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Miracle single ring is mainly used for no-weld piping connection in refrigeration plants.

For example, refrigeration appliance factories, commercial refrigeration factories, etc.

We provide OEM service for you and guarantee 100% safe and reliable delivery.

We can supply large quantities of single rings.

Stamping Single Ring

Miracle stamping single rings are produced using a stamping method. Stamping a single ring is more cost-effective. It is suitable for mass production.

Machining Single Ring

Miracle machining single rings are produced by CNC machining. Machining single rings are more expensive to produce. Therefore, it is suitable for the pre-production stage of prototypes.

Copper Single Ring

The copper single ring is used for pipes with high hardness, such as copper pipes. It is suitable for the piping connection of high-level refrigeration equipment. In addition, Miracle can also supply you with aluminum single rings.

Miracle single rings need to work together with hydraulic crimping equipment.

So when you purchase a single ring, you also need hydraulic crimping equipment. For more information, contact us now.

Single Ring Crimping Equipment

Manual crimping equipment provides solutions for the after-sales repair of refrigeration appliance plants.

Miracle FRK manual tool provides services for refrigeration plants to build their own after-sales repair teams.

In addition, we have lokring kits for high capacity refrigeration equipment.

Manual Crimping Equipment

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