Standard Refrigeration Ball Valve

Complete specifications

Large diameter, no obstruction to refrigerant flow

High-quality raw materials, reliable sealing

Long service life

Welded and non-welded models are available

Bulk purchase support

Support customization

ModelConnectionL (mm)M (mm)D (mm)d (mm)Weight(Kg)
MRC/GBC 61/46138M4*0.714.01.50.2
MRC/GBC 103/810138M4*0.714.01.50.2
MRC/GBC 121/212160M4*0.714.01.50.2
MRC/GBC 165/816160M4*0.714.01.50.2
MRC/GBC 183/418185M4*0.719.01.50.4
MRC/GBC 227/822185M4*0.719.01.50.4
MRC/GBC 281 1/828208M4*0.725.51.50.9
MRC/GBC 351 3/835251M6*
MRC/GBC 421 5/842281M6*
MRC/GBC 542 1/854305M6*
MRC/GBC 672 5/867305M6*
MRC/GBC 793 1/879305M6*
MRC/GBC 1054 1/8105450
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