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As a vibration eliminator supplier with 20 years of experience, Miracle specializes in producing, processing, and customizing various specifications of refrigeration vibration absorber, vibration absorber hvac, ac vibration absorber, etc. for you.

Miracle vibration eliminator manufacturer has 20+ years of refrigeration industry experience and has a 4,000㎡standardized vibration eliminator production workshop. Miracle vibration eliminator can reach very higher customer satisfaction.

No matter you need the copper vibration eliminator or stainless steel vibration eliminator or other types of vibration eliminator, just feel free to contact us directly!

Vibration Eliminator HVAC

Miracle HVAC vibration eliminator has a wide range of applications and can be used in air conditioning units, train units, computer room air conditioners, refrigerators, freeze dryers, etc. The main function of the refrigeration vibration absorber is to change the hard connection between the refrigeration compressor and the refrigeration pipeline to a soft connection.

The advantage of installing a refrigeration vibration absorber is to reduce the vibration generated by the air conditioning scroll compressor or unit piston compressor, protecting the entire refrigeration system from vibration. At the same time, the unit’s service life can be increased, and the overall noise of the refrigeration system can be reduced. Miracle HVAC vibration eliminator is made of stainless steel and copper as raw materials. For more details about the HVAC vibration eliminator, please contact us now!

Copper Vibration Eliminator

Copper vibration eliminator adopts an all-copper design, mainly composed of copper and copper alloy. The corrugated pipe and the copper pipe are brazed, which is suitable for air conditioning units, refrigeration units, refrigeration equipment, etc. Copper vibration eliminator is available in 12MM-54MM (1/2″-2-1/8″) sizes.

All accessories of Miracle copper vibration eliminator are dried according to the refrigeration industry standard. Each vibration eliminator is tested and dried. Then the surface of the treated copper vibration eliminator is cleaned and sealed in a plastic packaging bag. All Miracle copper vibration eliminator accessories have undergone complete physical and chemical performance analysis, so the performance is safe and reliable. Send your inquiry now!

Stainless Steel Vibration Eliminators

Miracle stainless steel vibration eliminator adopts a frost-resistant design and is suitable for lower temperatures. Miracle stainless steel vibration eliminator adopts high-flexibility bellows inside, and the outside is covered by high-strength steel wire woven mesh, which has reached a higher pressure bearing capacity.

Miracle stainless steel vibration eliminator can be compatible with conventional refrigerants. For refrigerants such as R717 (NH3), stainless steel vibration eliminator must be used. For more vibration eliminator parameters, please contact us now!

U Type Vibration Eliminator

U type vibration eliminator is also called a combined vibration eliminator. U type vibration eliminator is mainly installed in the pipeline of AC and refrigeration systems to reduce the vibration caused by compressor work.

Both ends of the vibration eliminator and the copper pipe welding are reinforced with metal rings, and the quality is firm and reliable. The nominal pressure designed by Miracle vibration eliminator is 30bar (3.0 MPA). The allowable temperature range is from -70°C to 200°C. Contact us now to get a free quote for a vibration eliminator!

V Type Vibration Eliminator

Miracle vibration eliminator can handle the shape of the vibration eliminator according to the needs of users. This is a manifestation of the Miracle vibration eliminator factory’s strength and an important part of providing you with efficient solutions. Miracle vibration eliminator can meet your more needs.

All Miracle vibration eliminators undergo rigorous pressure testing before they leave the factory. In addition, a helium mass spectrometer is used for vacuum leak detection to ensure that the vibration eliminator has high dimensional accuracy and high test accuracy. Send your inquiry now and get a high-quality vibration eliminator!

When installing the hose, the installation direction needs to be considered. After the vibration eliminator is installed, it cannot be stressed, it needs to be aligned and installed (no offset at both ends), and it cannot be stretched or bent by an external force. The fixed end of the installation must be directly connected behind the vibration eliminator hose.

In continuous operation, the maximum amplitude is ±1mm, when starting or stopping, it can reach ±5mm; if there is additional vibration in the axial direction of the hose, then two vibration eliminator should be installed at a right angle of 90 degrees.

Custom Vibration Eliminator

Miracle can provide you with a variety of types of vibration eliminators, and provide you with customized services. Now summarize the advantages of various vibration eliminators.

The copper vibration eliminator hose part is made of copper alloy, and the joints at both ends are copper pipes. Copper vibration eliminator is generally used in traditional applications, such as refrigeration, air conditioning, and other applications. The advantage of a copper vibration eliminator is that it can be welded to the copper pipe system easily and reliably.

The HVAC vibration eliminator hose part is made of stainless steel, and the two ends are connected with copper pipes. The performance of the stainless steel vibration eliminator is more stable. The stainless steel vibration eliminator hose part is made of stainless steel, and the joints at both ends are stainless steel pipes.

The stainless steel vibration eliminator has higher stability and service life. Not only that, the stainless steel vibration eliminator can be applied to modern coolants, such as ammonia (NH3). Contact us now!

A vibration eliminator is generally used in the condensing unit to reduce the resonance and noise of the refrigeration unit. If you need a refrigeration unit, Miracle can provide you with a complete unit service.

Miracle supplies air-cooled units, water-cooled units, commercial units, small units, etc. If you need it, please click on the relevant link to view more details, or contact us directly!

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