What Is R134a Refrigerant Gas?

What Is R134a Refrigerant Gas

The R134a refrigerant gas also has a chemical name as 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane, which is a hydrofluorocarbon gas, referred to as HFC-134a.

It needs a polyol ester lubricant to use with your compressor. R134a refrigerant gas has a little possibility of depletion of ozone and less than 100 years global warming.

It has top thermal stability, critical temperature, non-toxic, non-flammable, and noncorrosive advantages which is the reason people use this R134a refrigerant widely.

It is quite close to the dichlorodifluoromethane/R-12 refrigerant. R134a refrigerant gas is very straightforward and safe to use and change in many solutions.

R134a Refrigerant Gas Properties:

R134a Refrigerant Gas Properties

R134a refrigerant is a non-explosive gas with a good level of chemical stability.

It was available in the market as the first non-ozone-depleting fluorocarbon refrigerant gas.

It is made of carbon (C) Hydrogen (H), and Fluorine (F) atoms. Let’s look at its properties at a glance.

1Boiling Point-14.9°F or -26.1°C
2Molecular weight102.0
3Auto-Ignition Temperature1418°F or 770°C
4Critical Temperature252°F or 122°C
5Critical Pressure4060.3-kilo pascal
6Global warming potential GWP1200
7Solubility In Water0.11% by weight at 77°F or 25°C
8Ozone Depletion Level0
9Cylinder Color CodeLight Blue
10Auto-ignition Temperature1418 degrees Fahrenheit or 770 degrees Celsius.
11Flammability (1 standard atmospheric pressure. , 18 °C)Non-flammable

R134a Replacement Refrigerant Gas:

R134a Replacement Refrigerant Gas

As R134a refrigerants have a 1430 GWP rating, the United States Environmental Protection Agency – EPA listed it as unacceptable for some particular uses areas.

Also, other research and analysis authorities and their index like NOAA global monitoring laboratory say R134a is not an environment-friendly refrigerant gas.

Thankfully there are many alternatives for the replacement of R134a refrigerant which is very effective, energy-efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Such as HFO1234yf, R450a, R513a, R515B, HC – 290, HC – 600a, HFO – 1234ze, R-1234yf refrigerants gas.

R134a Refrigerant Gas Application Range:

R134a Refrigerant Gas Application Range

The R134a refrigerant gas is widely used for its good coefficient of performance in any compressor type such as Rotary compressor, Screw compressor, Scroll compressor, or Reciprocating compressor.

For many industrial, commercial or domestic refrigeration it is used globally such as automotive air conditioning, chillers, transport refrigeration, central air conditioning system of food, restaurant, hotels, and other fields.

The medium or high temperature of the wholesale HVAC unit, HVAC compressor, food cold room storage, small refrigeration unit, freezer condensing unit are also workable for R134a refrigerant gas.

Refrigerant Gas R134a Supplier:

Refrigerant Gas R134a Supplier

At present, the Chinese refrigerant industry is very large and rich, and Miracle plays a key roles supply an extensive range of refrigerant gas including R134a.

We are a leading professional refrigeration gas supplier in China supplying your wholesale refrigerant gas such as R404a, R600a, R407c, R22, etc. Order your wholesale refrigerant gas now.

Buy R134a Refrigerant Gas:

Buy R134a Refrigerant Gas

As a top refrigeration solution supplier in China, Miracle offers refrigerant, refrigeration tools, air conditioner tools, HVAC parts, HVAC tools, and HVAC valves for your condensing unit, wholesale HVAC unit, and other outdoor AC units.

As the best alternative for refrigeration suppliers in China, Miracle can supply high-quality R134a and other refrigerant gas with safety considerations. Buy your R134a refrigerant gas right now.

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