Suhring and Miracle
Suhring and Miracle

Suhring Tool and Suhring Fittings for Solderless Connection

Welcome to Miracle website and learn more about the Suhring tool and Suhring fitting for solderless connection in detail.

Suhring tool and Suhring fitting, are also called Miracle Lorking Tool and Miracle Lorking fittings, which are the main products that are used for no welding connection technology.

Suhring tool and Suhring fittings are widely used in the domestic market, Miracle is the brand for the overseas market.

Suhring tool and fittings can be used for many applications, technically applied to all the places where is the metal pipes’ connection is needed, as long as its pressure is not very much high.

Check the below video to see more advantages of our Suhring tool and fittings. Contact us directly for more professional guides if you have needs now!

  • Suhring 30w Lokring Tool
  • Suhring FRK Lokring Tool
  • Suhring Electrical Lokring Tool
  • Suhring Single Ring Operation Equipment

Suhring Tool

Suhring tool, belongs to the refrigeration tool because it services you for refrigeration equipment installation and repair business. We have many types of Suhring tools, such as 25 series manual propress tool, 30 series propress tool, FRK refrigerator tool, electrical tool, a hydraulic tool for mass production line, etc.

Those Suhring tools have their own advantages for different applications, widely used for connection of insulation copper pipe, copper Y joint, refrigerator repair, showcase/water dispenser repair, refrigerator production line, etc. We have the mature solution for each application for you, contact us directly if you want to improve your business now!

Suhring Fitting

Suhring fitting is the perfect match for Suhring Tool, along with the sealing liquid, 3 of them form the unnecessary parts for solderless connection. Suhring fittings also have many types to choose from, because of the different materials of your pipes and the pressure of your system. The most popular Suhring fittings are copper-steel fittings, aluminum fittings, steel fittings, etc.

The sizes of the Surhing fittings are customized according to your needs, but the most popular sizes are in two ranges: ≤5/16(8mm), and 1/4(6.35mm)~1 1/8(28.6mm). Contact us with some basic info about your application, Miracle team will help you with the rest!

  • Suhring Copper-steel Lokring Fittings
  • Single Suhring
  • Refrigerator Single Suhring

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