Walk in Cooling Unit
Walk in Cooling Unit

Your Best Walk in Cooling Unit Supplier In China!

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Your Top Walk in Cooling Unit Manufacturer

Miracle has been working for the last 20 years in the HVAC field and has developed a revolutionary walk-in cooling unit, walk-in refrigeration unit, walk-in split system, and others to provide you a brilliant solution for preserving food fresh and cold.

We are a top walk-in cooling unit supplier in China, having strength in R&D, manufacture, supply, and support service. A ready-made and custom walk-in cooling unit with our efficiency and quality guarantee can be the first choice for your wholesale needs.

Miracle established a worldwide business relationship with trust and quality service by selling our walk-in cooling unit and satisfying your promising future market. Complete walk-in cooling unit, Walk-in freezer cooling unit, Walk-in cooler cooling unit, Walk-in fridge cooling unit also come with selling spare parts, after-sales support, etc. Shop Today.

Bitzer Walk in Cooling Unit

With a vast supply capacity for wholesale B2B business dealers, Miracle offers a Bitzer walk-in cooling unit from China. It has ISO, CE, and other quality certifications with extreme accuracy and high efficiency. You can use our Bitzer walk-in cooling unit in many manufacturing plants, energy & mining, and other applications. Order now.

Embraco Walk in Cooling Unit

This Embarco walk-in cooling unit has an automatic electric controller and many voltages range such as 220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 380V/50HZ, and horsepower from 2HP to 34HP. The temperature is from +15 °C to -55 °C. This custom Embraco walk-in cooling unit can be modified according to your demand. Shop today.

Secop Walk in Cooling Unit

This Secop walk-in cooling unit can be used in home use, restaurants, retail, food shops, and other applications. Miracle provides a more extended warranty than others. Whether you need an open type, box type, or side discharge walk-in cooling unit, Miracle can supply you with trustable and safe transportation and packing. Order today.

Maneurop Walk in Cooling Unit

We supply this Maneurop walk-in cooling unit for your medium and high evaporating temperature applications. It has a horsepower range from 1 to 13.5HP with many series and models such as MT and MTZ. In addition, this walk-in cooling unit is very safe and reliable as it has internal motor protection. Contact us now for your Maneurop walk-in cooling unit.

Tecumseh Walk in Cooling Unit

Tecumseh Walk-in Cooling Unit is very famous for its secure and effortless food storage and other applications. Miracle supply an extensive range of high efficient walk-in cooling unit with Tecumseh compressor. It can explore many advantages in your cooling applications. It can go with any low, medium, and high air conditioning temperature. Shop now.

Outdoor Walk in Cooling Unit

Miracle outdoor walk-in cooling unit is the best convenient and suitable way to use in your commercial food & beverage factory, farms, hotels, garment shops, manufacturing, etc. We supply many outdoor walk-in cooling units of different sizes, types, and models with various capacities and features. Contact us now.

Horizontal Walk in Cooling Unit

Among the variety of walk-in cooling units, the Horizontal walk-in cooling unit is a widely used cooling unit. We can offer two or three cabinet sizes with capacities ranging from 2 to 10 tons. It is more efficient to use in food storage applications which also can save your cost considerably. Contact us now for your horizontal walk-in cooling unit.

Monoblock Walk in Cooling Unit

Miracle supply this Monoblock walk-in cooling unit with many capacities such as the voltage of 230V/1/50-60Hz, 230V/3/50-60Hz, 400V/3N/50-60Hz with 3, 4, or 5 wires. You can use it in -15°C to -25 °C of low temperature and +10°C to -5°C of a medium temperature. It ensures good storage with a perfect walk-in cooling unit capacity for commercial uses. Moreover, Miracle can supply any wholesale quantity for your demand at a reasonable price. Shop now.

Our company is doing very well in the field of manufacturing compared to our competitors in the market.

Our robust employee attitudes and excellent customer service prove our professionalism and help us serve the customer better.

Miracle considerably controls the manufacturing cost keeping the quality high and reliable to benefit our customers with a large volume of amount.

Miracle has highly efficient, reasonable cost manufacturing.

As a result, we can supply this walk-in cooling unit for a large quantity to meet your wholesale demand, including wholesale refrigeration supply, wholesale HVAC unit, and wholesale ac unit.

Miracle uses high-quality parts and equipment in the walk-in cooling unit, walk-in refrigerator cooling unit, fridge cooling unit, cooler cooling unit, and freezer cooling unit with quality certification from ISO.

Miracle also manufactures and supplies all spare parts, equipment, such as HVAC parts, central air conditioner parts, refrigeration repair tools, refrigeration accessories, and overall refrigeration solution suppliers.

We supply this equipment for install, maintenance, and repair of your walk-in cooling unit, walk-in cooler compressor, walk-in cooler compressor unit, walk-in freezer compressor replacement, walk-in freezer compressor, evaporator, and others.

Miracle also has excellent after-sales service, including video installation support, selling spare parts for retail and wholesale, providing manual safety guidelines, designing components for customized orders, etc. Send your inquiry today.

Miracle is a fully insured company on the HVAC&R line with 20 years of experience with many products and services, including condenser and evaporator, walk-in cooling unit, refrigeration unit, compressor unit, etc.

As a top manufacturer of the evaporator coil, HVAC coil, refrigeration coil, cooling coil, condenser coil, and air-cooled condenser.

From China, Miracle is your trusted and reliable supplier for any condenser and evaporator, refrigeration evaporator, or evaporator unit for all walk-in cooling units, walk-in freezer units, etc.

Our flexible product can be customized according to your requirements. Contact us now.

Miracle has many compressors available for sale as a leading manufacturer, supplier, and your reliable authorized distributor of the wholesale walk-in cooler compressor, walk-in freezer compressor, and cooler compressor units.

We have good business cooperation with the world’s top compressor manufacturer brands such as Copeland, Danfoss, Embraco, Secop, Maneurop, Tecumseh, etc.

Miracle also supplies original equipment manufacturing service for walk-in cooler compressor parts for walk-in freezer compressor replacement. Shop now.

Walk in Cooling Unit Compressor

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