

R290 Refrigerant Gas Uses Application

This highly flammable R290 refrigerant is a very attractive solution for any medium-temperature commercial refrigeration unit, freezer unit, air conditioner unit, heat pumps, display case, domestic freeze, and others HVACR applications.

It is proved as one of 5 replacement refrigerants by EPA in 2015 and approved for extensible use in any compressor. Such as a Rotary compressor, Scroll compressor, Screw compressor, or reciprocating compressor.

It is also very suitable for a large selection of your domestic, industrial, and commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, chill cabinets, cold storage, chiller system water heaters, and others applications.

Where To Buy R290? Meet Your Best R290 Supplier:

Where To Buy R290

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