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Split Air Conditioner Valve

The Split Sir Conditioner Valve Produced By Us Have Stable Performance and Strong Sealing,

And Our Production Capacity Can Ensure Stable Delivery.

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Your Superior Split Air Conditioner Valve Supplier

There are many types of Miracle split air conditioner valves for you. In addition to the regular hot-selling styles, we can also meet your OEM and ODM needs.

Miracle split air conditioner valve factory has rich production experience, and each split air conditioner valve incorporates our accumulated experience for many years, and the split air conditioner valve has high reliability.

At the same time, we have a wealth of experience in shut off valve matching with air-conditioning factories, and we have a better understanding of the application.

FV2A Split Air Conditioner Valve

FV2A split air conditioner valve is also called air conditioner check valve. This is an elbow two-way valve, made of pure copper and high-quality brass. The split air conditioner valves’ specifications are complete and the surface is smooth. For more details, please contact us now!

FV2A1 Split Air Conditioner Valve

FV2A1 split air conditioner valve is a straight-through air conditioner valve, which is also a two-way valve. The difference is that the interface direction is different. Two-way split air conditioner valves are usually used for high-pressure pipelines outside the air conditioner, so the diameter of the pipeline is mostly smaller than that of a three-way air-conditioning valve. For more details, contact us today!

FV3A Split Air Conditioner Valve

FV3A split air conditioner valve is a three-way elbow type air conditioner valve, and the three-way valve is a high-pressure stop valve. It is mostly used for high-pressure pipelines of air conditioners. FV3A split air conditioner valve is suitable for fixed frequency or variable frequency split air conditioners. The seal is reliable and there is no leakage. Send your inquiry today!

FV3A1 Split Air Conditioner Valve

FV3A1 split air conditioner valve is a seated air conditioner valve, which uses threaded connection. The threaded part is processed by high-precision instruments. It has the advantages of small error, smooth installation, and high sealing. Contact us for a good quotation now!

FV3A2 Split Air Conditioner Valve

FV3A2 split air conditioner valve is a conventional three-way air conditioner valve. The valve installation size is a general size, and it can also be customized according to requirements. The air-conditioning valve body and the extension pipe are connected by brazing, which is reliable in welding and has high corrosion resistance. Send your inquiry to get this type of split air conditioner valve now!

2 Elbow Split Air Conditioner Valve

Miracle 2 elbow split air conditioner valve means that the valve body extension tube is designed with two bendings, which is produced according to specific usage requirements and belongs to a special style. The structure of this air-conditioning valve can be produced as two-way or three-way type according to demand. Contact us with your requirements directly!

In order to make your purchase of a split air conditioner valve more convenient and meet your needs as much as possible, while we provide you with a split air conditioner valve, we can also provide you with a series of certified high-quality air conditioner parts, such as insulated copper pipe, air curtain, copper Y joint, brass fitting, cross-flow fan, etc. Contact us now to get the links to view details.

As a professional refrigeration supplier and HVAC supply, Miracle focuses on the research and development of air conditioner products, such as our own R&D and production of fire-free connection tools, tube cutter for air conditioning installations, air conditioning installation wrenches, HVAC flaring tools, and refrigerant recovery machine, charging scale, manifold gauges, etc.

Not only that, but we also have the ability to provide supporting air conditioner tools and vacuum pumps for air-conditioning factories, and we have a wealth of experience. Contact us now for more details!

One-stop shopping allows you to get the greatest discount, because not only can you save your time cost and trial and error costs, we can also provide you with more competitive product prices and freight prices.

In addition to the air conditioner tool and air conditioner part, the one-stop service also includes air conditioner units, air conditioner filters, air conditioner compressors, air conditioner oil separators, air conditioner accumulators, axial fans, and other AC spare parts. Send your inquiry of AC parts list to us today!

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